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The Life I Now Live

No, you do not disappear from the face of the earth, you simply disappear from people's eyes. They don't see you anymore, but you're still there, living a life of faith. It's no longer you who live but Christ.

I Live By Faith in the Son of God

Most "believers" think they live by faith in the Son of God. But what they often mean is, they have faith in what their denominations say about Jesus and Christianity. To genuinely live by faith in the Son of God is a completely different concept.

God's flesh is living by faith in Jesus. Sounds obvious, doesn't it. But it isn't so obvious most of the time. Once you disappear in people's eyes, your only job is to live a life of faith in Jesus. No, it's not the faith that denominational churches teach you, or what you get from your own insight. It's faith which the Son feeds you himself on a daily basis, each moment. All of life revolves around this faith in the Son of God--like the life I now live.

Daily Life

You go about daily life in this faith. You see life and livelihood and your relationships in this faith in the Son of God. You don't do anything or conclude or decide anything outside "the life I now live." You and your wife and kids live under the same principle. People identify you with this God's flesh, faith-in-the-Son-of-God kind of mindset. In fact, in people's minds, you have become narrow-minded; everything narrowed down to this thing you call "the life I now live." 

Simple and Narrow Ministry

God's flesh principle teaches you that ministry should all boil down to this---its' no longer I live who live but Christ who lives in me. Ministry is not what men have been making it out to be. Denominational church activities, programs, church anniversaries, Christmas programs, Easter services, denominational evangelism, man's fellowships, and the like, are all nothing but garbage. They are men's inventions to expand their religious empires, and therefore demonic. They're not part of God's Kingdom. 

Take evangelism, for instance. In God's flesh, it should be Jesus in us doing evangelism. If people see Jesus in us and join us, then so be it. There should be no coercing or pestering follow ups or forcing to attend church and become its member. Churches today bribe and coerce and put people in positions and activities where they would feel useful and valued. It's bribery. Jesus and the Acts church NEVER used these worldly schemes.

"In him was life, and that life was the light of men." Men should see the LIFE in us. That LIFE is the light of men. If they don't see the light in us, all our evangelism efforts and resources are garbage--no matter how biblical or well trained we are--even with all the titles and degrees. True evangelism is simply people seeing the light in us. And then we let them decide--whether to have that same light by being discipled by us, or to reject it and prefer their own lights--like what the rich, young ruler did. 

This was how Jesus did evangelism. No follow ups or home visitations. These just pressure people into attending our churches and then later becoming active members. Any human effort like this produces the carnal churches today, full of rotting lives and immaturity--even among pastors. 

Why "Narrow" Ministry?

Very few churches, if any, would accept the genuine Jesus ministry. Few would take the narrow road that leads to the narrow door seriously today. They all want the grand and spectacular--the kind the world applauds. The world will always scorn and persecute God's flesh ministries, the kind where "the life i now live" is always narrowed down to living by faith in the Son of God--a supernatural faith. It's not the churchy type of faith commonly seen in churches today.

In a God's flesh ministry, the "life I now live" is an extremely simple one, characterized by a minutely giving up of everything on every level of faith one climbs on. I know some "missionaries" who live very luxurious lives, living in mansions here. Praise God for their comfortable lives, but that's far from being God's flesh. God's flesh is having God's favor--his wealth (used for Kingdom Come on earth, not for denominationalism) while being poor in spirit. The faith in the Son of God is always hinged on being poor in spirit, Jesus' first Beatitudes teaching.

A Life of Giving Up

Man is oriented towards gaining. Thus, even ministers scramble to gain acceptance and position by getting titles and degrees. Thus, churches desire big mega buildings to gain popularity and up the membership---more membership means more income. 

But "the life I now live" concept is oriented to giving up everything. It is poor in spirit. Faith in the Son of God really means losing everything to gain the LIFE if Jesus. "I have considered everything garbage that I main gain Christ," says Paul in Philippians 3. Hence, if you think you're so blessed that you keep gaining materially, you may be wrong. You may have been deceived by the enemy. To live is Christ, to die is gain. The life I now live is nothing, zero, except Jesus. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. 

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