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I Don’t Go To Church Anymore

Sometimes it’s shocking for some people to hear that I don’t go to church anymore. It’s unthinkable. It’s heretic. It’s mortal sin. Most people know me to be spiritual. I’d been an exemplary elder in church before—and was leader of its young people in my younger years. No wonder they frown at the idea. Well, it’s been an empowering experience really—that I don’t go to church anymore.

Now, by “church” I mean the church that man has established through centuries and now is nothing but man’s ways, programs, activities, gimmicks, theology, and denominations. I don’t mean the genuine, spiritual church Jesus Christ is building. When talking of Christ’s spiritual church, the one he said he’d build in Matthew 16 when he was talking to Peter, the one that the gates of hell can never prevail against, then yup, I enjoy going to church. But when talking of man’s denominational church, no, I don’t go to church anymore.

One reason is that man’s church has utterly lost connection with the Head. That’s why I don’t go to church anymore. If you attend a church like that, you’re just wasting time because you won’t ever connect with Heaven, no matter how biblical or spiritual you sound, or no matter how “blessed” you get. No matter how solemn or sacred the worship services are. No matter if people get "born again" there, crying at the altar. When it speaks it talks about entirely different things than what the true Jesus church talks about. Just watch this:

Evangelism. When man’s church talks about evangelism it means expanding their denomination. They have to be bigger than other denominations, and it’s a race of who has the most number of churches. Then they train their members how to be distinctly of their denomination. Each denomination has a different doctrine, and you often see them bickering about their distinctive denominational doctrines.

When the true Jesus church talks of evangelism, it means ushering people into the Jesus Life, holy, through a totally submissive relationship with Jesus, and ushering them into the one glorious church of Jesus, which has one doctrine and believes everything in the bible. They are also ushered into God’s Kingdom so they can accurately live and operate in its spiritual realms. Denominational people are at a loss how to operate in Kingdom principles but they know their denominational manuals and policies.

Discipleship. When man’s church talks of discipleship it means how to keep their members loyal to their denomination, molding them to have their distinct denominational traits—so other denominations cannot snatch them from it.

When Jesus talks about discipleship he means molding all believers to be Kingdom people, in complete unity, looking like him, having his character, mindset and heart, and living his life.

Worship. Man’s church deems worship as a program presentation which the audience or congregation will like so they’d go back next Sunday and not look for another church. So they practice hard each Saturday night. If people want something spiritually touching, the worship team will aim to produce that—anything to keep their congregation and even grow it—because the more people, the more church income. 

They may appear spiritual in their worship expression and even experience some power, but it’s all nothing but Babel worship—when man desires to reach heaven using his own Babel tower. In the Genesis account of the Tower of Babel, God’s presence indeed came down, but only to confuse man further.

When the true Jesus church worships it’s solely to please God—without any thought about how other people will think or feel about it.

Prayer. Prayer to man’s church is always asking God for blessings. If you attend their prayer meetings they have nothing in their list except their needs. Man’s church is need oriented. It always asks what the church needs and wants—because it dreads so much losing its membership. They say you have to be specific about what your needs are. But they don’t stress being specific about what God wants. And oh, they want to say long prayers, babbling like pagans, using high-sounding words, and I don’t know why they “open” and “close” in prayer.

The true Jesus church always asks what God wants. It does not bother so much on specificity about its needs or wants—a simple, short, and generalized sentence about “give us this day our daily bread” is enough for their needs, and devotes the entire prayer session to exalting God and asking what He wants and that His will be done on earth. And yes, real Kingdom people pray short but powerful prayers—like Jesus did.

Fellowship. Man’s church thinks of fellowship as nothing but a program with songs, special numbers, games, a speaker who will give a “short” devotion, and some more games, food, and of course, opening and closing prayers. In church services, “fellowship” is when they say “Hi!” to each other and shake hands. They say, without that “fellowship” they would be weak. A church fellowship often means a fellowship with people of the same denomination.

The true Jesus fellowship is an intimate meeting in spirit, of spirits, and by the Spirit. It’s also a life-to-life meeting with the LIFE as the center. It’s not just saying “Hi!” and shaking hands and shallowly talking a bit. Always, it’s a fellowship totally free of any denominational barriers. I can fellowship with any Christian in worship services. True fellowship also includes appropriate and right amount of discerning of spirits, prophecy, and the gift of service. It’s a fellowship of the Father and Son in the believers’ lives. This is the fellowship we should not forsake, says Hebrews 10.

Bible Study. In man’s church bible study is what study materials or Sunday school lessons teach them, aided by a teacher or leader. Of course they pray for the leading of the Spirit, but it’s all the work of the materials. The Acts church didn't have any BS or Sunday school materials. Neither did Jesus.

In a true Jesus church, bible study materials are unheard of. Everything is through the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit—as Jesus and the Acts church did it.

So now you see why I don’t go to church anymore. It’s a total waste of time. I’d rather stay in the Kingdom on earth. That's what being God's flesh is all about.

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