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When we open a Face Book or blog account we're often careful not to reveal too much of ourselves because of security--there are many hackers or identity thefts out there who intend harm and abuse. And we're also careful about accepting friends. Moreover, we'd rather not have strangers comment on our articles or blogs.

With God it's different. Oh yeah, there's such thing as God's Face Book or God's Blog. He also has to worry about security and abuse and identity theft and hacking. But he doesn't care. In fact, he was crucified and he didn't care.

Identity Theft

Identity thieves who steal God's personal details and use them to their advantage and personal glory are rampant in church. They claim to be Christians but are not. They use God's Name, teachings, language, bible, and pretend they are God's. Many denominations and their ministers hack from God's Face Book or God's blog to get credentials and be recognized as a minister.


Hackers are those who sneak into the system and download a lot of harmful things there called virus that add or subtract from God's pure teachings. Hackers are everywhere, teaching that there are no more miracles or signs and wonders, no more spiritual gifts (especially tongues), no more eternal security, no more holiness, no more this and that, that certain portions of Scripture are no longer applicable today, that you cannot do or say this and that.

Hackers are also fond of adding silly things which they treat as vital and indispensable, like having denominations, worship programs, church activities, prayer formulas or what a prayer and worship should be, etc. They put a lot of limits to what a believer can believe or do by adding and adding. They are so superstitious. They have also cleverly added the celebrations of "Easter," Valentines, Halloween "fellowships," Christmas, Mothers' and Fathers' Day, etc. They maintain that these are very important church events and without them God would be so angry. So they never miss celebrating them year after year.

One pastor was so bewildered when he learned that I was doing ministry without a denomination. He said, "How can that be?" To his mind, having no denomination is equal to having no God. Denomination is a god. He asked, "Who would do the check and balance for you?" When I told him I had a father in faith who is my discipler for life, he said, "Oh, so you have a superintendent?" I said, "No, he's not my superintendent--he's my father." He got more confused and said something on what Jesus says about not calling any man your father. That's the result of years of hacking into God's Face Book.

Now, the Pharisees are gonna question me about Mothers' Day and Grand Mothers' Day when they read this, as some of them did when I was yet pastor of a denominational church years ago. "Are you saying we should not honor our fathers and mothers? Are you saying that we stop loving them?" Wow! Nicely put. "And how about Christmas?--it was the day our Savior was born!"

What the bible did say is to always observe the death of our Lord on the cross. But his birth and Mothers' and Fathers' Day and Halloween and Valentines and "Easter"? These are not part of God's Face Book or God's blog, but they have somehow been religiously celebrated in men's churches for decades--even centuries. And to think of the huge amount of money poured into these celebrations--all down the drain. 

"Oh, so you're like Judas, concerned about the money 'wasted' on Jesus which should instead be given to the poor!"

The problem with Mothers' and Fathers' and Grandparents' Days and Christmas is that these are ideas born from a need for businesses to increase their profits, so they thought of a way for people to spend more money. When churches follow suit on these celebrations, churches cease being led by the Spirit of God and instead just flow along with the greed of the world. They are led by worldliness--not by the Spirit. They again think that Sabbath is a day or occasion on the calendar--not a genuine resting in God. Sabbath is a daily rest in God. It's a life.

The same with honoring and loving our mothers and fathers and grandparents--it's a life, not a date on the calendar. A lot of people celebrate mothers' or fathers' day but put them in care centers for the aged when they're old. A lot of churches celebrate Christmas and spend lots for it but live shallow bible lives and testimonies. If we love the Savior, God says, live like Jesus--that's what genuine God's Face Book or God's blog says.

It's amazing that, no matter the numbers of hackers and identity thefts out there who steal from God's Face Book or God's blog, God still risks adding and accepting friends, and revealing all his details to them. Shouldn't we risk the same? 

"No greater love than this--that he give his life for his friends."

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