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Veil that Hides Fading Glory

Religious veils keep you looking good---even build you mega churches---but they decrease God's glory in you. Remember the Kingdom principle---God's ways mixed with man's ways cannot result to God's glory. More so, anything purely of man, even "born-again" man.

The more you hide your true self, the more you lose glory. This was Moses' predicament. Yes, the ministry he received had tremendous glory so that the Israelites could not look straight at his face, says 2 Corinthians 3. But the glory faded the more he tried to hide the fact with a man-made veil.

Churches today, too, hide their fading glory behind veils of good Sunday worship programs, good and expressive singing, non-stop worship, overnight prayer meeting, good preaching, titles, degrees, concerts, seminars and conferences, feeding programs, and so-called "church planting." Once upon a time, when their ministries were newly born, they had awesome glory. Most new churches are like that---…

God Never Repairs

They say God repairs the broken hearted. Probably, if the heart break  is God initiated, like in the case of Lazarus dying so the glory of God may be revealed [Jn.11.14]. But most times he demolishes, not just repair what remains standing. And especially, he never repairs man's broken efforts. In the case of Lazarus, God demolished unbelief in his disciples that they "may believe." Redress like that are never accomplished with mere, skin-deep repairs. The remedy should deal with the foundation. Demolishing is foundational.

We often think God repairs problematic churches through the revival services we have. We pray for these services well, thinking God would use them to repair the broken lives of believers who fell into sin, or broken relationships gone sour. We imagine God doing a little bit here and there, tinkering with some parts of the body of believers, and eventually making it whole again. We don't like the idea of God demolishing our entire accomplishments j…