Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why God Hides Answers

"It's God's glory to hide matters; and to seek them out is kings' glory." Proverbs 25

God wants kings. That's the main reason why God hides answers. Some people ask me why God often does not answer prayers pronto. Or, why does he hide answers so that even when they're so obvious most people still do not see them and thus err.

One guy asked me why people who are fanatics of feng shui and Chinese New Year traditions still get rich? Doesn't God curse those who believe in  superstitions? He did so in the bible and he judged them immediately. Why not today?

In short, it's a why-God-hides-answers issue. So instantly I asked God about it and got an instant answer. It's for hardening their hearts. God hides obvious answers to people to harden their hearts, because anyway, they are hopelessly resigned to wrong and even evil paths. So God allows them to be further misled by making it look like they get more blessed.

He Wants Kings

Only kings would dare seek out truth--HIS truth in particular. God watches those whose hearts are fully devoted to seeking out truth. He calls them kings. And seeking out means a readiness and stubbornness to tackle difficulties and overcome hindrances just to get at truth--God's truth--truth that aligns with the bible. God sees this rare breed of people as "kings" in the Spirit. They are the kings in KING of kings. And God is after their glory, that's why God hides answers, to prod or stimulate people to seek him out and thus be transformed into kings of the Kingdom, sitting on the Throne with the King [Eph.2.6]. 

These kings are earnest seekers of God and truth, through God's Word and creation. They are ready to temporarily suffer discomfort, because there's great discomfort in seeking out answers that God has hidden. You can never discover God's secrets from your comfort zones. You have got to take risks, risks that are never comfy for the flesh.

Yes, secret things belong to God, says Deuteronomy, but the things hidden belong to kings. My Jesus once said, to His disciples are given the keys to God's Kingdom secrets. But to those outside, only parables or riddles or hidden things permanently locked are given. What do you choose? I'd always go for God's secrets revealed to kings. Yeah, you may not look like a king in the eyes of the world, but you definitely are in God's eyes. What do you choose?

Why God hides answers? It's to separate kings from subjects, in the heavenly realms. "I no longer call you subjects or slaves. Slaves do not know anything. I call you friends (kings)." For who can be friends with the KING except his fellow kings? That's powerfully God's flesh!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Impotent Gospel Sharing

Almost everyone today can share and is sharing the Gospel. It's both good and bad news. Good news because, as Paul said, whether from right or wrong motive, the main thing is that Christ is preached. Bad news because, Gospel sharing from a wrong life and heart is nothing but trash. Impotent Gospel sharing is rampant today. They share God's Word and yet live opposite to what it is. That does not amount to anything in the Kingdom; perhaps in terms of information dissemination in the physical realms, yes.

But bible information dissemination that affects only the physical realm merely fills up the head--head knowledge that only makes men more stubborn--head knowledge that only wants to escape from hell's fire and eternal damnation. Head knowledge can never make you fall deeply in love with Jesus and be amazed at Kingdom Come. It only scares you about hell, so you go to church each Sunday and clap and wave your hands "in praise" and do other religious stuff that doesn't mean anything to God. It makes you a "nice" church member.

Very Spiritual!

Amazing. I've been seeing people around who can boldly share the Gospel to people, talk spiritual and do nothing but quote bible verses and rebuke erring people. They post lots of spiritual stuff on FB and seem to know nothing else to post. You'd admire them if you only saw what's on the outside. But then I get shocked when I see these same "spiritual" people being arrogant, self-conceited, corrupt in the office, liars, fearing the dark and could not sleep alone in their rooms, or being cruel to others. I cannot figure out where they get their zeal for impotent Gospel sharing. It's almost the 8th wonder of the world.

You even hear these people ardently say that we should "walk the talk." If you didn't know them well, you might idolize these people and follow them straight to hell. That's why personality cults are popping up everywhere unnoticed, even in Christian churches. Seeing someone share the Gospel so well or singing expressively on the church stage and giving very spiritual testimonies and using spiritual lingo can fool a lot of people. So, beware of impotent Gospel sharing.

You Become What You Eat

When these people share the Gospel, they transfer their lives, characters, and the demon that controls them to people who "accept" the Gospel through them.  Beware the food that the stingy man serves you, says Proverbs. You eat the words of a good preacher because you're so blessed by his preaching and message, in a way, you eat his life and character. You get portions of him or her, if not become like him or her. So beware  who you listen to. I don't care if he has scary titles or holds degrees in this or that. Check his life and character. Check his marriage and family life. Everything is spiritual warfare. You receive teachings from a secretly wicked guy, you become like him no matter if he's so biblical and sounds so spiritual. Any fool can do that.

