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New Evangelism

These last days, God's Kingdom is moving a new evangelism. It's not anymore purely scare tactics that force you to choose between the fires of hell or comfort in heaven. People who "accept" salvation by choosing heaven's comfort often make an intellectual decision--they don't want to suffer hell. That's smart. But God's Kingdom is now offering a new evangelism--receiving Jesus because they fall madly in love with him.

Romans says, "If you believe in your'll be justified (and saved)." It's not head belief that really saves; it's heart belief. And God's Kingdom is now pointedly disseminating that. Receiving Christ out of a fanatical, mad, and desperate love for him and what he does and has.
Receiving the Kingdom
The Kingdom of God is within you, says the Master. If it's in you then you should act it out now. You should be a Kingdom person. A sure connection with God is seeking His Kingdom first. And his Kingdom i…

True Holiness Gauge

It's easy to seclude yourself in church ministries and not get involved in the world and "live holy." That was the idea of monasteries where monks lived in mountain seclusions far away from civilization. And they indeed assumed an appearance of holiness. But that's not the true gauge of holiness.
I've seen believers and pastors who looked okay while engrossed in church ministries (and confined there) but went wild with sin when exposed to the real world. Some drowned in greed, others wallowed in lust, fornication, adultery, and other forms of sexual immorality. Why? Their spiritual immune system was down while hidden far away in a germ-free environ, as it were. The moment they were in touch with the real world their immune system couldn't handle it.

Soaking and hiding in church attendance or ministries cannot empower you to overcome the world. They just incubate sin, nourishing and growing it in a quiet environment waiting for the right time to explode like …