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Who Said We Need to Worship Each Time?

Before I start anything here, I want to assure readers that I believe we need to worship God always, endlessly, because He deserves nothing less. After making myself clear now, I start to detonate a bomb--who said we need to worship each time?

By "worship" I mean the way most churches take it to mean today--singing and music. Before they have the Word preached to them, they need to "worship" first. So they sing songs after their prelude and Scripture reading and etc. They say worship in this manner is vital, without which no Word would be anointed for preaching. If you want God to come down and give understanding for his Word, we have to worship good. That's what they say.

And it's been that way for decades, if not centuries. Why? Why do we need to worship?

In Jesus' Days

Then I go back to the bible and see Jesus. He preached the Word and wonderful things happened. God came down to perform incredible feats--and that without worshiping first. The Sermon on the Mount was done without even an opening prayer, much less, singing. My Jesus just straightway declared the Word.

Jesus multiplied bread and fish without having a "good" worship first, and fed more than 5,000 and then more than 4,000. Today, church leaders tell us to worship to the full, to keep pressing on, so that God would come down and do a miracle. The result? A very faint (and sometimes doubtful) sign of a miracle, if any. Often times, zero. Nothing happens. The sick still lay sick. People remain unchanged. Why?

In the Acts Church

They were gathered together in the upper room praying when the Holy Spirit came and gave them power to speak in different languages. They didn't worship (sing and play music) or do anything like that. They didn't tire themselves out repeating choruses and songs and hymns and what-have-you. Today, they make you repeat choruses and songs until you're too exhausted to listen to the Word when it is preached. Still, no Holy Spirit manifestation happens in church, in the degree that it happened in the Day of Pentecost.

Well, church leaders often try to cover up the failure by claiming, "God is here!" And the rest would play along and shout "Amen!" But really, nothing happened. If you're honest, you'd see that nothing happened. People are still unruly after the service and insubmissive and worse, still in sin. I've grown tired seeing this scenario. Why do they like fooling themselves?

It All Should be about the LIFE

Worship or no worship, the vital thing is, you should have the LIFE and have it abundantly. Jesus and the Acts apostles managed to get fresh Word revelations and super signs and wonders even without worshiping long and exhaustively, because they had the LIFE. Someone told me they didn't need to worship then because they had Jesus with them in person. Well, I have good news for you--we have Jesus in person with us each time we gather together in his Name, too.

The same Jesus they enjoyed in the New Testament is the very same Jesus we enjoy today when we gather together in his Name. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If you have the Jesus LIFE abundant in you, each breath you take is worship. Your whole life is worship. Everyday and moment is real and intense worship. Thus, worship or not, the Father comes down in your midst to reveal the Word and do mighty wonders--just like in the days of my Jesus.

Silly Worship Formula

Worship first and then Word has become a silly formula churches have been using for years without powerful effect--but they still do it anyway. Nothing wrong with worshiping God before Word preaching, but to make it a formula Sunday after Sunday, year in and year out, is silly. There is no worship formula. True worshipers of God have no mountain formula unlike the ignorant Samaritans who did. True worshipers worship in Spirit and in Truth. Period. In Spirit (Life) and in truth (Word). 

The Word is Worship

Being deep in the Word and making it your life is worship. In fact, it's among the highest forms of true worship. Declaring the spoken Word fresh from the Father's own mouth is powerful worship. When church people soak and swim in that River of Life that the spoken Word creates in their midst is true, deep, and powerful worship no singing and music playing can equal. 

I don't know why they need to worship first before hearing the Word in church. And it's like a sin if you do not sing and play some music to the Lord first on Sundays before you preach the Word. 

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