What I do when I don't personally know the preacher or radio announcer or book author is to test what he's saying. If it's okay, then I just leave it at that, that it's okay--I don't take it into my heart and spirit at once, no matter how good it sounds. I know from whom I should receive teachings (and the Word of God) and receive them into my heart and spirit. Beware of impotent Gospel sharing to avoid being spiritually impotent.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Only Way..Out

Jesus is the only Way..out. The idea has always been to get out. Abraham was called to get out of Mesopotamia. Jacob had to get away from Esau and then later Laban. Moses was called to lead Israel out. And that became the main story, the whole point--getting out of Egypt. It was to be the foundation of God's covenant with Israel--they became his people because God chose to rescue them out of their land of slavery.

And that is the foundation of our covenant with God--God took us out of our Egypt, which symbolizes worldliness. Egypt in the physical--the geographical country in the Middle East--is a good country with good people. What we're talking of here is how spiritual Egypt was symbolized in the bible as worldliness.

So, the main idea is to get out. And the only way out is God's Way. Therefore, Jesus is the only way out. You can't stay. If you stay you die. All Lot's wife did was to look back, and she died. The Israelites who didn't want to get out of Egypt (physically they were out but in their hearts they were still in Egypt) died in the wilderness--that whole generation. You see, staying makes you die.

Wearing Christ Gets You OUT!

Put on Christ and that gets you out of it all! This means, if you wear my Jesus you'd be covered by His LIFE; it's no longer your body that's seen but the "Clothes" you're wearing. If you live the Jesus LIFE (or allow Christ to live in you 100 percent) that's your ticket to freedom. You get out. And wear that Shirt forever! Never take it off!

Yeah, in the material realm you're still here. People see you. But in the spirit realm--in reality--you've gone. You're no longer here. You're out! You've escaped! Raptured! The apostle Peter said participating in or partaking of the Divine nature (or living out the Divine nature daily, or wearing my Jesus Christ all your life) is the only way out of the corruption in the world produced by evil desires [2 Pet.1]. It takes no less than God's own Divine nature. In short, it takes no less than God Himself. We have to put on God. We have to put on Christ. That's why Paul told the Ephesians to wear God's armor. God's armor is Jesus Christ.

Put on God. Have you? In another sense, "partaking of" the Divine nature means eating the Divine nature. To partake is to eat. Jesus told his disciples to "eat my flesh and drink my blood." They failed to get what he meant so they left him. And many in church today have left the Savior while they're still active physically in their church buildings. You have to manifest God in and on you. You have to put on God. That's the only way to escape the world's corruption. The only way out is my Jesus. 

Divine Nature: God's Being God

You see, there's no way you can escape the world's corruption. If you don't participate in God's being God, you are already corrupted by your evil desires. I don't care how good or nice or religious or active you are in your church--even your born again church. If you don't wear God or take active part in His being God or eat Jesus daily, you are corrupted along with the world. The only way out is my Jesus--not just "accepting" him in your life as Lord and Savior--but by receiving him as your very LIFE, your daily LIFE, so that it's no longer you who live but my Jesus who really lives in you 100 percent.

You become what you eat. You eat my Jesus, you no longer live but my Jesus who lives in you. As it were, you become Jesus. No, you don't become Jesus per se, but you partake or participate in the Divine nature. Then you're safe from the world and evil desires. Peter said, if you have this truth increased in your life, you avoid being fruitless and ineffective in your service to God and your spiritual life.

So get out now!

Monday, January 16, 2012

"Abneric" People

Have you met what I call "Abneric" people? You know Abner, of course? He was King Saul's army general and bodyguard. If he were your army commander and bodyguard, having all that power and authority, you should beware of him. And yet, in some ways, you can also count on him. He is the type of guy who'd often prioritize personal interest to loyalty and the general good and yet appear trustworthy. Sometimes, there are Abneric church people. And pastors should be wise dealing with them.

Doubtful Loyalty

When Saul died Abner made it his duty to install Ishbosheth (Saul's son) to power, even if Saul was no longer around. He could have wrestled power from Ishbosheth, but Abner opted to stay loyal to his master's family. But it probably felt terrible having someone like Abner place you in position. Scripture says Ishbosheth feared Abner that he sometimes just played along with Abner's plans [2Sam.3.11]. It probably felt like Judas Iscariot kissed and elected you to be youth president or church pastor. How's that? Beware of Abneric people in church who put you in position or make you pastor. They have plans for you and for everyone. They probably think they're God. They seem okay but they have something else in their minds.

