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Do You like Judgment?

Judgment is important. We should learn to desire it even at night. God's judgment keeps everything in its place. Thus, the Psalmist eagerly waits for God and his judgments. Do you? Do you like judgment? Many churches today do not. They prohibit you from making judgments. If you do make them, they say you are judgmental. And being judgmental is a popular scare term today.

"Yes, we wait for you according to your judgments. Our soul's desire is your Name," (Ps.26). 

Desiring God's Name is the same as desiring his judgments. You can never separate God from his judgment. You cannot say I love God but not his judgment. God's love is his judgment, and God's judgment is his love. He disciplines those he loves. The reason the church today is powerless is because of its fondness to label those who judge as judgmental. 

God's judgments are always done through a human mouth. This has been so from the Old Testament to the New, even up to now. The gifts of prophesy and discernment (which are still very much operational today as they were before--in fact, God will increase their accuracy and power in the last days, by the Kingdom principle of ever-increasing glory in 2 Corinthians 3 and 4)--are all in aid of judgment, among other uses. The gifts of wisdom and knowledge are also used here, and may complement the gift of miracles, and also prayer and worship, among others. Do you like judgement?

So, we cannot get rid of judgement in church. Judgment serves to strengthen churches. God uses a holy human mouth to proclaim his judgment in his prophetic move to strengthen his church. But as it is today, they just accept sinners as they are and hesitate to point out sins face to face. That's why sinners can man and run the church, occupy high positions, be a teacher, be a pastor, even be a bishop, and the righteous are held at bay, prevented from proclaiming God's judgment, held hostage by the fear of being tagged "judgmental."

I know people in sexual immorality who are pastors and even "good" preachers and missionaries who are homosexuals.

We need judgment today. We need people who will judge in God's righteousness so that sinners will have the fear of God and think ten times before sinning. Sins should be exposed to the church. Do you like judgment?

Jesus said, when a brother sins, confront him. That's judgment. Judgment is the moment you point out what is right and wrong. If he refuses to listen, take 2 or 3 witnesses. If he still would not listen, TELL IT TO THE CHURCH, the Master says. Today, the church would rather keep things secret and hopes the thing would just go away, be forgotten. That's why the church is weak and irrelevant. We must have more transparency--we should live a transparent life. I see how church leaders opt to keep sin in church in secrecy, and warn anybody who tries to get nosy about it as being judgmental. Oh, how the church is so scared of being judgmental! 

They say God is compassionate, and we should just be compassionate with a sinner and "counsel" a sinning brother gently. Yes, but God is also the Judge. And his judgments are to be desired. And he gives his judgment through an anointed human mouth. So, now, do you like judgment?

The Psalmist seeks God and his judgment early in the morning and at night (v.8-9). "For when you proclaim your judgments, all the people learn righteousness." The Psalmist says, if only grace and compassion is shown to sinners, sinners will never learn righteousness (v.10), which is what churches today do. 

Righteous judgment follows a Kingdom principle when done in church: 

1. It should be done by the righteous. The Master says, first get rid of the plank of wood from your eyes, then you can see clearly to take out the speck of dust in your brother's eye. The judger should make sure he has repented of all sin and is living a holy life. See Roman 2:17-24 also. 

2. The pastor should do the righteous judging. If you see someone committing a sin, pray, be led by the Spirit, and then tell the pastor about it. Pray for the sinner. Pray for the pastor for wisdom. Leave the job to the pastor. Let him do his job. Don't interfere or tell the pastor what to do.

3. If you have to rebuke someone in church (if you're an elder or teacher or discipler), get the pastor's approval first. If he does not approve, keep mum and just pray for the sinner. If he approves, make sure you yourself are not guilty of any sin. If you are, forget about the brother who sinned and deal with yourself first. REPENT!

4. If the matter is outside the church, and you need to rebuke someone, you can only rebuke a person who is under your care (a biological child, a child in faith, or someone who is under your supervision or care or living under your roof). Do not rebuke someone who is older or on whom you have no jurisdiction--except in extreme emergencies, like when a husband is beating his wife to death, or something like that.

Now. do you like judgment? 

Sure, Jesus said do not judge. But this is often taken out of context. Take the whole story. Jesus said, in the same story, first take out the dirt in your eyes so you can have the right to take the dirt from your brother's eye. Jesus also said, "Make a right judgment," (Jn.7.24). 

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