Friday, April 30, 2010

God's Face Book

God's Blog!

When we open a Face Book or blog account we're often careful not to reveal too much of ourselves because of security--there are many hackers or identity thefts out there who intend harm and abuse. And we're also careful about accepting friends. Moreover, we'd rather not have strangers comment on our articles or blogs.

With God it's different. Oh yeah, there's such thing as God's Face Book or God's Blog. He also has to worry about security and abuse and identity theft and hacking. But he doesn't care. In fact, he was crucified and he didn't care.

Identity Theft

Identity thieves who steal God's personal details and use them to their advantage and personal glory are rampant in church. They claim to be Christians but are not. They use God's Name, teachings, language, bible, and pretend they are God's. Many denominations and their ministers hack from God's Face Book or God's blog to get credentials and be recognized as a minister.


Hackers are those who sneak into the system and download a lot of harmful things there called virus that add or subtract from God's pure teachings. Hackers are everywhere, teaching that there are no more miracles or signs and wonders, no more spiritual gifts (especially tongues), no more eternal security, no more holiness, no more this and that, that certain portions of Scripture are no longer applicable today, that you cannot do or say this and that.

Hackers are also fond of adding silly things which they treat as vital and indispensable, like having denominations, worship programs, church activities, prayer formulas or what a prayer and worship should be, etc. They put a lot of limits to what a believer can believe or do by adding and adding. They are so superstitious. They have also cleverly added the celebrations of "Easter," Valentines, Halloween "fellowships," Christmas, Mothers' and Fathers' Day, etc. They maintain that these are very important church events and without them God would be so angry. So they never miss celebrating them year after year.

One pastor was so bewildered when he learned that I was doing ministry without a denomination. He said, "How can that be?" To his mind, having no denomination is equal to having no God. Denomination is a god. He asked, "Who would do the check and balance for you?" When I told him I had a father in faith who is my discipler for life, he said, "Oh, so you have a superintendent?" I said, "No, he's not my superintendent--he's my father." He got more confused and said something on what Jesus says about not calling any man your father. That's the result of years of hacking into God's Face Book.

Now, the Pharisees are gonna question me about Mothers' Day and Grand Mothers' Day when they read this, as some of them did when I was yet pastor of a denominational church years ago. "Are you saying we should not honor our fathers and mothers? Are you saying that we stop loving them?" Wow! Nicely put. "And how about Christmas?--it was the day our Savior was born!"

What the bible did say is to always observe the death of our Lord on the cross. But his birth and Mothers' and Fathers' Day and Halloween and Valentines and "Easter"? These are not part of God's Face Book or God's blog, but they have somehow been religiously celebrated in men's churches for decades--even centuries. And to think of the huge amount of money poured into these celebrations--all down the drain. 

"Oh, so you're like Judas, concerned about the money 'wasted' on Jesus which should instead be given to the poor!"

The problem with Mothers' and Fathers' and Grandparents' Days and Christmas is that these are ideas born from a need for businesses to increase their profits, so they thought of a way for people to spend more money. When churches follow suit on these celebrations, churches cease being led by the Spirit of God and instead just flow along with the greed of the world. They are led by worldliness--not by the Spirit. They again think that Sabbath is a day or occasion on the calendar--not a genuine resting in God. Sabbath is a daily rest in God. It's a life.

The same with honoring and loving our mothers and fathers and grandparents--it's a life, not a date on the calendar. A lot of people celebrate mothers' or fathers' day but put them in care centers for the aged when they're old. A lot of churches celebrate Christmas and spend lots for it but live shallow bible lives and testimonies. If we love the Savior, God says, live like Jesus--that's what genuine God's Face Book or God's blog says.

It's amazing that, no matter the numbers of hackers and identity thefts out there who steal from God's Face Book or God's blog, God still risks adding and accepting friends, and revealing all his details to them. Shouldn't we risk the same? 

"No greater love than this--that he give his life for his friends."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do You like Judgment?

Judgment is important. We should learn to desire it even at night. God's judgment keeps everything in its place. Thus, the Psalmist eagerly waits for God and his judgments. Do you? Do you like judgment? Many churches today do not. They prohibit you from making judgments. If you do make them, they say you are judgmental. And being judgmental is a popular scare term today.

"Yes, we wait for you according to your judgments. Our soul's desire is your Name," (Ps.26). 

Desiring God's Name is the same as desiring his judgments. You can never separate God from his judgment. You cannot say I love God but not his judgment. God's love is his judgment, and God's judgment is his love. He disciplines those he loves. The reason the church today is powerless is because of its fondness to label those who judge as judgmental. 

God's judgments are always done through a human mouth. This has been so from the Old Testament to the New, even up to now. The gifts of prophesy and discernment (which are still very much operational today as they were before--in fact, God will increase their accuracy and power in the last days, by the Kingdom principle of ever-increasing glory in 2 Corinthians 3 and 4)--are all in aid of judgment, among other uses. The gifts of wisdom and knowledge are also used here, and may complement the gift of miracles, and also prayer and worship, among others. Do you like judgement?

