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God's Face is the Only Food I Crave For

If it isn't God's face, I don't want any part in it. I want God, period. He alone satisfies my soul. He alone is the Apple of my eyes. Show me God and I'll go all the way with you. If you can't, never invite me to anything else you and your church have. I'll get bored to death. I'm tired of everything else. God's face is the only food I crave for.

If you can interview Moses today, and ask him what one thing he desires, he'd probably answer you something like the above. That's why he was God's friend. With other prophets God spoke through dreams, but with Moses, he spoke face to face. Because Moses once said something to this effect: "God's face is the only food I crave for." That's being God's flesh on earth.

Imagine an 80-year old man going up and down a high mountain several times, even without eating for 40 days and night. All that just to see God's face. And I can't understand why believers today just sit comfy and content each Sunday with their worship service, programs, and activities that produce nothing of God. They sit there for hours "blessed" and "touched" (what they term for being entertained) without ever seeing God's face.

Because if you see God's face, you'll never want anything of man again. You cannot but radically transform. People in church are not radically transformed because they have not seen God's face. And the serious problem is, they're just satisfied with that. It's among the worst and deadliest deceptions.

Moses was able to speak with God face to face. But he wasn't content with that. He dared ask for more. He was radical. He dared ask God, "Show me now your (real) glory." He was so desirous of God's face that he forgot about eating--about feeding his flesh--for 40 days. And God was pleased. God said, "I'll do anything you wish, that's how I'm pleased with you, and also because I call you by name."

God is pleased with those whose faith is purely about seeing His face.

And God made all his goodness pass by Moses while he was safely hidden in the cleft of the Rock, and while God's hand covered him. That's what I want!--nothing less. If a church can't get the same favor from God, I don't want any part of it. Moses left behind the crowd of the Israelites (who didn't want any part of real intimacy with God) and went up a lot higher, just to feed his soul and spirit (and even his flesh) with God. His flesh was fed with God that his face caught God's glory.

If you seriously crave for God's face, God puts his on yours!

Paul said God put his face on Moses only for a short while. It was based on a ministry of death. Though glorious, the glory faded. But today, we have a better covenant. Because Jesus makes things in our spiritual lives permanent and ever-increasing, we can have God's face on us forever, and increasing in glory at that!--IF we seek God's face desperately, and not just seriously play church, satisfied with men's programs and activities which are all trash.

A lot of churches today still get God's glory based on a ministry of death. The glory just lasts a few moments. When they get born again they get the excitement in Jesus, but then merely end up with men's programs and activities, and settle for that. The glory fades and dies, no matter how excited they are with what they call church. For the rest, there's not even any hint of glory to start with. They just have church membership.

I want churches that pursue such glory. At least, I want churches that desperately aim wholeheartedly to have that experience, and who say with all their hearts--"God's face is the only Food I crave for. It's God or nothing. The rest is garbage."

Jesus wanted nothing else but the Father. He ate the Father. You know why he taught his disciples to eat him--eat his flesh and drink his blood? Because it's the only way to live the spiritual life. "Unless you eat me, you have no real life in you. I'm real food!" My Jesus himself ate the Father daily. Isaiah says, "Jesus grew up before the Father (He grew up before him)." My Jesus did nothing but spend quality time with God the Father, seeing his face. His face was his food. "The Food I eat is doing the will of God who sent me." Doing his will is seeing his face. You cannot do both men's and God's will--you would love one and hate the other.

"I'm eating a kind of Food you know nothing of," my Jesus once challenged his disciples. Today, many church people still do not know about it. Their churches have been deceiving them with useless programs and activities. They do not know how to eat God. All they know is how to worship him on a shallow level with their formulated praise and worship and non stop worship.

We have to eat Jesus. We have to discover and say that God's face is the only Food I crave for. If we eat God, we get his DNA. We cease being mere men and become true sons of God. We become genuinely God's flesh.

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