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Kingdom Big Events

God Has Little Concern for World Big Events
We often marvel at the big events that happen in the world--like a royal wedding, a big concert by a famous pop star, the rise to fame of a top performer, a major and historical political event, war, an international development, a Vatican ritual, or even major happenings in a mega evangelical church or born again ministry. We imagine that heaven must also be busy with these developments and God is surely closely monitoring--if not personally behind--these things. We imagine them as Kingdom big events angels busily descend upon and ascend from. 
We may also imagine the same with our church anniversaries or concerts. We think God is also excited about them, dispatching angels to assist our programs and supply resources and celebrate in heaven as it is in our church building. We think like this because we don't know God or his priorities.
To be sure, everything that happens in the world is under God's monitoring system, surveillance, a…