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God's Face Book

God's Blog!
When we open a Face Book or blog account we're often careful not to reveal too much of ourselves because of security--there are many hackers or identity thefts out there who intend harm and abuse. And we're also careful about accepting friends. Moreover, we'd rather not have strangers comment on our articles or blogs.
With God it's different. Oh yeah, there's such thing as God's Face Book or God's Blog. He also has to worry about security and abuse and identity theft and hacking. But he doesn't care. In fact, he was crucified and he didn't care.
Identity Theft
Identity thieves who steal God's personal details and use them to their advantage and personal glory are rampant in church. They claim to be Christians but are not. They use God's Name, teachings, language, bible, and pretend they are God's. Many denominations and their ministers hack from God's Face Book or God's blog to get credentials and be recognized as a m…

Do You like Judgment?

Judgment is important. We should learn to desire it even at night. God's judgment keeps everything in its place. Thus, the Psalmist eagerly waits for God and his judgments. Do you? Do you like judgment? Many churches today do not. They prohibit you from making judgments. If you do make them, they say you are judgmental. And being judgmental is a popular scare term today.
"Yes, we wait for you according to your judgments. Our soul's desire is your Name," (Ps.26). 
Desiring God's Name is the same as desiring his judgments. You can never separate God from his judgment. You cannot say I love God but not his judgment. God's love is his judgment, and God's judgment is his love. He disciplines those he loves. The reason the church today is powerless is because of its fondness to label those who judge as judgmental. 
God's judgments are always done through a human mouth. This has been so from the Old Testament to the New, even up to now. The gifts of prophesy an…

Learning From the "Experts"

The experts. They know everything--they passed through the phases of formal, systematic learning. They have the titles and degrees to show for it. They have been doing the job for years--they have the years of experience. They alone know what is right and wrong. They have the licenses to tell people right from left.
The experts religiously follow to the letter the established system. The system works--it's been proven--and it is definitely the answer to all the problems. The system has grown big churches through the centuries, produced great theologians. There can be no other. They are the experts--we should all learn from them.
Jesus never learned from the experts. He questioned them, and they were astonished. He said they had all the correct teachings--but they never followed them. They always preferred their traditions, even way back from the Old Testament. 

They claimed there was only one way--their way--and everyone believed them for centuries, until Jesus came. If Jesus had le…

A Kingdom Man

In the last days, God will raise up Kingdom men--in fact, God is already in the process of raising up genuine Kingdom people in the nooks and crannies of the earth. What is a Kingdom man? Well, just look at this:

Somewhere in the slums, a man is being raised up by heaven. All heaven is busy about this particular man and his particular surroundings--the man has an open heaven and angels descend and ascend there. The man starts quietly talking about the kingdom. What is a Kingdom man? Well, here's how he starts. 
He shines shoes and repairs them for a living. He smells terribly, because he walks the streets daily under a hot, blazing sun, and his sweat dries up on his body, mixed with all the dusts and pollution he encounters each day. He looks dirty and rough and unsuitable for even middle class standards. He lives in a tattered roughly improvised dwelling.

He talks about God's Kingdom--but a Kingdom totally strange even for born again Christians and other religious biblicals who …

I Will Sing of Your Love, Forever

When I sing this song, I lose sight of the world completely and get snatched into His presence, at lightning speed. It doesn't matter if I sing this in church or inside our bathroom while seated on the CR throne--God takes me to heights and dances with me. And I can stay like that forever--I will sing of his love forever.
Life in this world takes a back seat--no, it disappears, in fact. And what matters alone is His love, forever. I get to experience eternity--and stay there--and there's nothing better to do. Time loses its meaning, so do priorities--I will sing of his love forever. 
If birds can do that--they do nothing all their lives but sing of His love forever--and God supplies all their needs, why can't I? I will sing of his love--forever! Birds don't sow or store in barns--they just sing of his love forever--and they do one of the greatest worships in God's sight. He takes great pleasure and provides all their needs. He even wrote about it in his Word so that …

Calling Jesus Friend

Sometimes it's the in thing to say--calling Jesus friend. Everybody wants to be friends with him, not understanding what it means to be Jesus' friend. Just because Jesus mentioned about calling us "friends"--and that sounds really good--everybody starts calling Jesus friend. 
Preachers call non-believers to the altar with the promise that Jesus would be a friend to them. That sounds really assuring and will get crowds going to the altar--having Jesus as friend sounds like you'd be off the hook if you know you have sinned a lot. So who wouldn't go to the altar to be friends with Jesus? Sometimes we use terms people don't understand just to lure them to submission. 
Well, first, Jesus said you'd become his friend "if you obey whatever I command." There's a big "if" there. And there's a big "whatever" there. Friendship with Jesus is conditional, just as salvation and forgiveness of sin are. Only God's love is uncon…

Rich, Young, Ruler Generation

The Word of God is rich in insights, and single passages can reveal a thousand and one meanings. There's never just one meaning for one verse or phrase. Thus, I see that the rich, young, ruler passage in Matthew 19 has a vital end times principle to teach us. 
When Peter asked the Master what was there for them since they have left everything to follow Jesus, My Jesus told them that at the "renewal" of things, when the Son of Man sits on His throne, the 12 would judge all Israel, and those who have left (this is where we come in) fields, homes, families, etc., for Jesus' sake would get 100 times what was given up, plus eternal life as a major bonus. See? Definitely, this talks about last days scenarios. 
The church generation in the end times would have these qualities--most church people would be rich, young, ruler-hungry or mad, spiritual, biblical, and hungering for Jesus--not because they love him but because they need him to protect their investments. Never in the…

