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Deadliest Punishment of All!

"I'm quite sure of this--evil folks will not get away with their sins unpunished. But those who live right before God will be set free." [Prov.11.21]
The wicked will surely be punished. Well, honestly, we see so little of this going on today. I've seen people and families and clans who have been in position of power and wealth but who have been doing a lot of wickedness for ages. They seem never punished. They even seem to grow richer and more powerful, enjoying comfy and convenient lives--even those in church. While many of those who genuinely serve God seem to get poorer and weaker by this world's standards.
But make no mistake about it--the Word of God is true. God makes sure the wicked do not go scot-free unpunished, and that's on a daily basis. And they get the deadliest punishment of all. If you don't realize this or don't see this happening daily, you're spiritually myopic--you see only what's under your nose--or do you?
It's an ultr…

Hosea: Old Wine and New Makes You Dull

Old wine and new--you've got to decide what you really are. You cannot be both. Anyone in Christ is new. The Word is clear that the old is past, and there's only the new. You cannot be an old and new creation at the same time. And yet, if we look around churches, this is what most Christians are. They claim to be born again and yet look and live the same way they did when they were yet non believers--well at least they've gotten rid of their statues and idols and they're now active in church.

But that's garbage, too, if you're not a genuine new creation getting newer in Christ each day so that you yourself are no longer seen by people but they see Jesus. God's flesh. Yes, God is spirit, but we are his flesh on earth. They should see God in you, and you cease to be seen any longer.
Here's how Hosea put it: "..they've left the Lord in favor of prostitution, to old wine and new, which make them dull (spiritually) and given to idol making and wors…

Perfection is Resting in Jesus

Steady unbelief in perfection makes people want to do things more perfectly their own way. It's ridiculous seeing people stubbornly insist on refining their church programs and activities to perfection, insisting that what they do for God should be done with the best of all they have.

They practice repeatedly their songs, special numbers, presentations, etc., until they "perfect' it for God. Sometimes they do that from afternoon to night to dawn. Losing sleep for what? And yet, these same people maintain that we cannot be perfect because we're only human.
Fleshly perfection like that ends up in spiritual burnout and exhaustion. Revelations says these churches look alive but in reality they're dead. But genuine perfection is resting in Jesus.
Funny people.
They believe with all their hearts they cannot be perfect in this world--and add God understands them because they're only human--but they exhaust all means giving God a perfect church ministry. Have you see…