Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sell Me Your Vineyard

Ahab wanted Naboth's vineyard (1 Kings 21) so bad that he was ready to do anything just to have it. Why was he dying to have it? Well, people who understand nothing in the spirit grab whatever they can in this world, no matter if they're believers, non-believers, or backsliders. Believers? Sometimes, they even head the greed procession. They urge people: "Sell me your vineyard!" You see them do that in their frantic desire to own properties in the name of church planting.

You've got to hold on to your God-given vineyard because the enemy will want to take it for his own, no matter what. He's going to offer you to buy it, replace it with a better one, or kill you to grab it from you. Naboth didn't want any other vineyard, but he lacked the power to protect it from Ahab. You may realize the value of your vineyard so well and love it with all your heart, but that isn't enough. Without power, the enemy will just take it by force from you.

Many God-given vineyards have been grabbed from their owners or caretakers without a fight. Some owners even gladly sell theirs to the enemy and think they gain much by it. The vineyard is designed by its true Owner for a specific purpose and it should be worked solely using His ways and instructions in the Word, but some caretakers opt to do something else with it, deeming their own ways to better improve and make it more lucrative.

Later, without noticing, they use the enemy's design and purposes for it. In effect, the enemy offered the caretaker to, "Sell me your vineyard,"and the caretaker took the bait. Sure enough, the vineyard looked much more productive than it seemed when the caretaker had been faithful to the Owner's specifications. The vineyard produces spiritual fruit when managed using the Owner's specifications in the Word alone, and such fruit, because it is spiritual, are not appreciated, valued, or even seen by the unspiritual.

But when managed with worldly specifications, the vineyard yields material fruits that unspiritual people marvel at--like church buildings, money, members, properties, cars, titles, degrees, etc.--but which are nothing but garbage in the Spiritual realms.

Some guard their vineyards well and never want to sell them to the enemy, like Naboth. But the enemy easily kills them because they do not know how to fight the enemy. They think love and loyalty are enough in the spirit life. They do not realize that every equipment and weapon God has given us--love, faith, hope, the Name of Jesus, power of the Holy Spirit, the Word, prayer, worship, spiritual fruit, all spiritual gifts, signs and wonders, miracles, the supernatural, Jesus discipleship and fathering, etc., are all needed for winning battles, and that all of them are important. Otherwise, God would have never given them to us.

Many have trashed God's spiritual and supernatural equipments and weapons and claim these things are not relevant anymore in modern times. They prefer the same things that the enemy is using against them. They're easy to kill, like sitting ducks.

Naboth Christians know nothing of the entire spiritual arsenal of God. They just attend church, do their programs and activities, attend prayer meetings, appear nice and decent, speak with a pleasant voice, sing well, play musical instruments, study their denominational doctrines, and do other earthly stuff like that, and think the enemy cannot harm them. Then they wonder why their churches decrease in spiritual quality. They exert all efforts at trying to raise their church quality, to no avail. Each year, their spiritual quality just worsens, and it seems unstoppable no matter the number of revivals they have.

The Word shows us that Naboth is no much for Ahab, even if Naboth is rich and has ownership of his vineyard. Only someone like Elijah, who is well equipped in God and in the supernatural, can face and destroy the spirit of Ahab and Jezebel.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Matthew: Shutting out the Kingdom in Men's Faces

We've got to understand that these were bible-believing and bible based spiritual leaders that were shutting out the Kingdom in men's faces. These were hardcore believers of the true God that Jesus was accusing. And today, the same vicious thing is being repeated and propagated--in fact, it's been going on for centuries.

The church keeps to a routine church people have invented and called "sacred doctrines" to scare people from going against it and its system, and shun all moves of God towards a one genuine Jesus church, without denominations, spot, or wrinkle, or any other blemish. They won't enter into the Kingdom themselves (because they don't know how) and bars those who would, scaring them of turning into a cult.

