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Glorious Church

What the Glorious Church is

We have to understand that the glorious church Ephesians 5 talks about is the only true church of Jesus Christ. It's the only church the bible talks about. It's the church Jesus will come back for. All the rest are fakes---especially ALL denominations. If the church you belong to is not a glorious church without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish---or at least it's headed that direction---it's a fake church.

Lots of churches today do not believe there is a perfect church. Well, according to Ephesians 5 there is. It's not just perfect; it's glorious, without spot or wrinkle.

The churches in the New Testament---Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, etc.---were all in their initial stages to entering the glorious church. They were NOT church denominations. The bible NEVER talks about denominations, or any need for them. It should be clear that Jesus prayed for a single church in John 17---the perfect unity of all believers. I say perfect because Jesus expressed that all true believers should be in complete unity, even as the Father and Son are one. The unity or oneness of the Father and Son cannot be described in any other way except a perfect unity. That's what the Glorious Church is---perfect and perfectly one. Jesus says, the church should have the same unity the Father and Son have.

The warnings to the 7 churches in Revelations were warnings to churches which were turning denominational---having the spirit and teaching of Jezebel, Balaam, and the sexual immorality and idol food doctrines of the Nicolaitans---which are all rampant in denominations today. Thus, no church denomination can be a part of the glorious church---unless they genuinely repent and join God's present move---which will happen when some of them finally see the truth and breakaway from their denominations and join Jesus' glorious church. All true believers should seek only the glorious church of Jesus Christ.

Many say this is not yet possible now. These are people who do not believe in the power of Jesus' blood and resurrection, and yet pretend to be born-again Christians. His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead are too strong for sin and the devil to win against. The glorious church is alive today because of Jesus Christ's LIFE in it, but only godly and spiritual people seek and find it. It is visible only to those who are living Jesus' very LIFE on earth. The church is all spiritual, and it is very much alive mostly in forbidden countries. That's what the Glorious Church is.

God's Flesh: God's DNA in Us

The Glorious Church is without spot or wrinkle, or any other blemish or stain. Look for this church today---never settle for anything less. If you do settle for less, you become denominational and deceived, no matter how biblical you are. The Glorious Church moves progressively, from glory to glory. Thus, its extreme radicalism that many church people fear. It never stays the same but grows and matures into genuine GOD-liness. It's not just being Christ-like; it is forming Christ Himself in us, so that He literally lives in our bodies.

Being genuinely God's flesh on earth means having God's own spiritual DNA in us. That spiritual DNA re-creates us and is capable of re-producing Jesus faithfully in our bodies---so that we no longer live but Christ lives in us.

The glorious church of Jesus Christ never clings to any one form but transforms into God's image in ever-increasing glory. That's what the Glorious Church is. If your church is not like this, it is satanic, no matter how biblical it seems.

Totally Given-Up Church

The Glorious Church is a church of genuine believers who have given up everything for Jesus, and continues to give up more things as the church climbs up higher in spiritual stature and increases in glory. The giving-up process goes on until you live the Jesus LIFE to the full on earth, practically owning nothing. That is when you begin to truly possess everything in Christ! Losing all to waste is when you possess all things, and truly possessing all things is when you have lost everything for Jesus.

Denominational churches today just increase in wickedness and never attain increasing glory. It will NEVER attain the full stature of genuine Christ-likeness, much less forming Christ Himself in them, because it is pure human effort. A denomination is the exact opposite of what the Glorious Church is.

The Human Church (Not Spiritual): Man's Religious Empire
Denominations are nothing but religious empires that look and sound biblical and spiritual. They work no differently from how worldly corporations do. To start with, they have presidents and vice presidents, chairmen, secretaries, boards, and managers (local denominational church pastors) who handle franchises. They even use parliamentary procedures and sound like congress---not like the Acts church. It is the resurrected and modern Babel tower and is part of the Babylon the book of Revelations talks of. What the Glorious Church is not? It is NOT a denomination.

I'm not bad-mouthing people inside denominations. What I'm saying is that they're being victimized by denominations as God's people were deceived by the Pharisees and Law teachers.

How Men's Church Operates: How The Glorious Church Operates

Men's churches operate in purely human ways cloaked in bible verses and spiritual-looking rituals. But in summary, they all have a common goal--denominational expansionism--spreading Satan's cloaked or disguised kingdom. They all want to propagate their own little empires for self aggrandizement---not God's Kingdom.

A genuine Glorious Church that pursues God's agenda alone has no denomination. It only seeks to spread the Jesus LIFE and ministry on earth--God's Kingdom Come. It has no denominational or even ministerial name to protect or promote. The Glorious Church are NON-denominational churches or fellowships that operate like the Jesus ministry, they are all over the world, nameless, faceless, except that Jesus' nature, character, and power (in short, the Jesus LIFE), are manifest in them. People see Jesus in the lives of true disciples in the glorious church and know that it is genuinely HIS.

No, neither are they the so-called "independent" churches loitering around doing their own thing. The Glorious Church is a body of true believers linked together by the Holy Spirit and the Jesus spiritual DNA. They don't just link by alliances but by blood, because they are a family of God. They are not human organizations.

