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Lose Everything To Gain All

I will never forget the day when God told me to lose all to possess everything. Possessing everything does not mean getting rich and having lots of money and material possessions but possessing God's spiritual possessions. Let me put it this way: A prophet of God was once invited to speak in a mountainous venue and when night came the place was full of mosquitoes. The camp staff all got badly bitten and itchy.

The next morning they noticed that the man of God didn't get a single mosquito bite. They asked him what happened. He said: "We forget that 'All things are ours.' I commanded the mosquitoes to 'Scram! In Jesus Name!' and they all left me alone."

We must learn the Kingdom principle of losing everything to possess all! God designed creation for our use. God wants us to enjoy His creation so we can worship Him more. We can command nature and nature will obey us. In fact, we ought to learn the Kingdom technology of talking to nature and objects. The Master said, "If you say to the mountain...."
But because most churches like to look scientific than spiritual, they mock spiritual powers like commanding spirits and creation and declaring miraculous healing, and just cling to scientific theories instead. They would rather refer you to doctors or psychiatrists than radically step out in faith and declare miracles and signs and wonders in Jesus' Name. 

Again, the modern Pharisees would ask me here if I'm teaching that medical science is not necessary anymore. I'm always accused of that whenever I focus on God's supernatural powers. For the record--I never said or say anything about trashing medical science. 
Moses' parents learned to give up everything--even their beautiful baby--in God's hands. What would you do if your baby was in danger? Being a parent, I know that most of us would keep our babies protected, in our arms shelter them from harm. We automatically use our own efforts to protect our kids. But Moses' parents learned a radical thing from God at a time when using human effort was very tempting. Who would think of dumping their cute babies in a basket in a river when all babies found were being killed? We'd rather hide the baby or escape with the baby, right? Not Moses' parents. They obeyed God's radical instruction.

Nothing was said in the bible about Moses' parents getting such instruction from God, but it is safe to assume thus--because everything turned out to fit God's design for Moses. All other Hebrew parents who opted to use their own efforts to protect their babies lost them. Only Moses escaped.  

Here's more: when Moses' parents gave him up completely to God's care, they received him back with a bonus--Pharaoh's daughter said she would pay the mother wages for caring for Pharaoh's daughter's newly adopted baby. 

The rich, young ruler could have gotten the same blessing and bonus from my Jesus if he had believed in giving up everything to God. He didn't.

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