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Prayer Slows You Down

Righteous prayer is powerful. It avails much in the spiritual realms. But when misused, prayer slows you down. Sadly, most prayers in born-again Christian churches today are dead because prayer has been misused.
Take this for instance. How do you measure effective prayer? You'd likely say, if it's answered. And how do you tell an answered from an unanswered prayer? You'd likely say, if you got what you asked for. Hence, we hear them say, "Answered prayer" when they get what they asked for.
But most "answered prayers" are really general blessings. You'd get them with or without prayer. Some church people conclude that a moneyed person or church is thus because of a powerful prayer life--every prayer is answered. But if you look closely and are aware of Kingdom principles in the bible, you'd see that the so-called "answered prayers" are all general blessings--blessings God give to both the righteous and the wicked. 
In fact, if we use t…

When God Tells You to be in the "Wrong" Place

It's easy to say, "Stay in God's will," or even in the center of God's will. The problem is, our concept of what "God's will" is always fits what our ego or flesh craves for. We imagine that will to always make "things work together for good." And work together for good to our minds means we'll "live happily ever after." We often forget that God's will and best place for his beloved Son was the cross. If that was God's best for the Son, how about for us?
When my Jesus found himself nailed on the cross, he shouted, "Why have you forsaken me?" He was then in the center of God's will in the very true sense of the term. Some folks would say that being in God's will makes everything go well for you. It will give you money and convenience and favors in the world. Well, it didn't for Jesus. Because most times, being in God's will makes you cry, "Why have you forsaken me?" When my Jesus wa…