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Power Prayer is Quitting Prayer

Power prayer is quitting prayer. But no-one wants that--they'll crucify you if you even think of introducing that idea in their prayer meetings. 

They still do it today--babbling words, making it long, and opting for high-sounding content. Often, it's a contest of whose prayer sounds more sublime and spiritual. This, no matter if my Jesus has tipped us about what prayer is not. That's the problem with this generation--it knows Jesus' words but adamant about doing things to the contrary--and calling that Christianity.

In the Lord's prayer, my Jesus taught us an ultra simple and very generalized prayer. Yet some smart fellows insist that we keep prayers specific. Jesus just put a short generalized sentence about our needs in his prayer: "Give us today our daily bread." That covers everything we need. Simply say that wholeheartedly  (or make it even shorter, like "penge" or give me) and God gets everything you mean--plus more--right away. No need to explain--because he knows we need them before we ask. In fact, power prayer is quitting prayer.

But our stubborn, bird-brain generation still wants to complicate things, like the ACTS formula, etc., etc. Jesus did stress one thing in the prayer he taught us--what matters is our worship in prayer and surrender to his will--which no-one wants. Everybody wants all talk--and good talk at that--but no surrendering. Because if you're totally surrendered, there's no need to pray---quitting the kind of prayer that men's churches teach today. 

Men's churches say prayer has got to have this and that and those and more of the above. When they pray for a meal, they need to pray for those starving in Vietnam and Africa and Pluto. But Jesus merely looked up to heaven and said, "Gee, thanks!" and the Father was so delighted that he multiplied a few bread and fish to feed thousands. Why can't that get through our thick skulls? Why can't we get that it's not our words but our hearts that God looks at?

Oh, but you hear them all preach and teach that God looks at our hearts, not our deeds or words. But when these preachers pray, they do it all the same--babble and make everything long and nice and poetic. Each time they ask me to pray before meals in churches and fellowships, they think it odd that all I say is, "Father, thank you!" 

In one parable, my Jesus introduced a new prayer--going to bed with the Father. It's a powerful prayer. A neighbor had a guest and he had no bread to feed him. So he went to his neighbor and kept knocking and knocking on the door, though it was late. The neighbor told him, "I can't get up and give you bread because my children are already with me in bed."

You may opt to knock and knock and the door will indeed be opened, but you may also opt for a higher option--sleep with the Father in bed. That way, no need to knock, no need to pray. Well, prayer here is in the form of a soft whisper, like--"Dad, I'm hungry!" Or, the Father will simply look you in the face and say, "You can't sleep? I know--you're hungry. Let me fix you a glass of warm milk." 

No need to pray--because prayer has taken on a higher level. Your spirit bears witness with the Father's spirit. At this level, prayer becomes life. 

Ever-increasing glory in prayer and worship is--"Be still; simply know that I am God."

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