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Concert Mania for God: But is HE Really There?

All day worship, non-stop worship, super concerts. Wow!

With the coming of  electronic and digital technology, perfecting sound systems have become possible. Human voice and instrumentals have never blended so accurately harmonious before--and voice ranges incredibly reached with amazing clearness, perhaps like that of heaven's own music. So churches today have zeroed in on music more than at any time in history. 
They have come up with "non-stop worship" and concerts. In fact, they spend a lot of money for these and send their youths investing time, effort, and money, and even health on the same. They spend their energies and sleepless nights over them. 
I love music and concerts to the Lord. I love the way some individuals master the Lord's intense presence and "bring it down" to where they are so that people around get the bread crumbs that "fall from the table" of such individuals. Wow! Praise God! I wish I had the same anointing. The genuine…

Love and Forgive Your Enemies?

Love and forgive your enemies. This is often either ignored or misinterpreted by many churches. Again, as in other articles I've written here on similar subjects, people often think to love and forgive your enemies means to let everything go along it's course, especially the wrong, and you meekly accept it all, hoping things would come out better in the end because "all things work together for good."

And more and more church people today seem to avoid conflicts, confrontation, and "judging" to preserve what they think is "harmony" or "peace" that they have, especially in fellowship. They'd rather pretend nothing's wrong when something is wrong, and sometimes keep wrong things secret, talking about them in secret meetings and careful not to leak the thing in church--to give the church denomination an immaculate image. 
That's not the glorious church, for sure. That's the clandestine synagogue of Satan.
For instance, I'…

The Meek?

The meek will inherit the earth. This is the third teaching of my Jesus in the Beatitudes. Some versions render it gentle and humble in spirit
Most people have this idea that being meek means docility (easily controlled or managed), extreme tolerance, and being very nice to people. Nothing short of slavery. If you're meek then they should be able to easily enslave you and order you around. Strangely, this was not how my Jesus was. He was, of all people, impossible to control or manage. Not even Herod or the Roman Empire was able to do that. And definitely, he was never Mr Nice Guy.
What then is being meek?
Jesus gave us a hint what Kingdom meekness was when he gave the Sermon on the Mount, talking about being poor in spirit, mourning, being desperate for righteousness, being merciful, etc. But then, talking about being merciful and peace makers, Jesus lambasted religious leaders of his time without mercy, calling them fools, hypocrites, white-washed tombs, and hinted at their b…

Without Revelation You Die

Jesus Christ revealed--this is the Rock where Jesus builds his church, a church which crashes the gates of hell. Jesus once asked the disciples who people from the villages said he was.

After saying this and that, Peter finally said Jesus was the Messiah, Son of God. My Jesus commended him and said that such insight was not from men but a revelation from God. "And upon this rock," he added, "I will build my church."
"This rock" is revelation that comes from God, revealing deeply (and much deeper each time) who Christ is. That's what the context says. Some think this rock referred to Peter, because Jesus had said, "I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock.."
Jesus was actually telling him, compared to this revelation Peter was a small rock. However, a small rock with a big revelation of who Jesus really is becomes the Rock (God) on which Christ will build the true church. No, you don't become God, but your life becomes hidden with Chri…