They don't know how to enter the Kingdom, like Nicodemus didn't. He was Israel's teacher and yet he didn't get what being born again was. Many churches today do not know what genuine born again is and make it a formula for what they call "salvation" which really, to them, means joining their membership and being active in their church. They always relate salvation to joining their denominational church.

Most Churches are Nothing but Petty Pharisaical Kingdoms

As a result, many Christians worldwide do not know how to operate in the Kingdom and how to live the Kingdom life. They do not act like genuine Kingdom citizens. All they know are their denomination's policies, manuals, doctrines, and programs and activities. These things are not even what Jesus told Nicodemus about his "earthly teachings." These are worldly doctrines of man which do nothing but make worship "in vain," Jesus warned.

"These people honor me with their mouths (worship and pray to me in their churches) but their hearts are really far removed from me. Their teachings are nothing but rotten doctrines and traditions (rules) of men. As a result, they worship me in vain."

Men's theological teachings destroy people's spiritual lives--they result to hearts being far away from God even at the height of worship, even if they're really serious about their worship services.

Jesus stressed that it is men's teachings and traditions that ruin true worship to God, not worship styles or singing voice quality. It is knowledge derived from man's intellect, reasoning, and genius, no matter if it is full of bible verses. As long as your teachings are of human theology, your worship is trash in God's eyes. God wants nothing but spiritual wisdom and teachings given straight from the mouth of God through the power of the Holy Spirit--the power of the rhema Word in the bible and as spoken from the mouth of God. Something like what the apostles and the Acts church had--supernatural revelation from the Holy Spirit through spiritual gifts. If you don't have them and operate by them, you are a cult.

"This is what we teach you (wisdom straight from the Spirit), not in words used and taught by human wisdom but words the Holy Spirit Himself gives and teaches and uses, expressing and explaining spiritual truths using spiritual words."

 It is ALL spiritual and supernatural.

Any human theology serves as a screen or filter that makes sure everything you get is mere human intellect and genius, nothing genuinely of God. It sounds heavenly and spiritual, studded with bible verses, but it's nothing but trash that makes your heart turn away from anything genuinely of God. Thus, most smart theologians do "not accept anything that genuinely comes from the Holy Spirit; they are mere foolishness to him. he cannot understand them because they are all spiritual and supernatural."

Hence, most church leaders cannot become as radical and extreme as Jesus was. They always fear radicalism and being extreme as "dangerous." No wonder the church has been weak and powerless for years. You see no more of the signs and wonders in Jesus' and the Acts church's days. You see nothing of the powerful and miraculous God in the Old Testament. All you see is man and his earthly doctrines and programs and his admonitions to stay "normal" and acceptable and safe.

Yes, they manage to produce converts with their evangelism, even mega churches of them, but as Jesus said, they only produce converts twice a child of hell as they are. These are church members who do not know how to find the true presence of God and really see where God is at work and what he is presently doing. They just go to church and do man's cute printed programs. And that to them is how you grow spiritually.

There's only one way to make sure you're not shutting out the Kingdom in men's faces--Jesus should be the one living your life. And if he does, you cannot but turn radical and extreme in the Word, in the Jesus LIFE, and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit...all-out for the living God.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jesus DNA Transfer

Life is really defined by the kind of spiritual DNA that flows over or gets imparted into our lives. What life quality we manifest depends on where we source life. If it's Jesus's life, we should manifest its abundance, and this means our lives should reflect his sufferings. The cross is the greatest blessing of all. The Jesus cross is life abundance. This is what we should have in a Jesus DNA transfer.

"Just as Christ's sufferings flow over (or are imparted) to our lives, so also through Him our comfort overflows," [2Cor.1]. When the Jesus DNA is transferred to us through our radical and extreme intimacy with him and through a genuine Jesus discipleship, the natural result produced is "patient endurance" of the very same afflictions your discipler suffers. Here's the mechanics: As your discipler walks closer with Jesus (living his life on earth), and he also walks closer to his discipler, the Jesus DNA is imparted to him. There's a genuine Jesus DNA transfer from his discipler to him. Then, as you walk closer with Jesus (living his life on earth) and also walk closer with your discipler, there's a real Jesus DNA transfer.

