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Perfection is Resting in Jesus

Steady unbelief in perfection makes people want to do things more perfectly their own way. It's ridiculous seeing people stubbornly insist on refining their church programs and activities to perfection, insisting that what they do for God should be done with the best of all they have.

They practice repeatedly their songs, special numbers, presentations, etc., until they "perfect' it for God. Sometimes they do that from afternoon to night to dawn. Losing sleep for what? And yet, these same people maintain that we cannot be perfect because we're only human.

Fleshly perfection like that ends up in spiritual burnout and exhaustion. Revelations says these churches look alive but in reality they're dead. But genuine perfection is resting in Jesus.

Funny people.

They believe with all their hearts they cannot be perfect in this world--and add God understands them because they're only human--but they exhaust all means giving God a perfect church ministry. Have you seen how they build their fabulous mega churches, complete with all the hi-tech gadgets and equipment, perfect as far as the world's standard is concerned? They have to build them perfectly magnificent for God

And have you seen how they make their church worship services perfectly solemn or perfectly wild? They exert all-out efforts on that because they say God deserves nothing but the best. How come they don't see the same principle in presenting the body (your life) as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable (perfect) to God? 

God's standard of perfection is different from how the world (and the church today) see perfection. They think perfection is the absence of error. The Pharisees and law teachers saw everything wrong in Jesus, but Jesus remained perfect in God's sight. And the church today often uses the Pharisees' and law teachers' gauge of perfection. 

Perfection is Resting in Jesus

Jesus showed us what perfection is--resting in God. And the Hebrews writer said he who rests in God rests from all his own works. What programs and activities and presentation they try to perfect in church today are all dead and useless human efforts, man's own works he should cease from to rest in the Lord. You cannot rest in God while doing your own works--more so perfecting them. Anything you do for God, though you try to perfect it, is in vain. What HE wants is for us to simply rest in HIM. Because perfection is resting in Jesus.

Hebrews further warns: "Make sure that none of you fall short of resting in God." It's among the few things in God's Kingdom that really matters. Our efforts don't count one bit. They're zero as far as Kingdom building is concerned. When we learn to just rest in God, God starts to do things himself in and through us. That's real Kingdom building on earth.

We don't need to perfect what we do in church for God. What we need is to perfect our lives for God by letting Jesus live out our lives totally. And among the first things that should happen is being free of any church denomination--to give way to the genuine Jesus glorious church, without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish (in short, without denomination)--aside from being totally surrendered to my Jesus.

And then Jesus starts manifesting in our lives and bodies. The LIFE begins to be seen among men--that LIFE is the light of men, says John. Peter said, "(The Jesus LIFE) will make sure that you're effective and productive in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you fail to manifest that LIFE, you're useless to God--nearsighted and blind--(ineffective and unproductive no matter how you try to perfect what you do in church), oblivious that you've been forgiven of your sins," [2 Pet.1.8-9]. That's my version.

Genuine perfection is Jesus' business alone, not yours. You cannot make yourself or what you do for God in church perfect. All you need to do is simply rest in Jesus. Genuine perfection is resting in Jesus and ceasing from all your own works. They're nothing but works of flesh, anyway. Simply "be"! My Jesus said be perfect like your Father in heaven is perfect!

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