Ulterior Positioning 

Yes, he installed Ishbosheth in power, but he also had been "strongly positioning himself in Saul's house" [2Sam.3.6]. And I've seen church people like that especially in denominations. I've seen American missionaries do that so they can control the native church. They put you in power because they can use you. In the end, you do their will which they make you believe is God's will (because they put bible verses in their manuals or denominational policies). In the end, you never get to do God's will all your life. And I wonder what that will make you of come Judgment Day.

Never play puppet to them. These Abneric people (lots of churches have plenty of them) put fear in pastor's hearts. If the pastor does not succumb to their pressures he may lose his job. Abneric people position themselves in church so they can throw their weights around and easily kick out anyone, even their own pastors. Some of them have the skill to appear low-profile and "meek" and yet inside they're wicked serpents. They work behind the scenes and make it look like it was God who did their machinations. And then naive people praise God for the work he has done. That's the making of a Satan synagogue.

"Joabic" People and the Demon of Self Conceit

Then Abneric people can start trouble, and when it becomes worse they can put the blame on you. It was Abner who started the silly challenge in 2.14--having the young soldiers duel to death. That started a riot among Joab's men and his men. Joab, though a veteran fighter and army general, was naive enough to bite the bait, probably spurred on by pride. Sometimes, aside from fear, self conceit makes people easily victimized by Abneric people. You see the spirits at work here? Once the demon of fear or self conceit gets the better of you (or rides on your back and controls you like a horse), you're easy target for the Abneric demon. The result is spiritual blood bath. Asahel fell dead in this skirmish. This trouble will start a never-ending division in church--Abneric people versus Joabic people.

You see, after the needless blood bath, Joab ended up being blamed for everything Abner had caused. When defeated and being pursued by Joab and his men, Abner self-righteously called out: "Are we going to continue butchering each other with our swords? Do you see how this bitterness would never end? Would you go on killing your brothers?"

WOW! The butchering was his idea and now he sounded like a righteous preacher. And Joab was touched--he stopped pursuit. Yes, Joabic people may sometimes win the battles but they're victimized and fooled around by Abneric people nonetheless. In the end, no one really wins. They all end up dead. And you know what King David said? "Though God anointed me king, Zeruiah's sons (Joab and Abishai who master minded Abner's muirder) are too strong for me." Imagine even the Lord's anointed saying that! Beware the Abneric people and the Joabic spirit.

David lamented for Abner and called him a prince of Israel. Abneric people can do great things in church, accomplishments that will be cited and awarded. Anointed leaders may even honor them out of their reverence for God. But be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. You should have a sharp spirit to discern who are Abneric people and who have the Joabic spirit.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Power of a New Creation

Awesome Power!

Amazing--this power of a new creation! A new creation in Christ is powerful! Unfortunately, very few Christians realize this. They zero in on grace giving them a chance to sin without the punishment. But if you really look hard at it, a new creation is powerful. It's more powerful than 10 nuclear warheads going off together.

And anyway, God's true grace makes you want to be like him in true holiness, Paul tells Titus [2.11-12]. So, if you think grace makes you safe to sin, it's probably the devil's grace, if there's such a thing.

New Years are celebrated with powerful firecrackers and displays, especially in our part of the world. Last New Year's Eve, the smoke from the firecrackers accumulated into one of the deadliest smogs in Philippine history, causing countless respiratory ailments after. Why do they do that? Because they want to make New Year's look powerful. They believe there's power in a new year, so they also link a lot of stupid traditions to it, supposedly to bring in tremendous luck and fortune. And not a few Christians join in the bandwagon.

The only powerful new is a new creation in Christ. I hope we all realize this and celebrate it powerfully, more powerfully than pagans do their New Years. And I don't mean celebrate it with a big bang--but celebrate it in the Spirit's power. The power of a new creation demolishes the most powerful armed forces in the universe--Satan's stronghold. That's why it says a new creation has nothing of the past; it's all brand new. All the associations with the devil in the past life gets demolished, exploded, ruined, wiped out, and disintegrate into nothing and oblivion. That is it's supposed power.

Church Makes it Look Weak

But it seldom looks like that in reality. Why?

Because even after receiving Jesus into their lives, into their bodies, Christians keep saying they are just humans and susceptible to sin--which God understands anyway so there's no need to worry anymore. Without Christ, you worry about sinning. But with Christ in you, you don't have to worry about sinning. You may sin and be understood by God. That's what they say. They nullify the power of a new creation. 

