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Cheap Wine in a Wedding Banquet?

Cheap wine in a grand wedding banquet? 
The wedding at Cana where my Jesus' first miracle took place was saved with high quality wine. Wine saves weddings in Israel in Jesus' time, and weddings then took some days to celebrate, often 7 days. I don't know if it's still like that today there, but I'm sure quality wines are still very much part of such banquets.
I can see this as a parallelism to the future big wedding banquet that will happen when Bridegroom Christ marries his Bride, the glorious church--his body, his one flesh--according to Ephesians. To save that event, Jesus needs to turn water into wine. That event is in danger of being spoiled by the lack of quality wine. Imagine cheap wine being served in that banquet? My Jesus said he wouldn't taste the fruit of the vine again until he drinks it anew in the wedding in the Kingdom.
Of course, this wedding banquet in heaven is sure to happen as scheduled and with the best wine because it has been written th…