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God's Face is the Only Food I Crave For

If it isn't God's face, I don't want any part in it. I want God, period. He alone satisfies my soul. He alone is the Apple of my eyes. Show me God and I'll go all the way with you. If you can't, never invite me to anything else you and your church have. I'll get bored to death. I'm tired of everything else. God's face is the only food I crave for.

If you can interview Moses today, and ask him what one thing he desires, he'd probably answer you something like the above. That's why he was God's friend. With other prophets God spoke through dreams, but with Moses, he spoke face to face. Because Moses once said something to this effect: "God's face is the only food I crave for." That's being God's flesh on earth.

Imagine an 80-year old man going up and down a high mountain several times, even without eating for 40 days and night. All that just to see God's face. And I can't understand why believers today just sit co…

Seeing and Hearing God is Genuine Church

Church has devolved through centuries of nothing--nothing but men's efforts, achievements, doctrines, and programs. What we call "church" today is a social gathering shrouded in "born again" religion. But John tells us of a genuine church. This church is a real fellowship of believers. And the fellowship is based on supernatural factors: seeing God and hearing God. This is the true basis for church.

"We confirm to you what we have seen and heard. This way, you will also have fellowship with us," [1Jn.1.3]. This is among Kingdom principles on being God's flesh.

John had to proclaim or pass on to them what they (the apostles) had seen and heard--they saw and heard the Life, who is God. They touched, talked to, and smelled God. Yes, God himself! And they wanted to pass that on to us so we may have true fellowship. Genuine fellowship in church is making their experience our experience. It's never about programs or activities or gatherings or even s…

No God in Church

They say God is in their church--that's what church people hype about. If you bite the bait and go there, they'd try to make it look and feel like that--that God is there. They'd make everything solemn or lively, look serious with what they're doing, then chant that "God is here, Amen?" The rest would answer, "Amen!" If you don't respond accordingly, they'd say something's wrong with you spiritually.

But if you'd be honest about it, there's no sign of him there. No God in church. All you see is what man is doing in church. All you have is a man-encounter. But they'd say, you must believe that God is there, even if you don't see him. Happy are those who believe and yet not see. You must believe that where two or three are gathered in His Name...

Okay, but God is still not there. His omnipresence is probably there, as it is present in beer houses, sex dens, drug sessions, and Congress, but it's not the kind of presence

God is Not a Problem Solver

Sure, God can solve problems. He's so good at it. But he does not want to be our problem solver, just like a church pastor is not there to be a problem solver. Many church people see God as problem solver so they bring him all their problems. If you get to attend a prayer meeting today, you'd hear all sorts of problems they want God to solve. But God is not a problem solver.

He is God.

And as God he has lots of things in mind he wants done. So he wants us to be problem solvers, strategic servants out to solve problems the devil has devised to destroy man. God wants us to solve what he sees as real problems--not problems spoiled and silly men want you to solve for them so they'd live happily ever after in their carnal flesh. That's what most church people want from God and from their pastors--make them happily serve God. And a lot of pastors act accordingly.

You have problems? You think you need God to answer your problems? Well, chances are, you'd be frustrated. An…