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End Times? Really?

I hear many good preachers talk about the end times systematically and scholarly. You can see that they really know what they're talking about and have a good grasp of their subject. They are experts about the end times. Yet I wonder: If they know so much what would happen in the end times and if they're really so smart, why are they still in their denominations?

These preachers all urge us to prepare for the Second Coming and the end times. How? By being more active in a denominational church? Well, that's what most of them conclude. But what very few preachers know is that Jesus is coming back for only one church. And this church is not denominational. It's Jesus' glorious church. 

In John 17, Jesus prayed that all true believers be completely united. It was an urgent prayer, considering the time when it was offered--when he was near death. People near their death would say nothing but only about things really important for them. Like a last will and testament. You better listen well and take seriously the last wishes of a dying man.

Jesus desired nothing less than a church "completely united." How complete? Jesus said, he wanted all true believers to be one even as the Father and Son are one. The oneness of the church should be the same as the oneness of the Father and Son--indeed the same as the oneness of the trinity. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do not have separate or differing doctrines. They have no separate denominations. They are completely united. Jesus prayed that true believers be the same.

Jesus said "I and the Father are one." What the Father has is also his, and vice versa. Can denominations say the same? Can two different "Christian" denominations share church incomes because they are completely one? Can one denomination say to another, "Brother, you may use our money and properties because, anyway, we are completely one in Jesus"? This can never be so--except in the genuine glorious church of Jesus, which is without spot or wrinkle. Don't settle for anything less than Jesus' glorious church. Look for that church in the end times. 

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