So, we cannot get rid of judgement in church. Judgment serves to strengthen churches. God uses a holy human mouth to proclaim his judgment in his prophetic move to strengthen his church. But as it is today, they just accept sinners as they are and hesitate to point out sins face to face. That's why sinners can man and run the church, occupy high positions, be a teacher, be a pastor, even be a bishop, and the righteous are held at bay, prevented from proclaiming God's judgment, held hostage by the fear of being tagged "judgmental."

I know people in sexual immorality who are pastors and even "good" preachers and missionaries who are homosexuals.

We need judgment today. We need people who will judge in God's righteousness so that sinners will have the fear of God and think ten times before sinning. Sins should be exposed to the church. Do you like judgment?

Jesus said, when a brother sins, confront him. That's judgment. Judgment is the moment you point out what is right and wrong. If he refuses to listen, take 2 or 3 witnesses. If he still would not listen, TELL IT TO THE CHURCH, the Master says. Today, the church would rather keep things secret and hopes the thing would just go away, be forgotten. That's why the church is weak and irrelevant. We must have more transparency--we should live a transparent life. I see how church leaders opt to keep sin in church in secrecy, and warn anybody who tries to get nosy about it as being judgmental. Oh, how the church is so scared of being judgmental! 

They say God is compassionate, and we should just be compassionate with a sinner and "counsel" a sinning brother gently. Yes, but God is also the Judge. And his judgments are to be desired. And he gives his judgment through an anointed human mouth. So, now, do you like judgment?

The Psalmist seeks God and his judgment early in the morning and at night (v.8-9). "For when you proclaim your judgments, all the people learn righteousness." The Psalmist says, if only grace and compassion is shown to sinners, sinners will never learn righteousness (v.10), which is what churches today do. 

Righteous judgment follows a Kingdom principle when done in church: 

1. It should be done by the righteous. The Master says, first get rid of the plank of wood from your eyes, then you can see clearly to take out the speck of dust in your brother's eye. The judger should make sure he has repented of all sin and is living a holy life. See Roman 2:17-24 also. 

2. The pastor should do the righteous judging. If you see someone committing a sin, pray, be led by the Spirit, and then tell the pastor about it. Pray for the sinner. Pray for the pastor for wisdom. Leave the job to the pastor. Let him do his job. Don't interfere or tell the pastor what to do.

3. If you have to rebuke someone in church (if you're an elder or teacher or discipler), get the pastor's approval first. If he does not approve, keep mum and just pray for the sinner. If he approves, make sure you yourself are not guilty of any sin. If you are, forget about the brother who sinned and deal with yourself first. REPENT!

4. If the matter is outside the church, and you need to rebuke someone, you can only rebuke a person who is under your care (a biological child, a child in faith, or someone who is under your supervision or care or living under your roof). Do not rebuke someone who is older or on whom you have no jurisdiction--except in extreme emergencies, like when a husband is beating his wife to death, or something like that.

Now. do you like judgment? 

Sure, Jesus said do not judge. But this is often taken out of context. Take the whole story. Jesus said, in the same story, first take out the dirt in your eyes so you can have the right to take the dirt from your brother's eye. Jesus also said, "Make a right judgment," (Jn.7.24). 

Learning From the "Experts"

The experts. They know everything--they passed through the phases of formal, systematic learning. They have the titles and degrees to show for it. They have been doing the job for years--they have the years of experience. They alone know what is right and wrong. They have the licenses to tell people right from left.

The experts religiously follow to the letter the established system. The system works--it's been proven--and it is definitely the answer to all the problems. The system has grown big churches through the centuries, produced great theologians. There can be no other. They are the experts--we should all learn from them.

Jesus never learned from the experts. He questioned them, and they were astonished. He said they had all the correct teachings--but they never followed them. They always preferred their traditions, even way back from the Old Testament. 

They claimed there was only one way--their way--and everyone believed them for centuries, until Jesus came. If Jesus had learned from the experts, he would have ended up carrying the titles and degrees men have invented. Today, he would probably insist on being called "Dr. Rev. Jesus." Back then, he would have been as systematic as they were--as programmed as they were. Like Nicodemus was.

Nicodemus grew up in the system. He was systematic and programed--thus, he didn't understand the Kingdom concept of soaring free--"the wind blows wherever it wills." He always asked, "How can this be?" though he was Israel's titled and degreed teacher. 

The experts fought Jesus hard--even killed him in the end. Experts always do that--they stick to their system even if they see its decadence, and target for elimination anyone who challenges it. The experts today are worse than their counterparts in Jesus' time. Because Jesus declared that men and their intricate systems will just get from bad to worse.

The spirit of Pharisaicalism is alive today, and its experts man their posts zealously. They reject and trash anything radical, new, or contrary--because they do not want their comfort zones disturbed. 

Jesus once told of a parable: a vineyard was left to the experts by the Owner. The Owner left for a far away country and just sent His servants now and then to collect His fruit. The experts shooed them off--persecuted or killed them. When they saw the Son, they killed him so they can take the vineyard for themselves. 
Man, even some church people, will keep getting worse--and will be at their worst when they see the Son in the last days. Why? They want to have God's church for themselves, in the Name of the Lord they hate. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Patch Adams--the radical medical practitioner who introduced a radical way of treating patients. He was lambasted by traditional colleagues because of his very different treatment style and almost defiant way of practicing his profession. He maintained that doctors ought to help patients enjoy life amid ailments, not just treat them. 

