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Disciple All Nations: The Quality of Increase God Wants

GOD's Flesh is all for numerical increase. We need to share the Gospel to as many. We need to work with God to increase the number of people getting saved and joining the church. We need more evangelism and we need to go all out particularly in these last crucial days.
But we need to strictly go by God's quality control. The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. The church needs to be filled up with Kingdom assets, not liabilities. In bible history, God always destroyed liabilities. When the Israelites were becoming more of a liability, he destroyed them all in the desert. God does not need liabilities in his kingdom.
This is why Jesus emphasized discipling nations just before he ascended. This is the quality of increase God wants in his church—discipled increase. Not just any increase for the sake of church expansionism, just to win the popularity contest and prove which church is better and bigger. Thus, as long as an increase is denominational, it does not count in God’s Kingdom. It is still of the world. The increase should be in Jesus’ glorious church, without spot or wrinkle or any blemish, and which has no earthly company name, unfranchised, not a denomination.
Discipled in the Way Jesus Discipled the Apostles
The discipleship should be apostolic—in the same way Jesus discipled his apostles. That should remain the model for all times, not through bible studies the way denominations do it, or Sunday schools, bible schools, seminaries, seminars or conferences which all derive from worldly systems.
Jesus Discipleship consists of, “teaching them everything I have taught you.” Only then can we be assured of his true presence: “I will be with you always.” There should be absolutely no denominational doctrine. Just pure Jesus teachings as revealed by the Holy Spirit. This alone applies to the spiritual and universal Jesus glorious church. If evangelism, discipleship, and church are done any other way, they’re all garbage and credited only in this world.
In our earlier post, we mentioned about how the least is greatest in the Kingdom. Some suppose that God’s Flesh does not believe in numerical growth and wishes only to remain small. Far from truth. We believe whatever the bible believes. We believe so much in discipling all nations. It’s not just evangelizing them; Jesus is clear about discipling them. And discipling is never just about grouping them in cells and doing bible studies. That’s not discipling. That’s bible study. Jesus didn't just have bible studies when he discipled the apostles.
How did my Jesus disciple his apostles? First, he was their disciple for life. A church cannot change discipler depending on who is pastoring the church. The Jesus discipleship stresses on loyalty to the discipler, not the local church. Local churches that change pastors periodically cannot embark on a genuine Jesus discipleship. Your discipler is your discipler for life.
Second, Jesus ushered them to the spiritual, universal church. There was no building or name or organization the church was under in. And that set up continued in the Acts church. The Jesus church was later sabotaged and displaced by the church invented by men: a church by men, for men, and through men. But God has been restoring his true church through his genuine apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. It has no denomination. We have to evangelize and disciple nations to this church. 

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