And the church taught them that. Tsk, tsk.

But in God's truth, a genuine new creation has the power to obliterate Satan. Imagine a world or a life without devils. Is that possible? They'd say, no, that's impossible. In this world, you will sin. But that's not what God's spoken Word says. It says a new creation can blow off to nothingness your entire past life of sin. Anyone who's in Christ is definitely a new creation. All the old is gone. ALL! It doesn't say 99.99 percent of the past is gone. It says ALL! And then the new has come.

This is powerful!

Awesome Power (Part 2)

Lots of people go to psychiatrists and emotional therapists just to have their ugly past eliminated.And they pay a huge sum doing so. But nothing happens. But the power of a new creation is awesome. It gets rid of your old life entirely--if you're a genuine new creation. The problem is, many who claim to be recipients of the Jesus LIFE are bogus--they received Christ only in their minds. They're afraid of going to hell so they received him. And it came without total surrender. It's like taking a pain reliever because you have a headache.

And many pastors want it that way, too--even if no total surrender to Jesus. Because they're just after membership and quantity. The more the merrier, and the more tithes and offerings.

The book of Romans says it is in your heart that you believe and are saved. We receive my Jesus into our hearts--that produces genuine salvation. Why in our hearts? It's there that Jesus should live in us. Proverbs says it is in the heart that all issues of life spring. So guard your heart. My Jesus is particular about the heart. It is there that genuine transformation starts. Paul said, a mindset really begins in the heart. Thus, be careful about the "meditation of the heart," says Psalms.

Yeah, meditation is about the mind. That's how it seems to be. But in truth, genuine meditation is of the heart. That's why many eastern people "empty" their minds when they meditate, because the mind is not the target--it's the heart. And genuine meditation really began with my Jesus, the Word of God--other religions just copied it.

If you began correctly in the Spirit, being a new creation should follow automatically. No sweat or effort. You naturally turn into a radical new creation--a new Jesus, so to speak. Paul was quick to add that this is all from God. You don't turn into Jesus Himself--but you turn into Him. He begins to live out your life daily. It's no longer you but him who lives. This is all from God. It's not forced or resolved or planned for. It happens because of Jesus in you.

Hell Shall Never Prevail Against a New Creation

Then this "church" becomes a threat and offense to the gates of hell, which can never prevail against it. Why? Because it is my Jesus now living and moving and doing in your body, my body, our bodies--the church. That demolishes Satan. That's the true power of a new creation, but which many "Christians" down play in favor of being just humans and susceptible to sin while in the flesh and which God understands anyway. Many churches today, among them mega churches, teach this garbage and many fall into the deception. 

Yes, it's the number end-time deception--that we cannot be anything more than forgiven sinners, believers susceptible to flesh-weakness, saved but still sinning, and so we have no right to judge or condemn anyone because we're all the same and we can never be better than saved sinners.

The Myth of a Saved Sinner

Preachers who themselves found it impossible to avoid sin and evil preached the idea in church one day, and multitudes of "believers" liked it. It's now the church's slogan and number one doctrine. They are saved sinners--whatever that is. So there's no such thing as a new creation in Christ to them. To them, getting saved means you're the same old sinner who is now exempt from the wages of sin. You're not a new creation--you're a mixture of the old and new. And my Jesus said that bursts and ruins the new wine and tears off the new patch.

A sinning new creation....

But Paul told the Galatians, do not be deceived: No wicked person will enter God's Kingdom. That's plain truth. We cannot play with that. We cannot change that. Yes, Paul said he is the worst of sinners, and when he said, "I am the worst," it was in the present tense. Smart church people will point to that. To be sure, Paul was not enjoying living in sin when he said this, because he was also the number one promoter of holiness in the New Testament. When he said "I am the worst of wicked men," he just didn't want to sound holier-than-thou. And he wanted to show that even worst sinners like him could hope for God's forgiveness and holiness.

But many believers today take this wrongly. They think that being a saved sinner is possible, meaning, you can still sin anyway you want and be exempt from the wages of sin because you accepted Christ. They may deny this, but it's the kind of life you see in church today. Church people wallow in sin and wickedness. I'm tired of seeing Christians and pastors in sexual immorality, with rotten character, soaking in corruption. I'm tired of seeing "believers" with rotten marriages and broken families and yet remain active in ministry. Why this? Because they have trashed the truth about the power of a new creation. 

There's no such thing as saved sinner. We're saved saints--all by God's grace and mercy.

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