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Blessed but Without Inheritance

Being blessed is good (and we should thank God a lot for it) but it's really no big deal. I mean, it doesn't mean you are better than others as lots of folks would have it. God blesses both the righteous and the wicked. God even abundantly blessed Ishmael even if he wasn't God's will for Abraham.

And here's what's even astonishing---even if you are in the present move of God and you know exactly what God's will is and have a good relationship with Him, but if you fail to wait on Him and go ahead of Him, you'll end up with an Ishmael---with everything wrong---though everything may seem perfect.

Blessed but scratched out of inheritance

So blessed and yet without inheritance. Is that possible? Yes it is. In fact, you see it everywhere in ministries. Churches in a hurry to grow big, doing anything and everything that works and indeed growing big and looking so blessed. They really look so, so blessed. But because they're not using God's way, they ar…

Why Confining Your Eyesight to the "Positives" in Life Won't Work

"Just look at the positive side of things." This phrase tacitly accepts there are negative sides to life. But it wants to ignore them and wants to focus on the "bright side" instead---which will never work.

God knew this. I mean, he himself designed life to have both positive and negative, and he never intended to ignore or hide the negative. It will never work. If you're Truth (Jesus is the Truth), you have to openly deal with both without covering up or hiding anything. He calls good "good" and bad "bad."

He never thought he had to hide the fact that one time he "regretted" ever creating man. Watch how he put it in writing in the bible:
The LORD regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled. [Genesis 6.6] He also "regretted" making Saul king [1 Samuel 15.11]. He could have just kept quiet about it or kept it a secret and focused on the bright side of things. But no, he had to p…

Jesus Christ said: "If You Want to be Perfect"

We all know the story. A rich, young ruler went to Jesus to ask how to have eternal life. Jesus didn't tell the young man to receive him as Savior but told him to obey the commandments.

Neither did Jesus say, "you must be born again" as he did Nicodemus. Queer. Didn't Paul tell us no one could be justified by the works of the law? Yet Jesus said eternal life is through obeying the commandments. And James said the perfect law leads to freedom [1.25].

So, which is which?

Jesus told us no one has the right to delete the importance of the law because he did't come to abolish it but to fulfill it. In fact, your standing in God's Kingdom depends on your attitude about the law.
Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. [Matthew 5.19] We're not under the law but unde…

Spirit-Led or Income-Led?

Ministers, especially pastors, should be extra sharp to discern the difference, because a very thin line separates one from the other. Are you Spirit-led or income-led? Did you end up in ministry because of a divine call or because you were looking for profitable work and got one, and then somehow ministry followed?

To be sure, income sources are God's blessings. The more the merrier. I love to be in a lucrative business. In fact, the church can be in business as the Acts church was. But we are NOT to be led or controlled by our income source, business or money. All who are led thus end up like prophet Balaam---always bargaining for the right price while pretending to be after God's leading.

Abram got wealthy while "in the process" of obeying God. He didn't leave Ur for greener pasture somewhere. He left Ur without knowing where he'd end up. He left simply because he obeyed God. Unlike a lot of pastors today who leave for the US, Canada or elsewhere to earn …

Here's How the Glorious Church Builds God's Kingdom on Earth

You are given eyes to see and the spiritual ability to enter God's Kingdom [John 3.3-8] so you can be part of it. Once you're part, then you can share it with others. You cannot share what you do not have. Fact is, you cannot share what you haven't seen. In ministry, you have to see the Kingdom and enter it. So you have to seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, first and last.
Share your Kingdom faith with as many. Ask God's guidance about it, particularly who you'd share it with. Sometimes, God wants specific targets. Only the King knows who is fit for the Kingdom so you have to follow his lead about who to share the Gospel with and who to disciple. Many are invited but few are chosen. The prophet Samuel was sure it was Eliab who would be king but the Lord said Eliab seemed kingdomly only in appearance but not in essence.

We should share the Gospel with everyone, but at times the Lord would zero in on an individual and use you for the purpose. S…

Kingdom Signature: "Those Who Wear Fine Clothes are in Kings’ Palaces"

Ever wondered why Jesus and John the baptizer assumed radically simple roles in society? Why didn't Jesus come as part of the Sanhedrin or as palace official? Why the son of a poor carpenter? Why be born in a manger?

John for one was Zechariah's son, and Zechariah served as priest in the temple. Priests led comfortable and well to do lives, being supplied all their material needs and given special favors by the community as per Old Testament directives.

John should have been priest, too, being son of Zechariah. But John gave it up and chose to be an obscure prophet living in the wilderness catching locusts for dinner and risking bee stings just to enjoy a handful of honey. That's beside wearing only camel's hair and a leather belt all his life.

Why this radical simplicity?

I see it as Kingdom signature. A kind of "company logo" or characteristic mark of the Kingdom. Kingdom people literally care for nothing in this life. Jesus said that the cares of this wor…

Ministry of a Kingdom Person in the Glorious Church

Make sure you're doing ministry in the glorious church of Jesus Christ, a church without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. People who have no knowledge of the Kingdom will just go to any "born-again" church, especially one which has the best facilities. 
But a Kingdom person particularly makes sure he attends no less than the glorious church. Non-Kingdom people will tell you not to look for a perfect church. "There is no perfect church!" they insist. But the bible says there is a glorious church, without spot or wrinkle. It's Jesus' church. He died for it. He founded it.

And ministry is different in the glorious church.

In the glorious church, everyone's ministries are connected and intertwined. And I mean all ministries. Kingdom people know this so well. There is no such thing as "your ministry" or "my ministry" or "their ministry" or "our ministry."

More radical Kingdom concepts for radical spiritual gro…

How to Know If a Ministry is Failing in God's Eyes

It's easy to see if a ministry is really failing. Remember, God is spirit. The only way to please him is in spirit and in truth. You cannot please God by your church building, church income, membership size or Sunday worship programs.

Actually, the ministry Jesus showed us in the bible was so simple. It's super simple, in fact. It's mainly on preaching, miraculous healing, and discipleship. Just these three. We don't have to add anything to this. Jesus did only these three and he did well. He pleased the Father to the max.

To see what really makes us fail big-time in ministry, click here to read the article.


You don't have to be a titled preacher to do this. Just share the Word. All you need is knowledge of the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. These two equip you to the max. The Word of God is God breathed "so that the man of God may be adequate, fully equipped for every good work," [2 Timothy 3.17].

You see the words, "fully eq…