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The Only Way..Out

Jesus is the only Way..out. The idea has always been to get out. Abraham was called to get out of Mesopotamia. Jacob had to get away from Esau and then later Laban. Moses was called to lead Israel out. And that became the main story, the whole point--getting out of Egypt. It was to be the foundation of God's covenant with Israel--they became his people because God chose to rescue them out of their land of slavery.

And that is the foundation of our covenant with God--God took us out of our Egypt, which symbolizes worldliness. Egypt in the physical--the geographical country in the Middle East--is a good country with good people. What we're talking of here is how spiritual Egypt was symbolized in the bible as worldliness.

So, the main idea is to get out. And the only way out is God's Way. Therefore, Jesus is the only way out. You can't stay. If you stay you die. All Lot's wife did was to look back, and she died. The Israelites who didn't want to get out of Egypt (physically they were out but in their hearts they were still in Egypt) died in the wilderness--that whole generation. You see, staying makes you die.

Wearing Christ Gets You OUT!

Put on Christ and that gets you out of it all! This means, if you wear my Jesus you'd be covered by His LIFE; it's no longer your body that's seen but the "Clothes" you're wearing. If you live the Jesus LIFE (or allow Christ to live in you 100 percent) that's your ticket to freedom. You get out. And wear that Shirt forever! Never take it off!

Yeah, in the material realm you're still here. People see you. But in the spirit realm--in reality--you've gone. You're no longer here. You're out! You've escaped! Raptured! The apostle Peter said participating in or partaking of the Divine nature (or living out the Divine nature daily, or wearing my Jesus Christ all your life) is the only way out of the corruption in the world produced by evil desires [2 Pet.1]. It takes no less than God's own Divine nature. In short, it takes no less than God Himself. We have to put on God. We have to put on Christ. That's why Paul told the Ephesians to wear God's armor. God's armor is Jesus Christ.

Put on God. Have you? In another sense, "partaking of" the Divine nature means eating the Divine nature. To partake is to eat. Jesus told his disciples to "eat my flesh and drink my blood." They failed to get what he meant so they left him. And many in church today have left the Savior while they're still active physically in their church buildings. You have to manifest God in and on you. You have to put on God. That's the only way to escape the world's corruption. The only way out is my Jesus. 

Divine Nature: God's Being God

You see, there's no way you can escape the world's corruption. If you don't participate in God's being God, you are already corrupted by your evil desires. I don't care how good or nice or religious or active you are in your church--even your born again church. If you don't wear God or take active part in His being God or eat Jesus daily, you are corrupted along with the world. The only way out is my Jesus--not just "accepting" him in your life as Lord and Savior--but by receiving him as your very LIFE, your daily LIFE, so that it's no longer you who live but my Jesus who really lives in you 100 percent.

You become what you eat. You eat my Jesus, you no longer live but my Jesus who lives in you. As it were, you become Jesus. No, you don't become Jesus per se, but you partake or participate in the Divine nature. Then you're safe from the world and evil desires. Peter said, if you have this truth increased in your life, you avoid being fruitless and ineffective in your service to God and your spiritual life.

So get out now!

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