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Micah: You Will No Longer Worship the Work of Your Hands

The worst tragedy of using any human effort in ministry is it's propensity to end up in idolatry--worshiping the works of your hand [Micah 5.13]. Thus, Jesus must appear in you 100 percent and live out your life and do the ministry through you. In Galatians, Paul said God revealed His Son in him, and that's the only time Paul was able to preach the Gospel to the gentiles [Gal.1.16].

You shouldn't be in ministry until God reveals His Son in you. If the Son is revealed in you, He will do God's work through you. This way, there's no human effort--and thus, no bowing down to what your hands have made.

Only God can do God's work. Only Jesus in you can do God's will. There should be no human effort. NO HUMAN EFFORT. God should live out your life and do God's work through you. You should do nothing except watch God move in your life--in and around and through you. This means being thoroughly seeped in the spoken Word of God daily.

As it is, almost all ministries in the world today take pride in their achievements--in their mega churches, their denominations or "independent" churches, whatever that means. They do ministry through their man-made programs and well-planned (and well prayed for) goals and targets (the works of their hands). They use everything "for God"--everything except God's supernatural ways in the bible. They mock you if you just even hint at letting God move and use His supernatural ways and Word in ministry. They want nothing of God--yet they want to do things for Him.

"In that day," God says to Micah, "I will destroy (everything you have achieved)" [5.10]. When the same conditions are present today in church as they were in Micah's time, God will do the same remedy--destroy. God will destroy (and is in fact starting it now) the church that men have built for themselves using God's name. They are in fact worshiping their denominations, doing everything for the denomination's glory (although they claim it's for God's glory), in their denominational ways (with some bible verse quotations here and there to make everything look legit--just like how the devil would do it). 

They are bowing down to the works of their hands.

However, if you're sharp, you'd see churches today failing everywhere.  Sin and wickedness are rampant and unchecked in church, with church people and leaders  blatantly defying and compromising bible truths. They're all just mindlessly doing their man-made programs year in and year out, like unthinking robots. Their standards are the world's standards, their ways are the world's ways (with bible verses inserted) and some leaders even subscribe to the policy of secrecy--unwilling and unable to be transparent with their lives in public in the name of "privacy rights."

They hide the true condition of their churches and project a false image which they propagate to promote themselves, to gain more membership. They want nothing of the truth.

Look at how God is so transparent about everything. He allowed failures of His servants to be recorded in Scriptures. No secrets barred from being published, even their unabashed sexual immorality and other secret evils. God truly is light; in Him is no darkness at all.

Churches and denominations today try to cover up for their failures and wickedness, but no secret remains a secret--God will bring them all into the light and expose them. Churches and church leaders are falling--because they have all rejected the Stone which God has declared as the Capstone--the Lord Himself has done this, and this is marvelous in our eyes [Ps.118.22-24]. When we see churches built by men and for men failing, this should be marvelous in our eyes because it is God destroying men's churches. According to Psalm 118, we should declare that "This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad!"

It is God's will that church people "no longer bow down to the works of their hands" so He will destroy everything and uproot their modern Asherah poles and demolish their cities. He will take vengeance on anyone who does not obey Him.

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