The life quality is all sourced from Jesus. You all begin looking like Jesus because you have shed off your former lives and are now living the Jesus life on earth. You have the Jesus mindset, heart, and spirit, and even the Jesus mannerisms, behavior, facial expressions, and speech. You even get his smell and his laughter (his joy will be in you, see?). Because it is Jesus really living in each one of you. There's real Jesus DNA transfer, and it goes in ever-increasing glory.

This paves the way to a genuinely completely united church--that one, singular church of Jesus, perfectly whole and one, acting as one man, because each one has the Jesus DNA. We think and talk and move the same.

The life of Christ really does flow over into our lives, and topmost of this is his sufferings. It has been granted to us not only to believe in Jesus but also to share in his sufferings. His sufferings kill our flesh, starves our ego dead. This is how we eat his flesh and drink his blood and get genuine eternal life. He said, unless we eat his flesh and drink his blood, we have no real life in us. In other words, unless the Jesus DNA transfer becomes a daily reality in us, we have no eternal life, no matter if we claim to be born again.

Obadiah: Rich and Poor in Church

"Like the way you (Edom) drank on my holy hill, so also all the nations will continue to drink--drinking and drinking like they've never been drinking. However, on Mount Zion it will be different--there will be deliverance. Aside from the mount being holy, Jacob's house will possess its inheritance there," [verses 16 and 17]. 

The Edomites desecrated God's holy hill--they drank there and got drunk in their wickedness. God promised that their deeds would return upon their own heads. And as other nations saw Edom being thus drunk in its foolishness, so would they keep drinking, following after Edom. Hence, "The Lord's day is near for all nations."

You see, how the world behaves before God is according to how it sees God's prospering people behaving towards their poor brethren. The world cannot get ideas about God except what they get from God's people, especially how they live and behave.

Remember that Edom was related to the house of Jacob--Esau and Jacob were brothers. They came from Isaac, their father, who was a man of God. That made both Esau and Jacob believers. Edom, which came from Esau, later became prosperous by allying itself with Israel's enemies. And in Israel's down moments and destitution, Edom attacked Israel.

Now, as the world saw Edom's attitude towards Israel, so it likewise did to Israel.

The Rich and Poor in Church 

As long as there are rich and poor people in the church, the world will never turn turtle as it did in Acts. In the Acts church, no one individual was richer than the other. God eliminated that financial classification by having the rich donate their wealth to the church through the apostles. 

The church was rich, but not individual disciples. The apostles distributed to all according to their needs. Wealth was centralized and distributed equally to all according to their needs. In the Passover, the Passover lamb was distributed to each family according to their needs. The Manna in the desert was likewise distributed thus. God wants equality. Hence, he commands that all disciples totally give up (or sell) everything and give to the poor, and come follow Him. This is a requirement (not optional) in a genuine Jesus discipleship, and in fact, in a true church.

When there is the rich and poor in church there will always be differences and discrimination. The rich often ignore the needs of the poor brethren and just promise them their prayers. The rich and educated are honored and given positions. The poor are "welcomed" as audience and followers. Giving them alms is good and praised by men, but it is NOT God's will. God's will is for all of us (rich and poor) to give up everything, surrender all to the church, and let apostles (genuine men of God without greed) distribute the wealth properly according to God's wisdom.

The rich and privileged in church get "drunk" in the importance given them in God's "holy hill," and as long as this is the standard in church, the world will remain comfortable with the same. The world will keep, "drinking and drinking like they've never been drinking."

But soon, God's going to change all that. God is now raising up people who hunger for God and His ways and presence like it was in bible times. They want nothing less than what God shows them in the bible. They're tired of good human programs and activities in church, but no real spiritual meat and power. They realize that the Kingdom of God is not just mere talk but real, awesome power.

