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Making of a Samuel

As long as Samuel was judge over Israel, all the enemies were incapacitated. They all feared Samuel and all Israel was safe--because God's hand was heavy against the enemy for Samuel's sake [1Sam.7.13]. God allowed no word of declaration from Samuel to fall to the ground void.

We should see the Kingdom principles behind the making of a Samuel. We need Samuels today in the church. Samuels in church will render devils powerless, fearful, and frozen to inactivity against their will. God will cause our enemies to be at peace with us--because they have no choice. Being a Samuel is being God's flesh on earth.


God had to make Hannah barren. To produce a Samuel, God has to make you nothing. Even Christ, the greatest move of God (sending His Son), was made nothing, taking the form of a slave. Barrenness was a terrible stigma in those days, and Hannah had to undergo it--for meekness sake. God won't do anything great and powerful until he first makes his instrument meek…

When Lust Turns to Rape

Two sisters, Oholah and Oholibah, were into prostitution since their youth in Egypt, says God. Later on, Oholah, the older, was forcibly "stripped naked" (or raped) and killed by her Assyrian lovers and took her sons away. However, her sister, Oholibiah, did worse. She carried on with her prostitution with the Assyrians and Babylonians, but later "turned away in disgust of them," like how raped victims would feel.

This discussion is vital for being God's flesh on earth.

When God talked of this to Ezekiel in chapter 23, he was actually talking about Israel and Judah, the sisters. God was talking of his "chosen" people. They were prostitutes who learned the trade in Egypt and carried it on to their nationhood. They fondly recalled their lust days in Egypt as they committed sexual immorality with the Assyrians and Babylonians.

Sin is that dirty in God eyes, particularly idolatry. It's an evil sexual act. You have an idol in your heart, God sees  it a…