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Who Said We Need to Worship Each Time?

Before I start anything here, I want to assure readers that I believe we need to worship God always, endlessly, because He deserves nothing less. After making myself clear now, I start to detonate a bomb--who said we need to worship each time?
By "worship" I mean the way most churches take it to mean today--singing and music. Before they have the Word preached to them, they need to "worship" first. So they sing songs after their prelude and Scripture reading and etc. They say worship in this manner is vital, without which no Word would be anointed for preaching. If you want God to come down and give understanding for his Word, we have to worship good. That's what they say.
And it's been that way for decades, if not centuries. Why? Why do we need to worship?
In Jesus' Days
Then I go back to the bible and see Jesus. He preached the Word and wonderful things happened. God came down to perform incredible feats--and that without worshiping first. The Sermon …