This rare breed (without greed) God is now raising up will totally give up everything and want nothing but to give their submission and obedience. They will trust genuine men of God, men whose hearts God has purified, genuine apostles, to handle donated money and distribute it as God wants it distributed. 

Then God will make them possess all things. "However, in Mount Zion, it will be different." God's Mount Zion today, in the Spirit--His awesome manifest presence--will bring total deliverance from worldly standards and usher in God's ways, will, and Word alone. God will bring holiness and possession of His inheritance--which is genuine prosperity--when His people have learned to eliminate the rich and poor in church.

Then "Edomites" will be gone from the church, the sons of Esau from God's people today. "The house of Esau will be made survivors from his house."

Then the church, the true church--the glorious church of Jesus Christ, without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish--will start turning the world upside down. "The Lord's day is near,"--the Lord's day for all nations.

Of course, Obadiah's prophecy happened to geographical Israel in its past history. Edom was deleted from the map. But there is a deeper meaning to this, in the Spirit. It concerns the church in general today, and this will give way to the glorious church of my Jesus, soon.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Obadiah: Getting What You Gave Others

"As you have done, the same will be done to you." It's amazing just imagining that the same passage I am now reading in the book of Obadia, in this year 2011, was also the very same passage Jesus read about 2000 years ago. It warns about getting what you gave others. 

Now, you link that with the truth that you cannot give what you don't have, and what do you get? This fascinating truth--you get what you deserve. Oh yeah, you always get what you deserve. What people give you is what you've given them--which most times you've forgotten all about. That's why the oft asked question: "What did I do to deserve this?"

But Christ gave love to all and yet got the death penalty in return. How do we explain that? Well, even Jesus got what he deserved. You see, blessed are those who are persecuted for God's righteousness. And this is where the radicalism is. Often, when you have a pure heart after God, and you give that to others, you get what you deserve--and what you deserve often comes in an undesirable form. Thus, the oft asked question--"What did I do to deserve this?"

What did you do to deserve persecution? Your deep devotion to God. You should have your spiritual eyes open to identify what is reward and what is punishment. Don't look now, but many times the wicked don't seem to be punished...and you are. The wicked often even get blessed.

Here's a shocker: The wicked even sleep in a bed of dollar bills! Why? Because they deserve what they get. At times they oppress workers and do not give them their right pay, and yet they get blessed with a lot of money. Why? Because they deserve what they get.

You cannot give what you do not have. What do they have? Lots of money. But they don'y give money to those who deserve it, they don't pay their laborers correctly and are rewarded for it.


Well, God's justice doesn't always work the way we want it to. Because many times we fail to see what it really is. We think that having lots of money is favor. We fail to see the bible's other view of it--that a lot of money can be a curse. Remember how Jesus put it? The rich will find it impossible to enter heaven.

Sometimes, God presents His justice in plain ways. The Edomites got what they deserved in a negative sense. They gave the Israelites a bad time, so God was about to give them their own bad time, too. It was an elementary way how His justice was dispensed. God ensures that the principle always works. But remember that the form the principle comes in is not always according to how we interpret justice. It's not always that simple. Sometimes God intentionally complicates things to confuse the proud and the wicked--so don't get caught with them being confounded by it all. Many times, we get something we see as bad in return for doing something good. Then we see others rewarded notwithstanding their wickedness.

Wisdom, my friend, wisdom. See everything in God's eyes.

It's also amazing how Jesus read this passage and got something extraordinarily radical from it--he came up with a more radical principle. He said, "Do to people as you would like people to do to you." If you follow his command, you give what you deserve to get the same in return even if you do not do so at the moment, at least not just yet. In men's eyes, Jesus did not seem to get what his righteousness deserved--but he really did--though he did not at the moment. But really, he did. 

You still with me?

Anyway, you cannot give what you do not have. If you do not have wicked thoughts and intents in you for others, then you'd likewise not get them from others, though for a little while, you may seem to. But not really.

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