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Micah: God's Remnant--Fierce Lions

God designed the remnant like a fierce young lion amid nations, "mauling and mangling" as it roams and spreads around [Micah 5.7-9]. That's power made perfect in weakness. From being "lame" and weak, God transforms the remnant into a fierce lion from which "no one can rescue." 

This lion will be in the midst of nations, "like dew or showers from God on the grass." They overwhelm and cover and give refreshment. But they also "maul and mangle." 

The Word of God in these remnants is like a weapon, like iron horns and bronze hoofs that "break into pieces the nations" [413]. The Word from their mouths will be fierce and offensive, radically demolishing strongholds and even what man invented for "ministry" derived from also the Word, but adulterated. This remnant God chooses in the end times will radically turn the world upside down.

"(Like dew and showers from God) they will not w…

Micah: Rescued in Babylon

If you have been stubbornly doing man's ways in your life and ministry, and have been hopelessly clinging to it so that in God's eyes everything you do is corrupt (though in your eyes you look okay), God sends you off to Babylon, for a last chance at revival.

God's people were doing "good" ministry in their eyes, but God saw something else: "Your leaders decide for money, your priests teach for money, and your prophets tell fortunes (not prophecies) for money. Doing things for money is the natural end result of man's ways. Many churches evangelize just to up membership and tithes and offering. Sometimes you'd see born again churches lined up in the same street, competing against each other selling their own brand of gospel. They build magnificent church buildings to lure people in.

So the Lord sends them to spiritual exile to Babylon, letting their enemies win over them. Many churches today are in Babylon while "serving" God. In Babylon, God …

Micah: He will Stand and Shepherd His Flock

Until Jesus is really Lord of the church, God will abandon Israel (the true Israel is the church) and let it do whatever it pleases--even "answer" its prayers and provide its needs [Micah 5.3]. In Micah, while God "abandoned" Israel, he still provided for her needs and answered "prayers" according to God's general blessings.

Everything went well in man's eyes. Their prayer and worship life seemed the best: "They lean (or rely) on the Lord, saying, 'Is not God among us? Not one disaster will come upon us." This is the same claim many churches today shout in their worship services. "God is here, Amen?" And church people answer: "Amen!" Yet, they do everything contrary to God's ways, like their denominations. 
But God has a solution ready. It's the Jesus Discipleship. This Kingdom discipleship is designed to demolish everything of man in church, even man's church itself, to free God's church in Jesus--p…

Micah: Though You are the Smallest

Bethlehem was the smallest among the clans of Judah. But God chose it to raise up His Ruler--King of kings and Lord of lords [Micah 5.2]. It's curious why God chose the smallest.

God, of course, wants all nations to be discipled for Him, but He chooses the smallest and sometimes the weakest. At a time when churches go crazy about mega churches and full-packed congregations, the "smallest" is disdained and disowned. We want our churches to be the biggest; the bigger the more "blessed by God," we believe. 

Yet, at a very crucial time, when God was about to do His most important move for all times, He chose the smallest in Judah. He chose the most undesirable of places--Bethlehem. Today, we can hardly grasp the wisdom and power in this. We are deceived with a "mega" orientation. 
God wants all nations discipled, but this does not mean we should have big churches. In fact, God wants well distributed numbers of congregations in churches, not a mad grab for me…

Micah: Break Nations to Pieces like Pottery

The church will be revived tremendously in the last days one more time before the end comes. The revived glorious church of Jesus, without spot or wrinkle, will be given such power and strength, "iron horns (and) bronze hoofs to break the nations to pieces with," [Micah 4.13-14].

This is fulfilled in Revelations: "To the overcomer obedient to my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations, to rule them with an iron scepter and dash the same like pieces of pottery...just as the Father gave me authority...I will give him the morning star," [Rev.2.26-29].

But the church, like Jerusalem, will first be dashed into pieces like pottery. There must first be a breaking of strongholds. A punishment to "go to Babylon" for purging and wailing in repentance. The hard ground must be broken and tilled before any planting and harvest can happen. God will destroy first the church and raise it up in Christ. Man's church must die first before the Jesus church …

Micah: A Powerful Church in Weakness

"I will make lame people a remnant," [Micah 4.7]. God's plan is to make His remnant lame. Wow! In an era when brute power is worshiped--power enshrined in wealth and possessions--that's the time when God gathers His remnant, and they are all a picture of weakness. "A nation driven away." Outcasts. No one in the world can understand this power. God's glorious church is a powerful church in weakness.

No one today wants to look weak. That's why even Christian churches build impressive buildings and buy properties left and right. They all showoff their material capacity. Because they don't want to appear weak. 
That's why in these last days, many will be left behind by God's present move. Jesus once asked: "Will I find faith on the earth when I come back?" Because when Jesus comes back, everyone will be busy amassing worldly properties and achievements, presenting them as proofs of their "strong faith."
But God's remnant…