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Deadliest Punishment of All!

"I'm quite sure of this--evil folks will not get away with their sins unpunished. But those who live right before God will be set free." [Prov.11.21]

The wicked will surely be punished. Well, honestly, we see so little of this going on today. I've seen people and families and clans who have been in position of power and wealth but who have been doing a lot of wickedness for ages. They seem never punished. They even seem to grow richer and more powerful, enjoying comfy and convenient lives--even those in church. While many of those who genuinely serve God seem to get poorer and weaker by this world's standards.

But make no mistake about it--the Word of God is true. God makes sure the wicked do not go scot-free unpunished, and that's on a daily basis. And they get the deadliest punishment of all. If you don't realize this or don't see this happening daily, you're spiritually myopic--you see only what's under your nose--or do you?

It's an ultra terrible thing to be thrust out of God's presence. But the wicked do not realize this. The only thing they realize (and fear) are punishments through  material loss or physical pain. Spiritual loss is something their dead spirits cannot understand. They've been suffering it but they do not see its effect.

They read the bible but get nothing (they even hate the bible). They go to church faithfully but do not genuinely experience God. The "God" they claim to experience in their churches are really gods, or the other Jesus that Paul talks of in Corinthians. You'd see that years of church and the bible have changed nothing in them. They're the same people they were 10 or 20 years ago, rotten, made sophisticated only by their titles or positions. Worse, they grow more rotten (just growing old in church). They do not realize that they're being punished with the deadliest punishment of all--being thrust out of God's presence.

If you read the Word and don't get deep revelations at once and don't get changed from glory to glory, your spirit is dead and being punished with the deadliest punishment of all. But if you read the Word and at once (and each time) get deep revelations that change you in ever increasing glory, your link with God is alive and you're highly favored--and that means your spirit's free to connect with Him--as Proverbs 11.21 says--though you may have difficulties in life and deprived (for a while) of physical and material comfort. 

Well, there are folks who are deprived of physical and material comforts and yet become more rotten and cannot get any revelation when they read the Word. They also receive the deadliest punishment of all.

If you're just a beginner in faith--only about 3 to 6 months in Jesus--you may have to seek the Word with some difficulty. That was my problem the first 6 months in faith in 1980. But after a year or less, by God's grace, I started getting deep revelations, more so in 1998. Each time I open the Word, God starts pouring deep revelations on me like opening the gate valves of a huge dam full of water. Sometimes, I have to close the bible awhile to just let everything sink in before I open it again.

You become a newer and more unique creation in Christ each time you open the bible. That only happens if your connection with God is a live spirit in you, always a willing receptacle, daily connected with God and his heavenly realms. If you don't get any revelation that changes you to reveal Jesus himself in you (God's flesh) when you open the bible, you're probably getting the deadliest punishment of all--being thrust from his presence. 

The same punishment is suffered by wicked souls in hell.

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