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Book Review: Leaving the Land of Slavery

You may be tricked by the devil into being active in church ministry while actually still being a puppet in the land of your slavery. A lot of slaves of the devil are doggedly "serving God" in church. Unless they get a clear revelation on this they'll perish, achieving great things for God's enemy.

You cannot do anything for God in that land even if you pour out all-efforts serving and worshiping him, even with non-stop worship. Anything you do in the land of your slavery benefits only the enemy.

I guess you've seen it lots of times, too--church leaders and ministers serving God with rotten characters or stained testimonies. Worse, they claim to have repented but they seem to grow more rotten each day. More arrogant, more stubborn, more insubmissive, more greedy, more envious, and more a liar.

Yet, they're so good at doing ministry, so gifted and talented, more recognized and given higher positions, and their churches are turning mega! It's what Paul called as ever-increasing wickedness, not in nonbelievers, but active believers in church!

I wrote a book on Leaving the Land of Slavery to help church people identify what land they're in; whether it's God's Promised Land for them or their spiritual Egypt. If it's the latter, I have suggested several options how to get out of that land. There are vital spiritual principles found in the bible on how to leave the land of slavery to sin, worldliness, and the devil. You cannot just decide to leave and go. You need to have the spiritual equipment Moses had to set not just himself and his family free, but those whom God had given him to lead into their inheritance.

You won't know it if you're slave or free or if you're in the land of slavery or out of it, until God opens your eyes to truth and changes how you see things. Being active in church or sounding spiritual won't do you good. Devils can do that, too. Moreover, Egypt was paradise at first to the Israelites in the time of Joseph when a world famine made them retreat to Egypt. It was the place of abundance. It seemed God's perfect will.

Later on, when a ruler not familiar about Joseph stepped in, everything changed. The Land of Slavery was unmasked for what it truly was. However, notwithstanding the unmasking, the Israelites still felt contented with the meat and spices of Egypt, as later on they would crave for them when they had been out in the middle of the wilderness a long time and rebelling against Moses.

Yes, you may be active for God while still living in the land of slavery building pyramids and store cities for Pharaoh, or you may be escaping from the Land of Slavery and on your way to God's will and yet in your heart be still locked up in your spiritual Egypt. Or you may be right inside the Promised Land and be active there and still be a full-pledged citizen of the land of the enemy. You'd never know, except that you learn the powerful Kingdom principles that expose the gates of hell set up to look like heaven--like wolves in sheep's clothing. I have laid them all out in Leaving the Land of Slavery.

Price and How to Order

The e-book "Leaving the Land of Slavery" costs P300 a copy. To purchase the book, just visit this link! After you pay thru Paypal, you will be brought to a page where you find a link. Click on the link and you immediately get a PDF copy of the ebook.

If you can't use Paypal and you live in the Philippines, just deposit P150.00 to my bank account and scan the deposit slip. Email the scanned copy to After I get the email, I will email you back an e-book copy.

To get my bank details, please email me at

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