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Micah: People Willingly Come

God's Flesh: People came to Jesus of their own volition. Jesus never invited them or promoted his meetings. They just crowded around him wherever he was, pursued him, and that with the Pharisees and Law teachers. When you’re genuinely God’s flesh on earth, you don’t need to promote yourself or your church. God makes things happen so that people notice.
In Micah’s time, God told him that when God’s mountain becomes established, people would decide to “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob” (Micah 4.2). In Jesus’ day this was fulfilled initially. One day the Greeks traveled far and wide just to see Jesus (Jn.12). And He said this happened because the hour had come for the Son to be glorified—or for God’s mountain to be established as chief. This cannot happen, said my Jesus, “Unless a kernel of wheat falls and dies.”
Nations deciding on their own to go to God’s house cannot happen by man’s efforts, even with his church programs and activities…

Micah: Chief Among Mountains

In the last days, Micah says (Chap. 4) The Lord's mountain will be established. The Lord's mountain is the mountain of His presence. The same as with God's Zion and Jerusalem. In the natural, Jerusalem will be more favored than other nations. But more so in the spirit, Zion and Jerusalem--the Lord's mountain presence--will be established. In other words, God's flesh on earth will be in full blast. 
"It will be raised above the hills..." 
Chief among the mountains. There are other mountains being established. Man's mountains. Here in Manila, men's mountains suddenly pop up---garbage mountains. Denominational mountains, too. Mountains of mundane achievements and accomplishments. Earthly successes. Everyone's on a mountain climbing of some sort these days, trying to make a name for themselves. Even churches. 
But the Lord's mountain will be established as the chief mountain. Make sure it's the Lord's mountain you're climbing. Your ca…

Micah: How Lack of Justice Perverts Truth

God was clear with Micah—when justice is despised truth is distorted. And this is so especially when spiritual leaders and rulers do it. “Listen, leaders and rulers of Israel who despise justice and distort truth,” (Micah 3.9).
Justice is declaring right from wrong, good from evil (Micah 3.1-2). This works so powerfully to form God's flesh in us. 

God wanted leaders to judge correctly. Instead, they “judge for a bribe,” (Micah 3.11). They picked people who paid them well and gave them favorable judgment. Those who didn’t got “war” from them (3.5b).
God’s Justice is His Judgment
God’s justice is declaring right from wrong and doing what is right. And this is always done through God‘s anointed servants, like prophets. When God pronounced a judgment, He did it through a prophet. God does not act unless he first tells about it to his servants the prophets (Amos 3.7). In our day it’s pastors, especially prophetic pastors. We have to judge, and judge correctly according to God’s standards…