Power Prayer is Quitting Prayer

Power prayer is quitting prayer. But no-one wants that--they'll crucify you if you even think of introducing that idea in their prayer meetings. 
They still do it today--babbling words, making it long, and opting for high-sounding content. Often, it's a contest of whose prayer sounds more sublime and spiritual. This, no matter if my Jesus has tipped us about what prayer is not. That's the problem with this generation--it knows Jesus' words but adamant about doing things to the contrary--and calling that Christianity.
In the Lord's prayer, my Jesus taught us an ultra simple and very generalized prayer. Yet some smart fellows insist that we keep prayers specific. Jesus just put a short generalized sentence about our needs in his prayer: "Give us today our daily bread." That covers everything we need. Simply say that wholeheartedly  (or make it even shorter, like "penge" or give me) and God gets everything you mean--plus more--right away. No need to …

Someone Asked, "What Money Expense?"

The article immediately prior to this, titled "Genuine Godly Stewardship," got this query: "What do you mean by money expense to beautify our lives? Do you mean the temple of the Holy Spirit?"

Building and beautifying the temple of the Holy Spirit takes lots of spiritual caring by the Word, prayer, worship, genuine spirit fellowship, and lots of real money expense. For one, you have to buy quality books on the present Move of God. Another, you have to buy the Greek and Hebrew bibles and lots of helpful commentaries that move in the Spirit realms. These are musts! You cannot just read one chapter a day of the bible and expect to be updated in the awesome Present Move of God. Buy wisdom and to do not sell!
Well, many today sell at an exorbitant price. They should take a look at what the bible says about "do not sell!" Some sell bibles at so ridiculously high prices. Then why am I selling here? Because the Acts church did sell properties an…

Genuine Godly Stewardship

Stewardship of Money
Godly stewardship of money is often thought of as something like what we would do with our bank money--save it. There would be lots of accounting and red-tape. The pastor cannot just decide where the church money goes. Everything should be agreed upon in a church board meeting. To denominations, this is proper and godly stewardship of money and possessions. 

Genuine godly stewardship of money, or any possession for that matter, is really to spend all of it, even nearly reach zero balance. Churches are never God-designed to be like banks--keeping money and getting so strict with its use to make it grow. Many churches fear getting zero balance because to them that is wrong stewardship. They relax when they see there's big money in their bank accounts. They feel they're being good and faithful servants. 
There's no sin like staying in your comfort zones and not trying anything radical--especially with money. Jesus loved seeing those who dared spend all for h…

Spoken Word is Spirit and Life

Spoken Word is Spirit and Life--get the spoken Word!

The Spirit produces life; the flesh is zero. The words I speak to you are spirit--they alone produce life. - Jn.6.63

I cannot over-emphasize the extreme importance of the spoken Word. Jesus says anything outside the spoken Word is flesh, and they count for nothing; they produce zero result in God's eyes. Zero. Pfft. Only the spoken Word is Spirit and Life. 
Spoken Word is Spirit and Life. What God speaks from his mouth to us comes from his heart. It should impact our mindset and go down and settle in our hearts, so when we speak from the heart, that same spoken Word issues from it and gives life to the dead--like what Ezekiel saw in the vision of the valley of bones. 
Spoken Word is the breath of life. It is the breath that gave life to Adam in all perfection. It is the breath of spoken Word that created the earth and the universe, and now sustains them. It is all-powerful! God gives it to us freely! But we must never take it for gr…

The Resurrected Life: First Time in Spiritual History and What It Does to You

The resurrected life of Jesus was a first one---even God had never lived it before Christ's resurrection from the dead---body, soul and spirit. Before this, God, even Jesus, was spirit. Jesus was the spoken Word yet to be made flesh. There was nothing as powerful as the Word made flesh. And the grand plan for revealing this wonder had been there even before the foundation of the world. It has been an eternal plan.

After Jesus resurrected (actually, starting when he was born), God became spirit and flesh---after resurrection, a spiritual body. It was a new and radical concept---the resurrected life. It's the advanced stage of God's flesh. All heaven was extremely excited about it. The angels had not seen anything like it. It had flesh, it ate food, was seen by human eyes, could be touched, could have wounds, yet it was perfect and could perform supernatural feats---like suddenly appearing and disappearing at will, appearing simultaneously to hundreds of people at the same…

The Narrow Door: Best Efforts and Timing

Jesus had stressed it enough--"Do your best to enter the narrow door."
Giving it every effort or making every effort to enter the narrow door is something that requires all our lives--plus more. Even if you put all efforts into it--beginning from the time you were pulled out of your mother's womb, until the day you die (say, you live to a hundred), your lifetime will NOT have been enough to be able to enter the narrow door. Salvation is free, wholly and sufficiently paid for by Jesus on the cross, but we still need to enter the narrow door. And this requires "best efforts."
That's why there's the spiritual dimension, the spiritual life. The time we spend in the natural is never enough. So God, in His grace and mercy, extended our chances by providing the spiritual life. Through it we are able to have more time making every effort to enter. But the majority wastes time in their denominational church programs and activities and "church planting." …