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Micah: When God Finally Shepherds His People

Micah depicts the glory of God finally shepherding His true people. These are people who willingly “come to” the church (Micah.7.12), drawn by God Himself and not by man’s church gimmicks, programs, or any effort. Jesus said no person can come to him unless the Father draws that person to him (Jn.6.44 and 65). It is not dependent “on man’s desire or effort” (Rom.9) but on God’s mercy alone.

Global Desolation

God decreed a global desolation, which is already happening. These are the last days. People seek happiness and peace from various sources invented by man. This is reflected on how they make movies. They imagine salvation through their technology, and eternal life and power from the occult (like Twilight and similar movies). They revive myths and glamorize them (like Lightning Thief) to depict godly power. And why not? The “Christian” church built by men for centuries has been failing to show them real Godly awesome power—like what we read in the bible.

God will make everything useless, even the “Christian” church built by men. “The earth will be desolate all because of its dwellers—and this is the result of their doing.” Churches and governments “will see and be ashamed, because they are deprived of their power,” (Micah.7.13 and 16). God always works by first making proud and self reliant people powerless. “I appoint you over kingdoms and nations; first uproot and tear them down, destroy and overthrow,” (Jer.1). God cannot build from anything human. It has to be started and finished by Him alone—through His Word and ways alone. So He destroys.

Any genuine servant of God should operate like his God. By releasing the spoken and radical Word from the Father’s own mouth to the people, we uproot, tear down, overthrow, and DESTROY. We preach Christ crucified; foolishness to the Greeks and a stumbling block to the Jews. We don’t preach to entertain—so more people will be lured to our church membership. We preach to DESTROY, as the Spirit of God leads and moves us. As we live the Jesus LIFE, we destroy man’s ways. God wants people stripped of their imagined power, happiness, and peace. God wants false hopes demolished. “’Is not my Word like fire? Is not my Word like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?’ The Lord declares,” (Jer.23).

God Works Only with Total Surrender

When people and nations (including the church) have been striped naked of their own power, then God can start shepherding His people. God’s power in us is made perfect in weakness. The church does not need to compromise anymore because the people God will shepherd “lives by itself in a forest, in fertile pasturelands…in Bashan and Gilead, as before” (Micah 7.14). Today, the rich and moneyed rule the church. Pastors and churches compromise in favor of getting funds for church projects and ministries. But God will destroy man’s systems.

And in those last days God will use the church in awesome signs and wonders. “Like when you came out of Egypt, I will show you my wonders.” But the condition here is, make sure you’re out of Egypt, the land of slavery to sin and the ways of man and the world.

God Doing God’s Work

Only God can do God’s work. Any human effort always fails and only serves the devil. When God’s people finally learn how to totally surrender their lives to Jesus and start living the Jesus LIFE and ministry, God in them will do God’s work perfectly. The glorious church of Jesus is perfect, without spot or wrinkle. Paul said he no longer lived but Christ lived in him. Hence, it was Jesus fully doing God’s work in him. Paul had died, been crucified with Christ.

When God does God’s work through us who are God’s flesh, genuine evangelism starts. “People will come out trembling from their dens. They will turn to the Lord in fear and will respect His servants, too, in fear,” (Micah 7. 17). Today’s “evangelism” is nothing but recruitment, if not plain bewitching.

God’s Concern: His Remnants

God forgives sins. Just repent and He readily and easily forgives sins. He throws our sins out into the sea to sink in its depths (v.19). However, this is true only if you belong to the remnant. The remnant is unique and genuine. The remnant is his true inheritance (Micah 7.18). The remnant does not live in sin. God is light; in Him is no darkness at all. God does not stay angry forever with the remnant but loves to show mercy. The remnants are God’s flesh on earth.

The Remnants are Jacob’s and Abraham’s

God’s covenant is only with the offspring of Jacob and Abraham (Micah 7.20). Those in the genuine and present Move of God are the remnants. True Israel is NOT the natural children but the children of the promise. God regards them as genuine Abraham’s offspring (Rom.9.8). “Those who believe are Abraham’s children,” (Gal.3.6). Moreover, “Those who have faith are truly blessed with Abraham,” (Gal.3.8). Finally, God’s blessing to Abraham comes to gentile believers through Jesus Christ,” (Gal.3.14).

We, who are in God’s present Move, who live the Jesus LIFE and ministry daily, who do everything in the power of the Holy Spirit—in God’s Word and ways alone, who have renounced man’s ways and denominationalism, who are God’s flesh, and who belong to the perfect church of Jesus, are the remnants. We are the true Israel by God’s grace and mercy through Jesus Christ. 

When we have truly united as one body of Jesus (Jn.17) under global apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers—then God will start shepherding us in the true sense of the term. Then God will destroy everything, and then build His own. 

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