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Micah: Statutes of Omri and Practices of Ahab

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It begins with the statutes of Omri (Micah 6.16). Omri was a follower of the evil ways of Jeroboam (1Kings16). He laid down the statutes (or doctrines) and Ahab his son applied and developed them. These are all against being God's flesh on earth.

Omri’s statutes were simple: they were based on wicked and corrupt ways as King Jeroboam did them. How did Jeroboam do them? Simply by doing God’s will in man’s ways. He disobeyed the prophet Ahijah who told him to do everything in God’s ways alone: “If you do everything I command you and walk in my ways and do whatever is correct in my eyes...I will build you a dynasty...”(1Kings11).

Jeroboam grabbed God's will of kingship but did it in greed. Man's ways are nothing but greed, no matter how they try to make it look religious or spiritual or "Christian."

But because of his greed for corrupt power he did everything wicked—he did everything in man’s ways. He always “thought to himself” and not to God, and he revived the ways of Egypt (which symbolized man’s and the world’s ways) in Israel by making two golden calves (1Kings 12). He also always worried about losing people’s allegiance to him as many pastors today worry about church members transferring to another church. Omri institutionalized all these.

Ahab was Worse

But Ahab did worse. Not happy with the evil of Omrism, he introduced Baalism in Samaria through his wife Jezebel and killed lots of God’s prophets. Man’s ways lead to being anti God’s present Move. Just like how denominations, using man’s ways, are always against God’s present move, like how the apostles and prophets will be restored in these last days.

Denominations stick to the ways of Egypt and the worship of Baal—while they use the bible to legitimize everything. Just like how Jeroboam did it. He made everything look like the real thing. “He instituted a feast on the 15th day of the 8th month, like the feasts in Judah” (1 Kings 12.32). He also assigned his own priests, did worship programs, and the works. But God saw it all as evil. They were not God’s ways, though they looked very much like God’s ways.

Micah, years later, would judge the Israelites guilty of Ahab’s doctrines. “You have followed Omri’s and Ahab’s traditions.” Any church tradition that is not God’s way follows after Omri’s and Ahab’s traditions. When this happens God begins “to destroy you, to ruin you because of your sins,” (Mic.6). People eat but are not satisfied (they're still spiritually empty even if they hear sermons or read the bible). They store up but save nothing, plant but not reap, press olives but have no oil, crush grapes but still be wineless. 

In Micah's time this was physical and material, but today this happens in the spiritual realms. Today, you see church people having everything in church but still rotten or dead or empty in spirit.

God’s Ways

Make sure everything is in God’s ways alone. Man’s ways (denominational ways) supported with a lot of bible verses are NOT God’s ways. They are corrupt and evil. To know God’s ways one has to understand that in these last days, “The Mountain of the temple of the Lord will be established as the chief of all mountains.” All other mountains should be rejected. And on that chief Mountain (the mountain of His awesome Presence) God “will personally teach us his ways. And only this will enable us to walk in his paths alone,” (Mic.4.2).

Then we become God's flesh on earth.

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