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Daniel: Undefiled by the King's Food

The king's food was choice food. It was the best in the land--the best meats and excellent wine. Imagine the greatest king in the world then--Nebuchadnezzar--offering you his best Kingdom Dining Hall menus. But Daniel and his friends would have none of it. He kept himself undefiled by the king's food.
What was wrong with the king's food? The key is in the word undefiled. The Word says, "But Daniel strongly determined not to be defiled by royal food and wine," {Dan.1.8]. "Defile" in the bible denotes spiritual contamination, so I imagine that the royal food was first offered to Babylonian gods before being served on the royal table. Daniel didn't want that, no matter how delicious or healthy it may had been. 
Food the World Offers
This story is so timely and relevant. The world, in these last days, is offering us the best food, in fact, royal food, the best the world and the devil can offer. And so many churches partake of it, enjoying the menus and t…