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The Life I Now Live

No, you do not disappear from the face of the earth, you simply disappear from people's eyes. They don't see you anymore, but you're still there, living a life of faith. It's no longer you who live but Christ.

I Live By Faith in the Son of God

Most "believers" think they live by faith in the Son of God. But what they often mean is, they have faith in what their denominations say about Jesus and Christianity. To genuinely live by faith in the Son of God is a completely different concept.
God's flesh is living by faith in Jesus. Sounds obvious, doesn't it. But it isn't so obvious most of the time. Once you disappear in people's eyes, your only job is to live a life of faith in Jesus. No, it's not the faith that denominational churches teach you, or what you get from your own insight. It's faith which the Son feeds you himself on a daily basis, each moment. All of life revolves around this faith in the Son of God--like the life I now live.