What Adams is to the medical field, lots of radical Jesus followers are to the church. I recommend reading Adams' book and watching his DVD. I think they are a must for radical Jesus disciples.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Kingdom Man

In the last days, God will raise up Kingdom men--in fact, God is already in the process of raising up genuine Kingdom people in the nooks and crannies of the earth. What is a Kingdom man? Well, just look at this:

Somewhere in the slums, a man is being raised up by heaven. All heaven is busy about this particular man and his particular surroundings--the man has an open heaven and angels descend and ascend there. The man starts quietly talking about the kingdom. What is a Kingdom man? Well, here's how he starts. 

He shines shoes and repairs them for a living. He smells terribly, because he walks the streets daily under a hot, blazing sun, and his sweat dries up on his body, mixed with all the dusts and pollution he encounters each day. He looks dirty and rough and unsuitable for even middle class standards. He lives in a tattered roughly improvised dwelling.

He talks about God's Kingdom--but a Kingdom totally strange even for born again Christians and other religious biblicals who sometimes go to his short, quiet talks for curiosity. They're fascinated by his weird ideas of God and his Kingdom--God's glorious church and will--and they often end up shaking their heads in disagreement--sometimes even disgust. The man doesn't know how to interpret Scriptures systematically. Yet, curiously, they somehow find the Word powerfully and genuinely made flesh in his holy, simple life--something they and their church leaders terribly lack. 

Then the sick are made well. "What is a Kingdom man?" he asks them. "A Kingdom man is one who does exactly what the Master did--and does." He said it almost in a whisper, while touching the ears of a deaf person and murmuring strange words afterwards. "Nothing more, nothing less," he adds shortly, talking to no one in particular. Periodically, those who go to his radical Word and healing sessions report seeing angels suddenly appearing in some corners of this man's shanty house. Sometimes, they see angels sitting on his roof. Sometimes, they see angels gliding by. Word on this spreads around. The sick and demon-possessed are healed! Angels appear! The Kingdom man is even sometimes seen talking with Moses and Elijah in his kitchen or bathroom!

There are no promotions or advertisements of any kind on radio or TV--like what one would see with concerts or conferences made by man's churches and denominations. People just flock and crowd round the man's house. Soon, posh cars and vans park in front of his house, and people line up almost a mile long just to have an audience with the man and his disciples. 

He pays no attention about who they are--it was first come first serve. Even mayors, governors, senators, business tycoons, and industrialists have to line up to be prayed for or healed. One touch from him and pains and diseases flee--like how David's harp-playing soothed King Saul.

In his healing sessions, he often casually talks about his Jesus. His Master. Everything is casual and informal. Everything kind of just happens. Oh, how the wicked and the rich and the corrupt and church people get seared by his fiery words and comments--gently said, not bombastic, yet burning nonetheless--and how most church people and leaders hate him for it. He doesn't care one bit who gets hit with what he says. He declares truth without compromise. Many say he's too judgmental and has an air of holier-than-thou attitude about him. But he doesn't care what people think. 

It's funny how you can see people from all walks of life--government officials, rich people, palace people, people of the slums, showbiz people and their fans, religious and church leaders, news teams, vendors, etc., all lining up under the heat of the sun in the grimy and smelly area. They're either hungering for more, asking for blessings, needing miracles, or watching for an opportunity to "expose" the man's scams

Somebody suggests now and then about a change of venue--somewhere comfy--someone is willing to sponsor all expenses if the man agrees to have the sessions in a posh hotel or have a shrine or church built for the man's ministry, but this Kingdom man merely ignores everything. Then says, softly, "If you don't like it here, fine. The door is wide open. You may look for other ministers."

This Kingdom man is not rich, but neither is he poor. He NEVER begs, unlike churches and denominations that often ask for donations and solicitations scandalously. They lure people to pledge amounts. He lives extremely and radically simply, yet feeds the hungry--often thousands of them--without help from "sponsors" who will later try to manipulate you and your ministry. He says, "All things are yours--you can have everything--if you possess nothing."

Many people come to see him daily, but very few dare become his disciples. Gradually, this shoe-repair man builds a ministry. He didn't go house to house to invite people to his bible studies or prayer meetings. Everything just happened. It was all God doing the work. People come to him each day to listen and get healed, while he continues to lambast them about their rotting spiritual condition and hypocrisy--especially the religious leaders. It is obvious, however, that he talked more gently to the marginalized--especially to the poor and the genuinely repentant. Now and then, a soul decides to give up everything and follow Jesus through him. 

Then he gets invited to speak in a crusade in a huge venue--a football stadium seating 50,000 people. He tells them to wait. After a month, he agrees. The football stadium is full packed--including the people outside it and those in the streets around the stadium, media people and the police estimate a million people. Everything is ready--except that the man of God is still nowhere in sight. 

Two minutes before the program starts, the Kingdom man arrives with his disciples. They commuted from his place--took a tricycle and jeepney and walked to the stadium. He wears a plain, old white shirt and maong jeans. He is handed the program, but smiles and ignores it. He goes straight to the mic--even before worship begins--and begins ministering. He goes to the crowd and touches the sick (while murmuring prayers and ordering spirits firmly), as he speaks casually on the mic about his Jesus. His Master. He also says casually that he worships as he speaks and ministers.

