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Vision of the Modern Acts Church in the Last Days
The Acts church at its best--we will witness this phenomenon in the Last Days before Jesus Christ comes back. The Acts church culture was obliterated by men's denominational churches but God will restore everything as he promised through the prophets [Acts 3.21]. 

The modern Acts church will not ostensibly display power like mega churches do. In fact, they will meet in small, simple, quiet groups--in quiet homes, rooms, street corners, garages, home rooftops, or cafes--but they are power houses nonetheless, shrouded in seeming weakness--because power is made perfect in weakness. This house churches are powerfully networked together to the Head, but under no denomination or formal alliances. In fact, it will be simply known as a movement (God's present move) of the Holy Spirit whose leaders are not publicly visible. No one personality will be popular here, save Jesus Christ.

Look at how they start a "crusade" or "conference." It's not as the world does it. Everything is Spirit-led and triggered. No promotion or advertising. A small discipleship group meets somewhere, say, in Rizal Park, for a Word Session and simple worship. Then the Holy Spirit moves powerfully in their midst and sick people around suddenly experience healing. Other people see angelic appearances. Those in bondage to sin feel deep conviction and genuinely repent and are released. At this point, no one is yet preaching the Word, except that the discipleship group is having a Word Session among themselves.

Then people gather around them, curious about what's happening. They listen to the Word discussion and then ask, "Brothers, what should we do to get saved?" Then an unknown person in the discipleship group stands up and speaks the Word, led by the Spirit of God. More people gather--some kneel down to repent, others lie on the ground wailing and regretting their lives of sin and asking how to be saved. More and more people amass. Sick people from hospitals and communities nearby are brought.

Soon, a great multitude is gathered around the discipleship group, so that no one knows who is and isn't of the group. People just hear the Word being preached by "some people" and see the sick being healed--the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see, and those with debilitating diseases get healed. Sinners are set free and willingly surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. Soon, people just break out in singing. They worship the Lord in one accord without any worship leader in sight. No fancy musical instruments. But strangely, they often sing the same songs and some people swear they hear angels singing with them. Now and then they may sing differently from one another, but the Spirit of God leads them to sing a common song periodically. 

The discipleship group leaves the scene unnoticed. They move among the crowd undetected (because they look just like everybody else. No one looks like a superstar) and get on board a public jeep to go back home. But the great multitudes of people remain in Rizal Park worshiping the Lord and reading Scriptures in the bible. If asked who started it all, they couldn't point to anyone or mention any name, save the name of Jesus Christ. "We just found ourselves kneeling down and worshiping the Name above all names!"

Then those who urgently feel the need to pursue Christ look for the discipleship group. They don't know where it is but they keep looking, praying that God would lead them to it, and God answers their prayers. Supernaturally, they are led to find it in another strange gathering like the above and beg to be discipled. Sometimes the group takes in a new believer to be discipled. Sometimes they dissuade them. But most times it refers them to other discipleship groups--they're one body, anyway. They don't care about numbers or memberships. 

These modern Acts churches have no property or buildings. They just meet anywhere. They share everything in common--from material possessions to money to food--so that no one among them is in need. Instead, they give to anyone who has need. Church funds are managed by apostles and used to build lives for Christ, not church buildings. And though they don't look organized as men's churches do, they are powerfully led by the Spirit. They all belong to the one glorious church of Jesus Christ, which Ephesians 5 says is without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and pure.

All over the world, these modern Acts churches are closely connected into one body, led by selfless and meek apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who have given up everything and live the ultra simple Jesus LIFE. Yes, everyone lives a simple lifestyle as Jesus did, and one look at them easily reminds one of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. No one can pinpoint any individual that leads this modern Acts church, because it is led by the Spirit of God. It is not registered in any way because it is not an organization or corporation--it is just a family of believers linked as one as the Acts church was in the bible.

The modern Acts church has no name. It has no formal membership list, no denomination, and everyone is a disciple--a member of God's family. Anyone born again by the Spirit of God becomes a disciple of a discipler, and this goes on through life. Later, the discipleship matures into a spiritual fathering relationship.

This is the vision of the modern Acts church God often gives me in quiet moments with Him. This church will soon come to pass. Get ready for it!

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