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What Church Revival in PH Will Stop Prophesied Calamities?

I saw the prophesy given by God to an Indian prophet about God's judgment on the Philippines, which were partly fulfilled with the big earthquake in Bohol and Cebu and the Yolanda super typhoon which both hit the country in 2013. Another catastrophe is said to be hovering over the country and set to hit anytime this 2014 if a genuine revival doesn't happen in the Philippines.

It's not about a corrupt government needing repentance, but a church badly needing revival. And by "revival" we mean genuine repentance of the church, especially the born again Christian church, in the country. Church denominations have been stealing from God and telling lies to people. I really hope we all get this message clearly. God doesn't just want revival worship services or intercessory prayers for national repentance--He wants true revival that would demolish everything man-made and man-invented in church, primarily church denominationalism.

It will be useless for all churches to gather en masse at Luneta to pray for the Philippines, even if the number of worshipers get to 10 million or more--if after the big meeting each one goes back to his or her own church denomination to do the same old man-made churchy things. That's not what God wants. He wants everything demolished and then started anew with nothing but His Word, ways, and will, by the supernatural power and leading of the Holy Spirit. Exactly as Jesus and the Acts church did it. After all, Jesus is the only Way. Everything should be done His Way.

Why Intercession Re-Directed Yolanda to Avoid Hitting Bacolod

The Intercessors of the Philippines [IP] was amazed how God re-directed Yolanda to avoid hitting Bacolod after they had interceded. Why was their prayer effective and that of different denominations wasn't? Because IP is truly body of Christ. It is not a church denomination but a gathering of believers, regardless of church affiliation. I see the big difference here when believers gather in prayer as one church compared to them gathering in prayer in their respective denominations. The first one is in the center of God's will. The second one is not.

The true church revival needed in the Philippines and which will stop prophesied calamities is one that is radical and total--initiated by giving up all church denominations. Church leaders should spearhead this move, or else their members who finally see the light should give up their denominations, leave their churches, and look for churches with zero denominations [see 10 traits of a zero-denomination church below]. This would pressure top leadership to relinquish control, demolish their denominations, give up everything to God, and start giving way to the universal and spiritual glorious church of Jesus Christ. This church has the following traits:
  1. Zero denomination or any denominational tradition or system.
  2. Led solely by the Word and the Holy Spirit as in the time of Jesus Christ and the Acts church. It has zero man-effort and ways.
  3. The church apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, supported by elders and deacons.
  4. The global 5-fold ministries are one, led by the Holy Spirit through a global council of apostles, prophets, and church elders, as what the Council at Jerusalem had.
  5. The global church council will be selected by the Holy Spirit through godly, faceless, selfless, and spiritual men and women of God--not through voting or election but through prayer and fasting and the personal guidance of the Holy Spirit. I'd prefer those who lack material possessions and titles and have pure hearts and meek spirits not to seek them in ministry.
  6. The bible alone is the doctrine interpreted by the Holy Spirit through genuine men and women of God.
  7. It operates in the supernatural ways of God through the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders and miracles. 
  8. Members are dead to sin, self, and the world.
  9. The church lives out the Word of God daily.
  10. The church people worldwide are one just as the Father and Son are one.
This is the kind of revival God wants for the Philippines, which would stop God's judgment against it, and which God wants to spread worldwide from the Philippines. It's not just a temporary alliance in a huge prayer conference in Luneta or elsewhere [and which often ends up in a show of denominational force] where the event is televised and top ranking church leaders are in their best clothes going up the stage with dignity and titular pride. We all have to tear our clothes, wear sackcloth, cover ourselves with ashes [in spirit] and surrender to the genuine will of God.

After the corrupt in government and elsewhere see this happening to the church, then those destined to turn to the Lord for salvation will do so almost of their own volition. Evangelism will be easy because "everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord shall be saved." Then God will establish His Kingdom army in the Philippines [He designed this country to be located strategically, not for the US, but for launching His genuine zero-denomination evangelistic missions to spread across Southeast Asia and reach the 10-40 window]. Only the Name of Jesus Christ shall stand conspicuous in all these [not one church denomination shall be mentioned]. Then, we will all know that the Lord is God! And then the end will come.

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