After he finishes, he simply thanks the Father (people say they hear thunder after the man prayed), and goes home. He commutes again with his disciples. People swear they see angels in the man's company.

What is a Kingdom man? A Kingdom man is somewhat like the above--probably weirder. Very much like my Jesus. God will raise up men and women and ministries like the above in the last days--nobodies who simply love their Jesus. Nobodies who have nothing except Jesus.

Are you ready?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Will Sing of Your Love, Forever

When I sing this song, I lose sight of the world completely and get snatched into His presence, at lightning speed. It doesn't matter if I sing this in church or inside our bathroom while seated on the CR throne--God takes me to heights and dances with me. And I can stay like that forever--I will sing of his love forever.

Life in this world takes a back seat--no, it disappears, in fact. And what matters alone is His love, forever. I get to experience eternity--and stay there--and there's nothing better to do. Time loses its meaning, so do priorities--I will sing of his love forever. 

If birds can do that--they do nothing all their lives but sing of His love forever--and God supplies all their needs, why can't I? I will sing of his love--forever! Birds don't sow or store in barns--they just sing of his love forever--and they do one of the greatest worships in God's sight. He takes great pleasure and provides all their needs. He even wrote about it in his Word so that all people, from generations to generations, will learn of this vital life lesson.

And birds teach nothing to their young and descendants down the line except sing of his love forever. There's nothing more important, nothing more delightful to God. I will meditate his Word--I will sing of his love forever...and ever.....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Calling Jesus Friend

Sometimes it's the in thing to say--calling Jesus friend. Everybody wants to be friends with him, not understanding what it means to be Jesus' friend. Just because Jesus mentioned about calling us "friends"--and that sounds really good--everybody starts calling Jesus friend. 

Preachers call non-believers to the altar with the promise that Jesus would be a friend to them. That sounds really assuring and will get crowds going to the altar--having Jesus as friend sounds like you'd be off the hook if you know you have sinned a lot. So who wouldn't go to the altar to be friends with Jesus? Sometimes we use terms people don't understand just to lure them to submission. 

Well, first, Jesus said you'd become his friend "if you obey whatever I command." There's a big "if" there. And there's a big "whatever" there. Friendship with Jesus is conditional, just as salvation and forgiveness of sin are. Only God's love is unconditional. Friendship with Jesus also means we obey "whatever" he commands. And you can be sure the "whatever" here is weird and unacceptable to people. It'd cost you your life. 

If you are disobedient you have no business calling Jesus friend. You are either a servant who knows nothing about Jesus, or an enemy. God's servant, like an anointed man of God, is different from a servant who knows nothing about Jesus' work. 

A friend of Jesus also receives fresh and deep revelations straight from Jesus Christ; something what Paul had. Calling Jesus friend means "Everything I hear and get from the Father, I tell you," says my Jesus. You have an open heaven. If you don't have this experience daily, it's useless calling Jesus friend. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rich, Young, Ruler Generation

The Word of God is rich in insights, and single passages can reveal a thousand and one meanings. There's never just one meaning for one verse or phrase. Thus, I see that the rich, young, ruler passage in Matthew 19 has a vital end times principle to teach us. 

When Peter asked the Master what was there for them since they have left everything to follow Jesus, My Jesus told them that at the "renewal" of things, when the Son of Man sits on His throne, the 12 would judge all Israel, and those who have left (this is where we come in) fields, homes, families, etc., for Jesus' sake would get 100 times what was given up, plus eternal life as a major bonus. See? Definitely, this talks about last days scenarios. 

The church generation in the end times would have these qualities--most church people would be rich, young, ruler-hungry or mad, spiritual, biblical, and hungering for Jesus--not because they love him but because they need him to protect their investments. Never in the history of mankind has people (and the church) been more rich, young, ruler-mad, and fond of Jesus than in this generation--in these last days. This is an amusing last days scenarios.


Never in history has the church been richer than today--in material possessions, I mean. Even the entire generation. And never has greed been worse than today. It's hopeless even in churches. The rich, young, ruler (RYR) in the bible wanted God because he saw that none could protect his riches except God. So he wanted eternal life--a long, long life to enjoy his riches with. 

Today's church generation is the same. Churches grab lands and properties in the name of church planting and  compete with each other grabbing people to up church membership. Why? Because the name of the game is that the more members, the more church income. You wonder why the prosperity gospel is more popular today than in previous generations? 

I know western "missionaries" who live in posh mansions, stay in air-conditioned offices, and have never tried real mission work where persecution and the cross is the daily reality. They stay in comfy seminaries to teach, get paid handsomely, and cling on to that lifestyle. And pastors who envy them (and have the same greed) either protest or become willing subjects.


People today lie about their ages more than people did generations ago. And they want to stay young--the number one industry today is wellness. The church generation, on the other hand, is often manned by young people who want to do just anything in church---mostly, they want to imitate their favorite rock bands and be their Christian version in church. 

And most churches like it that way--they let young people take over because they feel good having a young-people church image. They want their churches to look young. Nothing wrong about this, but the thing is, they do this out of a spirit of competition--they just want to attract more people to up membership and finances. It's all greed.

Young people must take a serious role in church, especially in its growth, but they should be well grounded in genuine godly Word doctrine--they must be fathered--not just do anything in church to make it more lively,making church worship like a rock concert "for Jesus."


