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The Word Comes

You Won't Get It Unless it Comes

Always, "the Word of the Lord came to Jeremiah," and to other men of God. The Word and the Spirit always go together. Thus, "the sword of the Spirit," (Eph.6). No one can separate them. And the Spirit always comes to people of God. Hence, the Spirit "came upon them and they spoke in tongues." You can never, by your own will and effort, get the Word or God's Spirit for yourself.

Lots of preachers try to compose the Word. They prepare outlines for preaching. They say preaching should be systematic. And it has produced good results through centuries--even mega churches and great revivals. But what Word they got was not that which comes out of God's mouth--which Jesus said gives us life--but merely that which is composed by man's theology. It has some power--because God's printed Word has power--but it does not have the power of the spoken Word that created the universe. 

The printed Word has power---power to kill. "The letter kills," (2 Cor.3.6) but the spoken Word through the Spirit gives life. The printed word is easy to get. Even atheists and wicked people can get it and preach it and make people cry and kneel and regret sinning and "believe" so that a new church denomination can be formed. But only the spoken Word--spoken from God's own mouth and which comes to you--can change people to be like Jesus Christ, can make people genuinely Kingdom people--deep in the Word, in Jesus, purely spiritual, and with supernatural powers.

The spoken Word will never come to people who are not genuinely in God's present Move. So what fake preachers do is compose a likeness of it through human theology and systematic preaching. And this means resorting to man's ways like psychology, sociology, public speaking, making outlines, and even dialectical materialism which Marxists use--and then pray for it for a semblance of spirituality. Is it effective? Oh yeah, more than anyone can imagine! Is it pleasing in God's eyes? No, it stirs up His wrath!

Jeremiah is about God's wrath because His people opted for the Word composed by men's ways rather than the spoken Word that supernaturally came to genuine men of God like Jeremiah. "The lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely" (8.8) meant that His people used man's ways to get a semblance of the Word using men's theology so that everything was handled falsely. Thus, "Truth has perished, it has vanished from their lips" (7.28), although their preachers always preached using the bible.  Consequently, "they are all hardened rebels" (6.28). No wonder the printed Word kills.
The genuine spoken Word comes--you have to patiently wait for God to speak it to you. When it comes, you grab and eat it (Jer.15.16). When you have learned to really dwell in God and sharpened your ears to supernaturally and sensitively listen to Him, the Word coming to you will become a very easy, daily thing. It becomes like breathing fresh air. You don't have to make outlines when you preach. As you stand and open your mouth to preach, the Word comes to you right there on the spot, coming fresh, well updated, revealed supernaturally, and powerful to stir up life. 

From God's own mouth and then through your mouth (if you are God's flesh) the spoken Word that comes can again create whole worlds and universes...and the LIFE of Jesus into a person.

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