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How God is My All

Aside from what we see in the bible as God being our God, King, Lord, Savior, Shepherd, Friend, etc., I have discovered Him to be my all in many other ways.

Here they are, how God is my all, in radical and extreme ways.

I've discovered my Jesus to also be...
My Food
God is not just my food Provider so that I and my family always find something good to eat on our dinner table. The fact is, he is my Food. I find that I literally live on Him. Without Him I starve, and I don't want to starve to death. And He's the kind of Food that is always within reach anytime I'm hungry, and I even snack on Him when I'm not hungry but just want to nibble on Him. Also, I've realized that since I discovered Him as my Food (and Drink), I never get hungry (or thirsty) again, but instead develop an appetite for Him, not instigated by hunger anymore, but by mere love for him, or what I call severe indulgence or extreme fondness. I eat God. That's how God is my all.
My Cure
God is no…

In Him is No Sin

In him is no sin.

Wow! I love to hear the sound of that. I love to meditate it till it becomes me, till I and my fleshly desires melt away and that Word starts living my life. I want to do it daily, each moment, by God's enabling grace.

The doctrine of holiness has been taught and preached for centuries, but its real power has never been fully realized. All we have seen through church holiness history is a faint idea of what it can do for us. Church people themselves have always downplayed the real power of genuine holiness.

Some years ago, we saw some holiness preachers, teachers, and theologians tried a measure of holy living in Christ. But they never went beyond. They never did it as radical as my Jesus did it. They still reserved a little something for the flesh, adding to their doctrines some room for sin, in case the believer got carried away again by sin unnoticed. They placed somewhere in their teachings some justifications for sin, saying God understands that we are mere d…

"Father, Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do."...Well, Did He?

There can be no forgiveness without repentance. That's Kingdom principle taught by God himself in the bible. Yet, Jesus prayed on the cross: "Forgive them for they know not what they do." Well, did God do it? Did he forgive them? Did they repent?

Obviously God didn't. Countless times in the bible, God never forgave anyone without repentance. It's his righteousness principle. But why did Jesus still pray to the Father about forgiving the unrepentant? It was to demonstrate to us for all time the proper attitude when being persecuted for righteousness' sake. You want them forgiven in your heart and their misdeeds not counted against them, as Stephen later also prayed.

Yet, know for sure that God does not forgive without repentance.

How do I know they never repented (at least majority of them didn't)? Well, take the soldiers who guarded Jesus' grave, for instance. They saw the resurrection with their own two eyes, and saw mighty angels rolled away the sto…

Silly Discipleship

You'll hear of churches today doing what they call adiscipleship. At first glance you'd think that they've finally gotten the whole point. But on closer look, you'd see that it's all nothing but trash. Their discipleship is just another churchprogram.
Why did they decide to have a discipleship? It's often for two reasons:
1.They're losing their membership. 2.They want to increase church membership by trapping people to what they calldiscipleship. What do they do in their discipleship? ANSWER: Bible studies. They look for a good "discipleship" material to use and they study the bible following that guide. It all look spiritual and nice. But if you're spiritually sharp. you'd see that it's just another man's program, a result of the devil's deception.
Genuine Jesus Discipleship
The Jesus discipleship was not just a bible study. It never was a program to up membership or to tie down people to the church. In fact, genuine Jesus disciples…