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How God is My All

Aside from what we see in the bible as God being our God, King, Lord, Savior, Shepherd, Friend, etc., I have discovered Him to be my all in many other ways.

Here they are, how God is my all, in radical and extreme ways.

I've discovered my Jesus to also be...

My Food

God is not just my food Provider so that I and my family always find something good to eat on our dinner table. The fact is, he is my Food. I find that I literally live on Him. Without Him I starve, and I don't want to starve to death. And He's the kind of Food that is always within reach anytime I'm hungry, and I even snack on Him when I'm not hungry but just want to nibble on Him. Also, I've realized that since I discovered Him as my Food (and Drink), I never get hungry (or thirsty) again, but instead develop an appetite for Him, not instigated by hunger anymore, but by mere love for him, or what I call severe indulgence or extreme fondness. I eat God. That's how God is my all.

My Cure

God is not just my Physician and Healer, He is my very medicine and cure. I take Him not just 2 or 3 times daily--I overdose. Even when not sick, I take God so that the Cure and Medicine stay in my body 24 hours a day, and I make my family do the same. 

My Bed

God is not just my Comfort, and He does not only put me to sleep and guard me and my family during sleep--He is my Bed. I lie down on Him--on his palm. And He is my chair, too, and anywhere I take a nap (on the bus or plane or in my favorite rocking chair), I sit on Him, on the palm of His hand.

My Money

God is not just my Provider, He doesn't just give me money for spending, He is my Money. I buy things and pay for bills through Him. He is my check and the Signature on the check--I buy things and He signs the check with Himself. Because God is my Money, in this sense I worship Money, my Spiritual Mammon. Nope, I don't "use" God to buy things, I buy things through Him. I possess things I need through Him. Even if I don't have material money, I still can have and possess things I need because of God. By the way, He is my Salary, too. I look forward to having more and more of Him each 15th and 30th. And He is my Commission Pay Check, too. That's how God is my all--to the extreme. And that's genuine being God's flesh.

My Car

I don't have a car, or any vehicle. I enjoy commuting to places, or taking a cab. I don't mind if others have cars (even posh ones) and I don't. As long as I have my Car. God is my Car, not just my Driver. I reach places as I ride on Him. He drives for me and is actually the car itself--so that I never experience flat tires, engine troubles, or traffic accidents. I'm never late in my spiritual appointments, because God is my Car. God is my all.

My Vitamins

I'm a health buff, and God is my ultimate Vitamins. He is my natural Food Supplement, too. He is my macro and micro Nutrients. He makes my body stronger and healthier each day (same for my wife's and kids' health), even in the times I can't take my material health supplements. He doesn't just strengthen my immune system--HE IS MY IMMUNE SYSTEM.

My Immunity

God is my immune system, both spiritually and physically. The moment foreign bodies or free radicals come, God attacks them and kills them. The best thing is, there is no immunity malfunction. God will never attack my good cells. God is my Anti-Cancer defense system.

My Cell and DNA

Each one of my cells is God, so that my DNA is God Himself through Christ. I no longer live but Christ lives in me, 100 percent. I no longer exist. I no longer say, "I'm just human," or "I'm not perfect," because I no longer have any right to my body or life--God is my life and I am God's flesh. What Words I claim from my mouth comes only from God's own mouth. I cannot say anything on my own. Being a son of God through my Jesus, I'm no longer just human--I'm God's son. God is not just a part of me--God and I are one, through Jesus Christ in me. Jesus said "I and the Father are one," and that Jesus is the same Jesus living in me now, 100 percent. No, I'm not God nor have I turned into God. But God and I are one--we are one flesh, as Paul wrote in Ephesians. Radically, that's how God is my all in life. He is my all; He is my Life. He is my Portion.

I love you God!

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