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Blessings Rather Than Stature

It's happening everywhere today, and it's obvious that Satan is using it to deceive, if possible, even the elect. More and more born again Christians are blinded by the world and prefer blessings rather than stature in Christ. Now, don't get me wrong. Blessings are good, and we need lots of them. But when used as a coverup for a rotten character and spiritual life, it's become a deception tool of the devil.

Worse, when blessings are thought to be the reason for a close relationship with God, not God himself and having a stature in him.
I see it everywhere. Christians who have rotten lives get more blessed materially and physically, and they count that as favor from God because He is pleased with them. Ever seen this? Let's make up a scenario--a lady believer for instance. Let's say she's kinda like this: despite repeated warnings from God, she still opts to marry a non-believer. Isn't that what mostly happens in church? That's clear disobedience. B…

Extreme Prayer, Extreme Believer, Extreme Faith

I want your life, God. That's the whole point of prayer. I want your image in me so when I'm in front of a mirror it's all you I see, especially the mirror that is your Word. So, I want you. I don't even want church--the church men build and do today in your Name. The church that adulterates your Truth to fit their own denominational designs and interests. That's why often, instead of going to man-made churches, I'd rather just look within me where the Kingdom of God is. 
Now I see why you'd rather go out to remote places and mountainsides alone than fellowship with religious leaders of God's own people in your time. It's not religious pride; it's your propensity as a genuine Kingdom person. You want no less than God, so you walked as God in man on earth, as you also now walk as God in man in me. I'm God's flesh on earth, all by your grace.
In you I am perfect, and that perfection makes me so imperfect to the eyes of mere men. The more …

A God Who Hides

He's a God who hides. That's why we seek him. If his entirety is all readily and easily seen, then we wouldn't have to seek him at all. He hides so we can seek and pursue him once we see glimpses of him. It's God's glory to hide matters, but it's the glory of kings to seek and find them [Prov.25]. Desperate seekers of God are real kings of the King, thus the KING of kings.

It's like God hiding from us and then we see a glimpse of him turning into a street corner or an alley and see him smiling, enjoying the "game." He's a God who hides [Isa.45.15]. 
Of course, he intentionally lets himself be seen a short timely moment by us--by those who wholeheartedly seek him with their whole lives (God's flesh on earth)--just before he turns into a corner. That's enough for us to run as fast as we can, never taking our sights off that corner, eager to catch up with him and grab him as Jacob did before he was about to meet Esau in the book of Genes…