They know they are connected through the witness of the Spirit in them. They are called by the Shepherd by name and are led in and out. They never perish (their spiritual lives never die, never backslide) because of the eternal life Jesus gives them daily, in ever-increasing glory! They never stop in increasing in glory. Jesus increases in them while their "own" keeps decreasing.

These Jesus churches are led by genuine apostles and prophets, plus evangelists, pastors, and teachers who are genuinely anointed (they rely 100 percent on the Spirit's anointing, never on human or institutional titles or degrees), deep in the Word and operating in supernatural signs and wonders and healing miracles. They understand that the flesh (human efforts) counts for nothing.

Men's churches rely on institutional titles, degrees, and positions--like "Reverend" and "Doctor." Their worship services are rigged by human efforts and vainglory--run by men's programs and activities and plans to entertain people so they'll keep coming back to church every Sunday. But they are careful to hide these plans and programs in spiritual-sounding or theological terms and bible verses. Men's churches are people-oriented; church leaders think of ways how to satisfy people's needs and wants. They are need-oriented. In the end, they feel accomplished with human applause and appreciation.

The glorious church is God-oriented. It wants nothing but what God wants in His Word.

The Glorious Church has nothing except obeying God's will in Scriptures--which is living the LIFE of Jesus on earth. Period. They don't care one bit if people are entertained by that or not. They don't care about people leaving the church. All they care about is what God says and how God feels. They strongly believe in God wanting that everyone comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus, but they also see that very few will opt for the narrow road and narrow door, as already declared by the Lord Jesus. The majority seeks wide religious "born-again" roads to destruction.

How Men's Churches are Started and Grown

Basically, it's grabbing every creature that breathes and packing them inside churches and signing them up for membership. I've watched ministers pester people with their frequent visits and invitations to their bible studies and prayer meetings and crusades and revivals, until eventually the people get tired and just signup---just so the ministers would stop pestering them. Then they would be urged to sign-in regularly. Everything is human effort.

And it all seems to work. It has grown mega churches. Churches today grab anything that works and is effective.

Then, invited people would gradually find church interesting and soon become active and get elected to position. Then, having tasted power and authority, they do church more seriously "for God," and soon you see them doing it too seriously, later even fighting and kicking out the ministers who had invited them, and taking over. I've even seen churches requiring pastors things the church "expects" to be accomplished within a period of time. And the pastors docilely obey, with fear and trembling--or lose their jobs.

That is church?

Okay, let's take denominational Pastor Juancho, for instance. How does he start his church? He does a survey in a community, asks people around about what they need and want, and then formulate a church designed for them. Nice! Smart! He starts with bible studies and prayer meetings, invites people, and tries his best to satisfy them. It's all people-oriented. His goal is to make them come back next time. It's like a fast food franchise---the customer is always right.

Some say this is a brilliant and new strategy. Well, I say, I've been seeing that strategy for years here in Manila, nothing new and brilliant about it--and it really, really works. Soon, you see Ptr. Juancho with a big church--about 100 to 150 members--after just a year. All active and excited "to serve God!" Some even grow 5000-strong churches in just a year using great evangelism formula.

I was once excited about this myself when I was a young associate pastor in 1981. And countless churches and ministries and mega churches here and abroad have been grown using various great strategies some smart guys have managed to piece together---what I call search and destroy---umm, I mean, search and organize (SAO) strategies. Sorry. They search for people, form them as a church, and then organize them into a formal denominational church.

But I also did some long-term informal studies. I asked myself, what happened to these people 10 to 20 years after, who were at first excited to serve God? Churches have the tendency to keep recruiting new blood to stay alive. But few keep track of what happened to old members spiritually. What happened to the products of the great strategies some smart guys had managed to piece together?

Spiritual Growth is Not About Staying Faithful to a Denominational Church

What God looks for is spiritual maturity, not loyalty to a local denominational church. Most studies are based on old members still loyally attending their denominational churches---and they say that the church is successful because of these loyal members, and that such loyal members have really proved faithful to their Lord.

If we go back to Scriptures, faithfulness is NEVER about loyally attending a denominational church and acting nice and friendly there and getting active. It is spiritual maturity---which means having the Jesus character, ministry, and power, in increasing glory, says 2 Cor.3 and 4. In other words, having the genuine Jesus LIFE. If we base our studies on this (and we should), we'd see that churches have been failing dismally through the years---perhaps even through the centuries.

Churches are full of immature people, with rotten characters (even becoming difficult people), who live powerless lives, and are easily influenced by the world. And so few have really encountered, much less operated in, the awesome power of God for supernatural signs and wonders, healing, and miracles. And yet these people claim to have remained "faithful" in their denominations, meaning, they have remained active members. (Actively rotten).

Moreover, they are very shallow in the Word. They are familiar with hymns and songs, but so poor in God's Word.

Then the religious would tell me, "Don't be judgmental and condemning!" That's the reason why the church is weak and ignored by the world---we fear judgment. No, we HATE judgment. We just want to accept people as they are, or pretend like everything is going along well and God likes it that way. We are too careful not to offend anyone. The result: the world pays no attention to the church. The church, on the other hand, craves the attention of the world.

Jesus said, first take off the plank of wood from your eyes. Make sure you're spiritually clean. Then, you can go and remove the speck of dust from your brother's eye. Then you can see clearly to make the right judgment.

This is what God's Flesh does by God's grace.

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