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Silly Discipleship

You'll hear of churches today doing what they call a discipleship. At first glance you'd think that they've finally gotten the whole point. But on closer look, you'd see that it's all nothing but trash. Their discipleship is just another church program.

Why did they decide to have a discipleship? It's often for two reasons:

1.     They're losing their membership.
2.     They want to increase church membership by trapping people to what they call discipleship.
What do they do in their discipleship? ANSWER: Bible studies. They look for a good "discipleship" material to use and they study the bible following that guide. It all look spiritual and nice. But if you're spiritually sharp. you'd see that it's just another man's program, a result of the devil's deception.

Genuine Jesus Discipleship

The Jesus discipleship was not just a bible study. It never was a program to up membership or to tie down people to the church. In fact, genuine Jesus discipleship frees people from man's churches and religious or "Christian church" activities. The Pharisees also had disciples, and this is what most churches have today--Pharisaical discipleship. If your discipleship is just bible studies to keep people in church, it's Pharisaical. It's demonic. The true Jesus disciple is a LIFE. 

Here are marks of a genuine Jesus discipleship: (For being genuinely God's flesh)
1.     It has no program. Jesus was minutely led by the Holy Spirit and moved as he heard the Father speak. There was no pre-planned program. He and his core group didn't sit together to plan for their discipleship program and then prayed for it. Churches today cannot do anything without man's plans and programs because they don't know anymore how it is to be led by the Spirit of God. Jesus heard the Father's voice each moment and he was guided accordingly. He never just did his own thing and then prayed for it. "I don't do anything on my own. I speak only what the Father tells me to," [Jn.8.28]. "I don't speak what I feel like saying--the Father who sent me tells me what to say and how to say it," [Jn.12.49].
2.     It has no bible study materials. The genuine Jesus discipleship is all spiritual. Jesus never went to a bookstore and bought a bible study material. They didn't do that in the Acts church either. The Holy Spirit gave him fresh revelations each moment straight from the Father's mouth and that was what he taught in his discipleship.
3.     It is NOT a bible study group. A Jesus discipleship is not a bible study group. Some people call it a cell group. Well, if they mean splitting and duplicating and multiplying cells to make more numbers of healthier cells (as God does it in the human body), then they're doing it correctly. A true Jesus discipleship is life impartation and life duplication. It's all about duplicating the Jesus DNA. Jesus did not just conduct bible studies in his discipleship. They roamed around together, they lived together, and did things together. They cooked and ate together. Particularly, they "ate" Jesus' flesh and blood. When the other "disciples" started realizing what true Jesus discipleship was all about, they stumbled and left Jesus. Jesus discipleship is a life. In fact, it is the LIFE. It's where your discipler imparts to you his heart, spirit, and life through being one with you in Christ (so that you can say "I am in you and you are in me. I am in the Father and you are in me, so we are one), and that's the heart, Spirit, and life of Jesus Christ himself. A discipleship church program is nothing but trash.
4.     It makes disciples radical like Jesus! You cannot remain "tame" and claim that you are Jesus' disciples. A genuine Jesus disciple becomes radical in faith and righteousness or holiness. You cannot remain saying, "I'm only human. I'm not perfect. God understands my weaknesses. No one can be holy," and at the same time claim that you are a disciple of Christ.A true Jesus disciple has Jesus living in him 100 percent literally. It is Jesus living and talking in him. You will never hear Jesus say, "I'm only human. I'm not perfect. No one can live a holy life."
5.     A Jesus discipleship makes your discipler your discipler for life. Your discipler becomes your discipler as long as you live. Thus, true Jesus discipleship will NEVER work for a church that changes its pastor every 4 years through an election. Churches like this run counter to God's ways and will and are demonic. When they do a discipleship, they make their members loyal to their denomination, not to Jesus Christ. Jesus NEVER said anything like that. He sends his servants, his shepherds (not denominations or church organizations), and his sheep should obey them. "Then, I will send you shepherds who are hungry for my heart who will be your wise and understanding leaders," [Jer.3.15}. Even when Jesus had been taken up to heaven, the disciples still called themselves Jesus' disciples. They never went and look for another discipler after Jesus was gone. They never "elected" a new pastor. Your discipler later becomes your father in faith. Thus, your discipler is your discipler for life. So be careful that you choose a discipler who has Jesus really living in his body 100 percent.
6.     A true Jesus discipleship will keep away from men's churches and church organizations. Jesus said, "Keep away from Pharisees; they are blind guides. What my Father has not planted will surely be pulled up from the roots," [Matt.15.13].

Some church people who have had a lot of pastors say all their pastors became their disciplers or fathers in faith. They do not know what they're talking about. You cannot have many fathers, though you may have a thousand teachers, said Paul. You can only have one discipler, who will also later become your spiritual father for life.

So keep away from silly discipleships because they will only make you worse. Look for a genuine Jesus discipleship. "My sheep (true followers) hear my voice--they follow (only) me." That's true God's flesh!

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