Oh! Most church people today are mad about power. This is the generation where politics--even church politics--is at its worst. Church politics is even much worse than mundane politics. Just watch how people in church behave during conventions and assemblies where there is an election. You see cheating, vote buying, dirty campaigning, under-the-table negotiations, church cartels, and even the "missionary" handling the affairs involved in them. This is not to mention church splits--which is power wielding and display, somebody power-mad throwing his or her weight around. And then they "pray" for all these to make things look spiritual. 

There are even pastors today who want to run for public office, or willingly be used by politicians as "spiritual advisers" because they get included in the pay roll or get special favors. And there they compromise left and right. But they hang on because the pay and power is good.

Just like the rich, young, ruler, the church generation today seeks God and come to Jesus--not because they love Him and seek to do His will. They want God to bless and protect what they are doing and what they have gained for themselves and their denominations--their empires.

Losing Their Sense of Eternal Life

Once you stick to that level of spiritual life--just wanting God for protection of earthly possessions, like your denominational church, you begin to be like the rich, young ruler--you begin to lose your sense of having eternal life. These RYR type of church people are so biblical--they put a lot of bible verses in their denominational doctrines and manuals. But this is merely to make people believe that they are Christian, and they want to use God to have him protect their interests. It's like a bribe--"God, we use your Word, so you must protect our interests."

As they keep on doing this, God puts a spirit on them so that they lose their sense of assurance--they begin to doubt their spiritual lives so that they have revival services at least two times a year. They plan to die in their spiritual lives at least twice a year. They feel they lack something but are at a loss what it is. That's what happens when you belong to this generation. Thus, the RYR went to Jesus to ask how he could get eternal life--though he had already entered life.

Oh yes, he had entered life! Jesus said, to enter life, he had to "obey the commandments." (Today, we say it is by receiving Jesus by faith. That's correct, but that's not all. We should listen to what Jesus says in this passage. That's why so many Christians still feel they lack something even after entering life). The RYR said he had been doing that since he was a kid. So that means, he had entered life--and yet he lost his sense of salvation. Many Christians are like this today. I've met them. 

In the end times, the issue won't be assurance of salvation anymore. The salvation issue ought to be the concern of non-believers alone. In the end times, if this is still your issue, you probably are a non-believer still. If your church still has this as a problem among its members, you are left way, way behind. The issue now is---perfection. And perfection is not perfect church attendance or perfect church programs or activities or having read the bible many times or able to memorize verses. Perfection is giving up EVERYTHING. 

Jesus asked the RYR--"if you wanna be perfect, give up everything, give to the poor, and follow me." The end times issue is, have you given up everything? If you still hold on to some things, no matter how small--like your denomination--you will never have perfection in your spiritual life. Jesus should own you 100 percent.  

Monday, April 19, 2010

Power Prayer is Quitting Prayer

Power prayer is quitting prayer. But no-one wants that--they'll crucify you if you even think of introducing that idea in their prayer meetings. 

They still do it today--babbling words, making it long, and opting for high-sounding content. Often, it's a contest of whose prayer sounds more sublime and spiritual. This, no matter if my Jesus has tipped us about what prayer is not. That's the problem with this generation--it knows Jesus' words but adamant about doing things to the contrary--and calling that Christianity.

In the Lord's prayer, my Jesus taught us an ultra simple and very generalized prayer. Yet some smart fellows insist that we keep prayers specific. Jesus just put a short generalized sentence about our needs in his prayer: "Give us today our daily bread." That covers everything we need. Simply say that wholeheartedly  (or make it even shorter, like "penge" or give me) and God gets everything you mean--plus more--right away. No need to explain--because he knows we need them before we ask. In fact, power prayer is quitting prayer.

But our stubborn, bird-brain generation still wants to complicate things, like the ACTS formula, etc., etc. Jesus did stress one thing in the prayer he taught us--what matters is our worship in prayer and surrender to his will--which no-one wants. Everybody wants all talk--and good talk at that--but no surrendering. Because if you're totally surrendered, there's no need to pray---quitting the kind of prayer that men's churches teach today. 

Men's churches say prayer has got to have this and that and those and more of the above. When they pray for a meal, they need to pray for those starving in Vietnam and Africa and Pluto. But Jesus merely looked up to heaven and said, "Gee, thanks!" and the Father was so delighted that he multiplied a few bread and fish to feed thousands. Why can't that get through our thick skulls? Why can't we get that it's not our words but our hearts that God looks at?

Oh, but you hear them all preach and teach that God looks at our hearts, not our deeds or words. But when these preachers pray, they do it all the same--babble and make everything long and nice and poetic. Each time they ask me to pray before meals in churches and fellowships, they think it odd that all I say is, "Father, thank you!" 

In one parable, my Jesus introduced a new prayer--going to bed with the Father. It's a powerful prayer. A neighbor had a guest and he had no bread to feed him. So he went to his neighbor and kept knocking and knocking on the door, though it was late. The neighbor told him, "I can't get up and give you bread because my children are already with me in bed."

