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Micah: He will Stand and Shepherd His Flock

Until Jesus is really Lord of the church, God will abandon Israel (the true Israel is the church) and let it do whatever it pleases--even "answer" its prayers and provide its needs [Micah 5.3]. In Micah, while God "abandoned" Israel, he still provided for her needs and answered "prayers" according to God's general blessings.

Everything went well in man's eyes. Their prayer and worship life seemed the best: "They lean (or rely) on the Lord, saying, 'Is not God among us? Not one disaster will come upon us." This is the same claim many churches today shout in their worship services. "God is here, Amen?" And church people answer: "Amen!" Yet, they do everything contrary to God's ways, like their denominations. 

But God has a solution ready. It's the Jesus Discipleship. This Kingdom discipleship is designed to demolish everything of man in church, even man's church itself, to free God's church in Jesus--pretty much like how Israel was imprisoned in Egypt a long time, and then God decided to move in and free them. But first he had to subject Israel to Egyptian cruelty to break it, to demolish it. 

"In that day," Micah continues, "I will destroy your horses and ruin your chariots (man's ways and efforts), I will destroy your cities and smash your strongholds (church achievements are often idols), I will demolish your witchcrafts and your spells (denominational evangelism and preaching often become witchcraft and spells), I will destroy your carved images and other secret idols--so you will no longer worship the work of your hands (their achievements, church building, and denominations). 

God adds further: "I will uproot Asherah poles from among you and your cities as well." All their hard works were nothing in God's eyes but idolatry, and their cities were no different.

The Jesus discipleship will demolish all the above. If it's a genuine Jesus "shepherding" or discipleship, it cannot be useful to denominations (or Pharisaical activities, programs, and activities), because God designed the Jesus shepherding to destroy anything of man. If your discipleship is helping your denomination instead of demolishing it, it's not the genuine Jesus discipleship. It's just another men's church program designed to keep membership intact. The genuine Jesus discipleship grows the Kingdom of God on earth, not any selfish interests like denominations.

Jesus started this discipleship "in the Lord's strength, in the highness of the Name (or nature) of the Lord His God." And all who follow the genuine Jesus discipleship will likewise do it as Jesus did it--in God's very own strength (no human effort or ways whatsoever) and in His Name (in God's very own nature). As Jesus commanded genuine disciples to "Make disciples of all nations," so did Micah described God's shepherding to "reach the ends of the earth," [5.4].
Micah said that the power of the dreaded Assyrian empire will be easily demolished by God's shepherding. He estimated that all it would take were 7 or 8 discipleship leaders to do this [5.5]. The genuine Jesus discipleship will "rule" Assyria with the sword (the Word of God). The genuine Jesus discipleship can easily shatter Assyria, which is symbolic of satanic forces in the spiritual realms. 

Genuine Jesus discipleship is powerful!

So, if your discipleship is not crushing sin and Satanic stronghold in your church, but just keeps people continually going to church though powerless, keeping them entertained, active, and feeling "useful" in church, it's a scam. A big scam. 

In God's shepherding, disciples are compared to sheep. Sheep are not fighters. They are seen as weak and dull animals. Thus, God told Micah that the remnants--the sheep or true disciples of Jesus--will be a lame people [4.7]. But the remnant will scatter all over nations, like dew from the Lord, like showers affecting all grass [5.7]. And they will be like lions there. True disciples easily overcome and overwhelm the world. Disciples will make disciples of all nations, by the Holy Spirit's power. 

The present move of God in the last days is genuine Jesus discipleship. Only this can overcome Satan and the world. All other ways--like man's ways--in church are garbage. 

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