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Accurate Kingdom Building (Intro)

We worship an accurate God who wants everything done accurately. He wants no less than accurate lives, characters, and ways. 

Denominations build using their human doctrines and policies. They select God's words that fit their designs. They build men's Babel kingdoms and use God to legitimize them. 

But we build God's Kingdom on earth using God's accurate spoken Word in the bible. We do not select what verses fit our designs. We believe and apply the whole bible.

God's Powerful Presence is With Accurate Builders

God promises that with accurate Kingdom building comes his awesome presence. The promise is for accurate builders alone. God's powerful presence is possible only through the dabar and rhema Word, spoken from the Father's own mouth, given credence by the Holy Spirit. Aside from this, all works are zero, pfft.
Jesus said, his presence is predicated on his Word, and this accurately. In Matt. 28 he said, "..teaching them everything I have taught you--and I will be with you always." Before this he said disciples should be baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This means accuracy in life and character. God's Name is his character. 

What is Being Baptized in God's Name?

Many people think being baptized in God's Name or in Jesus' Name is a baptism formula a pastor should verbalize when doing the ritual to a new church member. Just say the magic formula and, ping! The new member is baptized!

God's Name is his nature, his character. Jehovah Shalom, for instance, reveals God's nature or character as the God of peace. When we are baptized into his Name, we are baptized or introduced into God's nature, so we can reveal God's character--his fruit: love joy, peace, patience, etc. This assures Jesus' presence to be with us always. 

But today, denominational churches just use baptism as a ritual for accepting new members, a display for amassing membership, making it thoroughly powerless and useless for genuine Kingdom building, though made very solemn to give it a sacred appearance. You see baptized members still carnal, unspiritual, and ungodly--though active in church.

Thus, "I will be with you always" in Matthew 28 means accuracy in life, character, and Word, first and foremost. God's powerful presence will only happen with such precision. Anything else is garbage, no matter how religious or spiritual sounding.

Today's Sanctuary

Since Jesus declared in John 2.19 that his body was the temple, the era of material or earthly temples had ended. Thus, Paul kept saying that our bodies is the temple of the Holy Spirit, the temple of God. 
The religious "biblical" people of Jesus' time failed to get this. They thought that Jesus was talking of the material temple they had in Jerusalem. Many Christians and denominational churches today are like those people--they still think God lives in their material church buildings. So they pour money making these buildings beautiful. 

Shadows of Realities in Christ

What we see in the Old Testament (OT) are mere shadows of the realities found in Christ (Col.2.17). In the OT, they built a material temple. In the NT, we build spiritual temples--our bodies--temples not built by human hands. 

We build spiritual temples by forming Jesus in believers' bodies--their lives and characters (Gal.4.19). This is done through Jesus' discipleship and fathering.

Thus, if we accurately build a sanctuary for God, and make it exactly like the pattern shown us (Jesus, the spoken Word, is the pattern), then God will dwell with us. 

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