You may opt to knock and knock and the door will indeed be opened, but you may also opt for a higher option--sleep with the Father in bed. That way, no need to knock, no need to pray. Well, prayer here is in the form of a soft whisper, like--"Dad, I'm hungry!" Or, the Father will simply look you in the face and say, "You can't sleep? I know--you're hungry. Let me fix you a glass of warm milk." 

No need to pray--because prayer has taken on a higher level. Your spirit bears witness with the Father's spirit. At this level, prayer becomes life. 

Ever-increasing glory in prayer and worship is--"Be still; simply know that I am God."

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Someone Asked, "What Money Expense?"

The article immediately prior to this, titled "Genuine Godly Stewardship," got this query: "What do you mean by money expense to beautify our lives? Do you mean the temple of the Holy Spirit?"

Building and beautifying the temple of the Holy Spirit takes lots of spiritual caring by the Word, prayer, worship, genuine spirit fellowship, and lots of real money expense. For one, you have to buy quality books on the present Move of God. Another, you have to buy the Greek and Hebrew bibles and lots of helpful commentaries that move in the Spirit realms. These are musts! You cannot just read one chapter a day of the bible and expect to be updated in the awesome Present Move of God. Buy wisdom and to do not sell!

Well, many today sell at an exorbitant price. They should take a look at what the bible says about "do not sell!" Some sell bibles at so ridiculously high prices. Then why am I selling here? Because the Acts church did sell properties and goods. The "goods" here is suggestive of entrepreneurship, says one Greek commentary. Better sell than beg for donations and solicitations. The idea is not to sell too high. If only I could sell my own ebooks here.....and Godwiling, I will, pretty soon. I have an all new and very radical book titled God's Flesh. I wanna price them really low. 

Anyway, you have to have some money expense to get to the present Move of God and build and beautify your temple of the Holy Spirit. If you can afford to buy the latest cell phone model and ipod and ipad, and MP4 and MP5, etc. and wear the best RTW shirts--then why not some money expense for the temple of the Holy Spirit? Rhema Word study means you go back to the original Greek and Hebrew--that is, if you really love God and His Word. If not, then, forget about building the temple of the Holy Spirit and being in the present Move of God. The rich, young, ruler also quit Jesus because of some measly money expense. What a pity. 

"But I just rely on the Holy Spirit," someone may say. Well, so do I. But you need the Word--to study it well, be deep in it, and apply it daily. The Holy Spirit is always with His Sword (Eph.6.17)--which is the Word of God. 

Another thing, you have to also be faithful in your tithes. The temple of the Holy Spirit is also built by faithfulness in what God commands, like giving of tithes. That's NOT even money expense--that's returning what isn't yours. But it is about money, nonetheless. 

Then you have to bless your pastor and/or discipler or father or mother in faith. Give them gifts now and then, treat them and their families to meals, bless them with money, aside from your faithful tithing and offering. I'm serious. These things are part of building up the temple of the Holy Spirit--building lives and relationships--and being genuinely in the present Move of God. 

You need to be investing on the above, NOT on beautifying church buildings or buying beautiful flowers for the altar.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Genuine Godly Stewardship

Stewardship of Money

Godly stewardship of money is often thought of as something like what we would do with our bank money--save it. There would be lots of accounting and red-tape. The pastor cannot just decide where the church money goes. Everything should be agreed upon in a church board meeting. To denominations, this is proper and godly stewardship of money and possessions. 

Genuine godly stewardship of money, or any possession for that matter, is really to spend all of it, even nearly reach zero balance. Churches are never God-designed to be like banks--keeping money and getting so strict with its use to make it grow. Many churches fear getting zero balance because to them that is wrong stewardship. They relax when they see there's big money in their bank accounts. They feel they're being good and faithful servants. 

There's no sin like staying in your comfort zones and not trying anything radical--especially with money. Jesus loved seeing those who dared spend all for his glory--like the poor widow who gave her last penny or cent. He was not impressed with those who gave huge amounts but kept a much bigger amount in their pockets and bank accounts. To Jesus, keeping more than enough money is BAD STEWARDSHIP. Sometimes, he even desires having zero balance.

If Jesus were a pastor today, he'd be often accused of church money mismanagement, abuse, and BAD, BAD stewardship of money and possessions. One time he asked how much food was available. His disciples worried; not even several months' wages would feed the crowd that was with them. At the time, all they had were a few food items. He said, in effect, "Spend them all!" Nothing was kept back. And he did not need any church board meeting for its approval. The result? Some 4000 men well fed (not numbering the women and kids) and a thousand times ROI. There were several basketfuls of food the remained. Lesson? Good stewardship is when you "sell your possessions and give to the poor."

A repentant woman once suddenly came running in and weeping at Jesus' feet. The she poured terribly expensive perfume oil on his head and feet. While some disciples vehemently disagreed (especially Judas), my Jesus agreed. He wanted radical "waste" of precious resources in something "trifling" like God's glory. NO, this does not mean you waste money to improve your church building or buy expensive flowers to put on your altar or buy expensive sound system to "worship" God with. These are nothing but garbage! Jesus wants lives glorified with the power of the Jesus LIFE. And this often involves real money expenses. What temple God wants beautified is the temple of the Holy Spirit--our lives.

Good stewardship of money or any possessions is when you "waste" them by spending them all for God's glory (not the denomination's glory). It is something that NO CHURCH today is doing. What churches do today is go with the world--churches operating like commercial banks, with lots of accounting and auditing. 

