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Why Secular Love Songs Make Us Love More

Again, many Christians may beg to disagree here, but if you're honest enough (and religiosity aside) you'd see how most secular love songs sound better and more inspiring than Christian love songs to God do. For instance, you'd see how lots of Christians are familiar with secular songs but few in the world are familiar with Christian songs. Or worse, many Christian composers imitate the tunes of secular songs to ride on their popularity.
Sometimes, when I listen to the radio, familiar tunes are playing which I know to be secular. But then I discover that they are actually Christian songs patterned after popular secular songs. I get disappointed because the Christian world seems fond of pursuing after trends in the secular world. Don't they have the imagination to create originals? Why imitate?
Well, the songs of some Christian artists, like Don Moen, are exceptional. You can readily sense how they have original tunes as well as lyrics. None of them were derived from p…

Jesus Should Terrify You Now and Then

When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear. [Matt.14]
You should find Jesus terrifying at times. This means you are moving with him from glory to glory. This means Jesus is taking you to a higher level of walking with him. This means Jesus is taking you to a new and higher dimension, like what he did with Enoch who walked with him for 300 years. 
It would be alarming if your days were monotonous all you life, without Jesus showing you new, awesome supernatural things and revealing to you his various multi-faceted glories. It would suck if all you saw was the world, and worse, the worldly church that men invented and called "born again."
Jesus could have crossed the lake using another boat, or he could have told the disciples to wait for him at the foot of the mountain or somewhere else while he talked with the Father. No, he had to make them go ahead in a boat so that winds would hinder them and stall th…

Shallow and Boring

If it's not shallow, then it's boring. Sometimes it's both. A lot of churches are attractive because they are full of action and surprises. They have this and that ministry, they are seen showing social concern in the marketplace, they travel a lot for missions, they easily plant new churches, the works. Yet, they're shallow. You never hear them talk of God's awesome presence or visitations.

In fact, they prefer using expired medicine for their medical missions instead of rely on God's supernatural healing. Well, not all of them.
When they gather casually, they just talk about their ministries and the things they do and are good at, and the things they receive recognition for. Yes, they often talk about "ministry" but it's really just about themselves. You never hear them talk about how God moved in their lives supernaturally, or marvel at God in Scriptures, especially his supernatural works. In fact, they often mock at anything supernatural of G…