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Micah: God’s Ways and Paths

After pinpointing the mountain God is establishing as chief among mountains, you go up there. Use all your effort and resources climbing it up. Fact, spend your entire lifetime scaling it. Prioritize it. Hate your life even, in favor of it. Yes, hate even your family if it stands in the way of your climbing up God’s mountain. And what will happen there? There, “God will teach us his ways that we may walk in his paths,” [Micah 4.2].

God teaches his ways (through his Word) only on the chief mountain he’s establishing. Nowhere else. Not in your church building, not in your Sunday school, not in your bible school, and definitely not in your theological seminary. “The Law goes out only from God’s Zion, his Word from Jerusalem.” This is not geographic but spiritual. The true church is the true Israel, the spiritual Israel made up of Jews and gentiles with the Jesus DNA, God’s genuine Zion, spiritual Jerusalem the capital of his presence.

His Unique Ways and Paths

Our ways and thoughts are not his ways and thoughts. His are certainly higher than ours. There’s no way man’s denominational ways and methods and doctrines—though using bible verses—can be the same as God’s. Man’s ways always end up with wine and beer pastors [Micah 2.11], divination [3.6], no answer from God [3.7], truth distortion [3.9], and religious bribery [3.11]. Man’s ways are the other mountains being established by men on earth and which will be shamed and nullified by God’s chief mountain which he is establishing. As First Corinthians says, God chose the foolish, weak, and despised in this world to shame the strong and wise.

What God’s Ways Do

Once God’s ways and paths found in the Law (the bible) is given straight from God’s mountain (Zion) and direct from spiritual Jerusalem—the capital of God’s awesome presence—God himself moves. All human efforts sink and disappear. God in us (God’s flesh on earth) “will judge numerous peoples and will resolve arguments for strong nations worldwide.”

If world peace cannot bring peoples to genuine lasting peace, God’s ways and paths, when seriously lived out by true believers, will make nations “beat their weapons to turn them into farming implements, their spears into fishing tools.” Only believers with the Jesus DNA (it’s Christ living in them fully and they themselves live no longer) who can perform God’s ways and walk on God’s paths, establishing Kingdom Come on earth. Only God (in us) can do God’s work.

What Happens During Kingdom Come?

God will build his Kingdom on earth. He himself will do this, using the flesh of true believers who have fully given up their lives (they no longer live, as Paul calls it). When that happens we will see:

Global Peace and Order. Nations without weapons, nations without armies or police forces. Well, the anti-Christ will also try to establish something similar, but he will head it, not my Jesus Christ. He and the world’s armies will lead the one-world rule using all the weapons of man, especially weapons of mass destruction. Jesus’ peace will be different. There will be no more armies or weapons. No more denominations, too. This will happen in the Thousand-Year Reign but the ground works should be starting in our lives now. We should be living the Jesus LIFE now, daily and each moment, if we want to be part of this.

Economic Stability. Each believer with the Jesus DNA “will relax under his own vine, under his very own fig tree.” Listen to this: NO MORE EMPLOYEES! God be praised to the highest! Everyone will have his or her own business—a farm or a shop—that God will prosper. No hard work because each will merely “sit” or “rest” or “relax” under. And if you’re insightful, you should already be doping this now! Why? Watch this: “…your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” His will in heaven is kingdom come, and kingdom come should be happening now on earth.

Security. No more apprehensions about what happens in the stock market, global trade, oil price, or forex. No more wars or rumors of wars. No more boss to make life hard for you. No more bullies in the streets. Because “…no one will make them afraid, because God has spoken.” That’s the power of the spoken Word. Thus, we need to climb God’s mountain and get the Law or Word that goes out from Zion—God’s spoken Word—so we may learn his ways and walk in his paths.

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