My Jesus NEVER audited Judas. The Lord knew he was robbing the Jesus church treasury, yet he never audited him. Today, denominations call that bad money stewardship. In the Kingdom, that is called wisdom. Thus, denominations will never enter the Kingdom, because they are too engrossed with their riches and income, they hang on to them. It is impossible for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spoken Word is Spirit and Life

Spoken Word is Spirit and Life--get the spoken Word!

The Spirit produces life; the flesh is zero. The words I speak to you are spirit--they alone produce life. - Jn.6.63

I cannot over-emphasize the extreme importance of the spoken Word. Jesus says anything outside the spoken Word is flesh, and they count for nothing; they produce zero result in God's eyes. Zero. Pfft. Only the spoken Word is Spirit and Life. 

Spoken Word is Spirit and Life. What God speaks from his mouth to us comes from his heart. It should impact our mindset and go down and settle in our hearts, so when we speak from the heart, that same spoken Word issues from it and gives life to the dead--like what Ezekiel saw in the vision of the valley of bones. 

Spoken Word is the breath of life. It is the breath that gave life to Adam in all perfection. It is the breath of spoken Word that created the earth and the universe, and now sustains them. It is all-powerful! God gives it to us freely! But we must never take it for granted--or abuse it. Only the spoken Word is Spirit and Life.

Word Becoming Flesh

Giving flesh to the spoken Word (obeying and living it) is what matters. All others are garbage--church activities, programs, titles, degrees, etc. These are all works of the flesh and they count for nothing in the Spirit world. Zero. 

The devil knows the Word. He knows it very well. He's been around for centuries, studying the Word. Remember how he quoted Scripture when he was trying to deceive Jesus in the desert? 

How long have you studied the Word? Say, you got born again when you were 20 and now you are 60--that's 40 years. And you feel proud and powerful having studied it in depth for 40 years.

Well, sorry to disappoint you--but the devil has been studying it for centuries. That makes him more powerful than you are, doesn't it. But what was the difference between Jesus and Satan? Why was Jesus able to defeat him in the wilderness when they both knew the Word

We cannot say that Jesus defeated him because Christ is God. Well, Jesus is indeed God, no less. But he faced Satan then, not as God, but as a man. Jesus had to be a man to save humans--God's anointed man, that is. The Christ. The Son of Man. Satan was goading him to prove that he was the Son of God (If you are the Son of God turn these stones into bread...) to disqualify him--because only Jesus as man could save us from sin. 

How to Defeat Satan

Thus, when he defeated Satan in the desert, Jesus was both God and man--his deity never left him. But he didn't think being equal with God was something to be grasped (Phil.2.6). He made himself nothing, being found in the form of a servant (a man). Jesus never used his being God to defeat Satan, showing us that man can easily defeat the devil, as long as the spoken Word is made flesh in man! Man cannot defeat the devil by using man's ways (denomination) but only by the spoken Word. The spoken Word is Spirit and Life. The devil is hurt so much by the Spirit and Life in man, as in the case of Jesus. 

Hence, Jesus defeated Satan in the wilderness because: first, Jesus was and is the Word of God. And second--listen to this--the Word was made flesh in Jesus! That's the key! Satan knew the Word but it never was made flesh in him! Can you see this? Spoken Word made flesh in you is the key! This should take place daily because man does not live by bread alone.

The devil fears, and is defeated, ONLY by the spoken Word made flesh. Nothing more, nothing less. All others are trash! Only the spoken Word is Spirit and Life, remember that. The flesh counts for nothing! I don't care how good you are in the bible. I don't care what titles or degrees you hold. I don't care if you can memorize the whole bible. If the spoken Word is not made flesh in you, you are nothing. Zero. Pfft.

Covenant is Centered on Word Made Flesh

Our covenant with God is hinged on the spoken Word made flesh in us. Exodus 19.5 says: If only you obey me fully and do my covenant, out of all the world you will be my treasured ownership. Of course, the whole earth is mine, but you will be my kingdom of ministers and also a holy nation.

Obeying God fully and keeping his covenant means we have the spoken Word made flesh in us. Only through this, by God's grace, can we become his treasured possession.

Worship Should be Grounded on the Word

Most times we think we ought to worship first before the Word can come to us. Well, in a way, yes. But everything really originates from the Word. In the beginning was the Word...and nothing was created without the Word. God sends his Word first for a revelation, then we worship. Worship should always be a result of God's revelation.

Some say worship precedes the Word. Even if this were so, who urged the worship? Of course, the Holy Spirit. When the Spirit speaks and urges us to worship, that is the spoken Word. So the spoken Word still precedes worship. And the spoken Word is Spirit and Life. 

People may indeed worship even without the Word, even without revelation. This eventually leads to idolatry. When church worships just imitate the latest trends in music and what singing styles are plausible to the world, they fall into idol worship. Worship can never be compatible with the world's ways. Worship should always be grounded on God's revelation, power, and timing.

You must never worship the Lord your God in human ways, in their way (Deu.12.31).

