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Why Church People are All Talking about Their Churches and Nobody Talks about Jesus

It always happens when I talk  to church people, leaders or pastors--they're always apt to talk about church--their church or my church. "How's your church? How are your members? How many members do you have?" Things like that.

And then they go on talking about their churches, ministries, members, activities, etc. Anything except Jesus Christ. Or, they talk about their ministry strategies, new churches planted, formulas for church growth, their ministry goals, the number of people that came in that Sunday, "what God tells them" about ministry, how to grow more churches, and the like.

Recently, I attended a church denominational conference and all they talked about was themselves and their churches. During the worship, the speaker tried his best to appear excited talking about how to grow local churches.

They're all in this mad scramble to win the rat race of growing churches to expand their denominations. And yet, no one seems interested about Jesus. I…