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Micah: Justice and Judgment

Micah spoke with the leaders and rulers of Israel (Micah 3.1). Some versions render it both “leaders” but leaders and rulers is interesting. Even in churches today, there are leaders and rulers.
Church leaders, like pastors, are supposed to lead the church. God-called and God-anointed leaders in the bible led God’s people. God talked to them, not to the people. The people were supposed to obey them to the letter. They were not supposed to question or dictate to them. Whenever people rebelled against God’s leaders God saw it as rebellion against Him.
But church leaders today are often mere dummies because there are rulers in church who really call the shots. These are influential and moneyed people who donate and give big tithes and offerings. When they don’t get their way in church they threaten the church leadership with withdrawal of support. And pastors fear them more than they fear God and submit to their every whim.
But one day, after they discover the present Move of God in their l…

Micah: Wine and Beer Pastors

They didn’t wanna sound negative. They wanted to cheer up people, cater to their entertainment proclivity. People just wanted happy messages that “blessed” them.
Micah was preaching about the coming doom and criticizing religious leaders’ errors and sins and the nation’s disgrace. Among negative things he bombarded them with was how the rulers and leaders of the house of Israel despised and distorted the truth (Micah 3.9). But the wine and beer pastors or prophets cautioned him: “Don’t prophesy about these things. No disgrace will overtake us.” (Micah 2.6).
If you wanna hear nothing but praises and positive things and encouragements, chances are, you have an entertainment proclivity or spirit. And you’re perhaps reflecting the kind of church you attend. Many churches today are nothing but entertainment centers. Poor showbiz copy cats. They are not prophetic temple courtyards of God where His Word, Will, Ways, and Warnings (judgments) are powerfully declared.  
I always see Christians wh…

Micah: God’s People—God’s Enemy

Micah warned God’s people about God’s plan.
We often think pleasantly about God’s plan. We claim to desire it so badly. But if we do things contrary to His ways, God’s plan will work against us. In fact, God plans destruction, not LIFE, once we go against His ways. “My Word does good to those whose ways are upright, right?” (Micah 2.7). God’s ways alone in Scripture are upright. All others, like denominationalism, are against His ways. Jesus desires all true believers to be completely united. How complete? As the Father and Son are one (Jn.17). Denominationalism works contrary to this.
Their Own Power
When God’s people work contrary to His ways, they become God’s enemies. “Lately, my people have risen up like an enemy,” (Micah 2.8) Why? Because they plan evil and carry it out in their own power (Micah 2.1). It happens automatically—you use your own ways, you use your own power. Human effort is zero in the spiritual realms. Everything has to be done in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Even i…

Micah: Baring Foundations

Are you getting comfy about an up and down spiritual life? Think again.
When God’s people are disobedient the whole earth is affected. “Hear, everyone who lives on the Earth,” (Micah 1). When bible believers rebel, what can you expect from non believers? The Lord was an angry witness against all earth dwellers. And this was all due to Jacob’s transgression, to Israel’s sin (Micah 1.5).
The church being the true Israel of today (Gal.3.7-14), the same principle applies. When the world is in chaos and nature suffers from men’s abuse, the church had better checked its ranks. Sometimes church people denounce government corruption and blame it for God’s ire. Well, they better look at themselves first. Denominationalism, because it runs counter to Jesus’ prayer in John 17 for complete unity, is vile corruption. Sometimes, government reflects the condition the church is in.
Baring Foundations
In Micah’s time Judah’s spiritual life was fluctuating—going up in Jotham’s time, going down in Ahaz’s t…

Micah: When God Finally Shepherds His People

Micah depicts the glory of God finally shepherding His true people. These are people who willingly “come to” the church (Micah.7.12), drawn by God Himself and not by man’s church gimmicks, programs, or any effort. Jesus said no person can come to him unless the Father draws that person to him (Jn.6.44 and 65). It is not dependent “on man’s desire or effort” (Rom.9) but on God’s mercy alone.
Global Desolation
God decreed a global desolation, which is already happening. These are the last days. People seek happiness and peace from various sources invented by man. This is reflected on how they make movies. They imagine salvation through their technology, and eternal life and power from the occult (like Twilight and similar movies). They revive myths and glamorize them (like Lightning Thief) to depict godly power. And why not? The “Christian” church built by men for centuries has been failing to show them real Godly awesome power—like what we read in the bible.
God will make everything usel…

Micah: Statutes of Omri and Practices of Ahab

It begins with the statutes of Omri (Micah 6.16). Omri was a follower of the evil ways of Jeroboam (1Kings16). He laid down the statutes (or doctrines) and Ahab his son applied and developed them. These are all against being God's flesh on earth.

Omri’s statutes were simple: they were based on wicked and corrupt ways as King Jeroboam did them. How did Jeroboam do them? Simply by doing God’s will in man’s ways. He disobeyed the prophet Ahijah who told him to do everything in God’s ways alone: “If you do everything I command you and walk in my ways and do whatever is correct in my eyes...I will build you a dynasty...”(1Kings11).

Jeroboam grabbed God's will of kingship but did it in greed. Man's ways are nothing but greed, no matter how they try to make it look religious or spiritual or "Christian."

But because of his greed for corrupt power he did everything wicked—he did everything in man’s ways. He always “thought to himself” and not to God, and he revived the …

Insights into The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is often associated with the spiritual gifts. Or, with a miracle wrongly attributed to the devil, as in the case of Matthew 12. But this sin covers more than spiritual gifts or miracles. It's really about life and character. Being God's flesh.
In 1 Samuel, we find Eli and his two sons charged with a sin that could never be forgiven. There's only one sin in the bible that can never be forgiven--the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. And it's a sin only believers can commit. Non-believers can only speak against the Son of Man--and this is forgivable. But only believers can commit blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. In Matthew 12, the bible teachers and Pharisees, not pagans, blasphemed the Spirit of God. 
In Samuel, Eli and his sons messed up their lives and testimonies as they "served" God. People saw how they belittled worship and did sexual immorality right at the sacred place. This is a great sin to God. It's pure blasphemy. When bel…