Accuracy all depends on the spoken Word being made flesh in us. When the Word is not lived out, no accuracy is possible. Accuracy is not mere precision in syntax or literacy; it is accuracy in living the life of my Jesus. The spoken Word is Spirit and Life--and accuracy in Christ.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Resurrected Life: First Time in Spiritual History and What It Does to You

The resurrected life of Jesus was a first one---even God had never lived it before Christ's resurrection from the dead---body, soul and spirit. Before this, God, even Jesus, was spirit. Jesus was the spoken Word yet to be made flesh. There was nothing as powerful as the Word made flesh. And the grand plan for revealing this wonder had been there even before the foundation of the world. It has been an eternal plan.

After Jesus resurrected (actually, starting when he was born), God became spirit and flesh---after resurrection, a spiritual body. It was a new and radical concept---the resurrected life. It's the advanced stage of God's flesh. All heaven was extremely excited about it. The angels had not seen anything like it. It had flesh, it ate food, was seen by human eyes, could be touched, could have wounds, yet it was perfect and could perform supernatural feats---like suddenly appearing and disappearing at will, appearing simultaneously to hundreds of people at the same time (contained multiple presence, which is different to omnipresence), and going through walls and closed doors. It reminds you of those born of the Spirit---like the wind that blows wherever it wills.

I can imagine that the spiritual body can fly, travel around the universe in an eye's wink, can transcend through earthly and heavenly dimensions at a split second, and at will (and even different dimensions on different levels), and create and re-create worlds and realities---all because of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit. It's not yet true with us today---although it can begin right now---and we may start to live on its threshold. Thus, we should live the resurrected life---God's flesh---now, made possible by the simple fact that Jesus lives in us 100 percent! But it should never be lived through our own efforts---and it can NEVER be lived by merely being active in church, especially denominational church, with all its self efforts, programs, or activities---but only through God's power and will.

The resurrected life is powerful---even as we live it now in its initial stages. It can shake worlds, split them apart, and turn them upside down. It often splits church denominations apart, especially when those who understand and experience the resurrected life are mocked by those who can't. And praise God for that! Jesus praised the Father for hiding these things to the wise and learned of this world and revealing them to little children.

Unfortunately, many in church today are strangers to the resurrected life---a life of being God's flesh on earth---because they are misled and deceived by human theologies and religious programs and activities---idol shrines passed off as "God's will." Anything against the LIFE is demonic. As long as you remain in man-made religions, all you have is a mundane life that looks and sounds spiritual and biblical, but is actually a demonic religious spirit in disguise. This spirit keeps you blind to the truth about the resurrected life and being God's flesh. Ask anyone who enthrones human intellect---even some church leaders today---and they'll laugh at you for taking the resurrected life too seriously, if not label you a heretic.

The Holy Spirit alone can build this resurrected life in us. God's flesh has progressive stages that move from glory to glory as we, with unveiled faces, contemplate God's glory. The resurrected life can do astounding feats in the spirit that human flesh can never comprehend and believe, unless that flesh is God's flesh. Once you get a taste of the resurrected life, you shun all other things in this world and see them as lower forms of creation---yes, even human theology that man invented and takes so much pride in.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Narrow Door: Best Efforts and Timing

Jesus had stressed it enough--"Do your best to enter the narrow door."

Giving it every effort or making every effort to enter the narrow door is something that requires all our lives--plus more. Even if you put all efforts into it--beginning from the time you were pulled out of your mother's womb, until the day you die (say, you live to a hundred), your lifetime will NOT have been enough to be able to enter the narrow door. Salvation is free, wholly and sufficiently paid for by Jesus on the cross, but we still need to enter the narrow door. And this requires "best efforts."

That's why there's the spiritual dimension, the spiritual life. The time we spend in the natural is never enough. So God, in His grace and mercy, extended our chances by providing the spiritual life. Through it we are able to have more time making every effort to enter. But the majority wastes time in their denominational church programs and activities and "church planting." That's the wide road to destruction, and many take it. 

The Big Myth on "Time Management"

Time is irrelevant in the Spirit dimension. You cannot be late or early there. Everything there is in God's perfect timing. When you are late and miss God's will, it's because you operated in the flesh and in the time of the world. Denominational people "plan" programs here to avoid--in their words--"wasting time." That, to them, is being good stewards of time. But they're wrong. If you feel or think that way, it only means you are still operating in a carnal manner. You're not yet in the dimension of the Holy Spirit.

People thought Jesus was "late" when Lazarus was so ill and in his death bed and Jesus had not yet arrived. In fact, he deliberately opted to be "late." It was to demonstrate to all that in the Spirit dimension, there is no such thing as being late or early. There's only God's perfect timing. He arrived at Bethany when Lazarus, his "dear" friend (how can you be "late for your friend who's about to die?), was already in the tomb. We know the story--Jesus was never late, after all. Lazarus resurrected. 

In another instance, Jesus was again "late," being delayed by a woman who had menstrual problems for 12 years. When he arrived at the home of the sick girl, she was dead and being mourned over. Jesus told the parents, "Don't fear. Just believe!" And again, he proved that in the Spirit realms, there's no such thing as being late or early. There's only God's perfect timing. 

If we understand this--that in the Spirit dimension there's only God's perfect timing--we see that giving best efforts to entering the narrow door is not impossible. We can devote our entire lives (and we should, this is not an option), into giving our best efforts at going through the narrow door of Jesus Christ. 

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